Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset

Work HardI am thoroughly convinced that most of the dream of owning our own business. But not many of us begin to build on it.

The school of thought, for example, I encounter when I talk with my surroundings, both private but also in my work is that most of us are afraid we simply run out of money before we get properly started.

Most are employed in a company or public, thinking most of the influence they have on their daily lives, rather than thinking about what they can create when they are not at work.

What I do is I work a few hours a day of networking and train me, so I regularly develop me as a person with my website.

As I see it, most people around with a dream to build something that is entirely their own, but never really had the courage to try to bring it to fruition.
They wait to feel ready to proceed with their plan.

My thought is simply that you never get prepare to get started?
If you dream to get started so why wait until tomorrow?
Why not start learning right now?
What’s the worst that can happen if you begin to examine your options now?

I had, as I said a company some years ago.
Before I went to work to build on the company, I spent a lot of energy to think it through.
Yes, I spent over a year before I dare to embark on building my own business.
But when I had first got started, it felt like the most natural thing for me.
As you know, it was a transport company I started up.
I had saved $ 4,000 up. Those I used to buy a small used truck.
Then it was pretty much just to build on my investment.
I made a business card as the first.
My Former CompanyThe next thing I did was to find companies where I could sell my labor.
I spent over 14 days of driving around to a lot of businesses to make sure that I was available to their business and be able to sell their labor to them.
It was a little sensitive manner that would embarrass an income, but it did that I got started.
I succeeded in actually getting built quite a real business in subsequent years.
Now you ask why I stopped?
There are several reasons, first, I got several cars and a larger operation.
I quite simply had to work twice as hard even though I had learned to buy time.
Yes, I had a solid team that in many ways evolved to become excellent much better than I was. It was just me who made the decisions in the end
But enough people will take something special to make sure they are their money’s worth.
To make a long story short so I ran out of energy.
I lost the desire to do what it takes to run a business of this kind.
But I never lost the desire to create something for myself.
That is my main reason I continue to build on my websites.

Home Based Entrepreneur Opportunities

Today I am an ordinary employee, and I’m jubilant to be on the roads every day.
But I can not entirely stifle my desire to continue to work towards creating my company.
Google seachAs a business owner, I found out how important the Internet is.
In the beginning, I was using to build my websites. It was a rather expensive pleasure.
Yes, believe me with such a large operation that I got so I did not feel right that I could grasp to do it yourself.
In the beginning, when I could have put myself into how one creates a brand that I spent time offline to create contacts, so I made the big mistake to let others help me build my websites.

Belief me, if you saw what I have the first so had probably not wanted to use my service then.

Now it is not only the Internet you can use to build a business from home, but it is probably the most powerful means of communication if you want to promote a product.
Your base in the long term your website.
As the world looks now so, it is very necessary that your customers can learn about your business, and they can find out if they can use your service. It is also that which can help to determine if it is you who gets the job or whether it is your competitor.
With a website that you can grow along with you can also create a framework for your upcoming appointments, yes you can use it also to educate your customers.

What I mean here is that you can create a red open book of the rules that you have in your business. Are they on your site you will always be able to retain them if a dispute arises between you and your client.
The time where we bought ad space in the local newspaper and place in the directories are more or less over.
You must remember that we are all online more or less all day.
Do we need a service or a product, so we are looking at it on the web?
This is where your website comes into the picture.

Entrepreneur Ideas Small Startup Cost

As I said, a company must be able to support itself in the beginning.
If you need start-up capital, then it is something you can save up to while you are in the planning stage.

But it should never be a must once you have started.
If your idea can not wear without having to spend extra money then, you need to look at the plan again.
Or can you build on it and still keep an income on the side.
I know some based shop with their product that they produce at home from their homes. It is still a long term strategy that requires that one must be very patient.
You have a unique chance to appear as an expert.
You do not necessarily need to be an expert in the first place.
You can easily grow with your audience.
You do this simply by asking questions of them.
Now you must not believe that it is easy for if you want to create your own business it requires to have the courage to learn and continue to build on it.
Just as when you have a job you meet every day to make money.
Here the difference is just that you have to work far ahead of that just look little bit results.
You still have to build and work hard to get it to work.
But the good thing is you do not have to invest much money. It however you need to spend your time and have the will to control your life.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities Online

I have previously talked about affiliate marketing and drop shipping,
I have also talked about how to help local businesses to create their brand.

Get EducationAnother possibility is that you can create a web shop, it just requires that you have a product to sell. To have a product then you have also to have a physical store.
Here we are back where you have either to obtain a sponsor or even having saved up over an extended period.
Your options are endless, and you just need to be eventually able to reduce you to a narrow audience.
Now think probably why should it be a small audience?
And it should be if you want a real opportunity to become an expert in your field.
Remember that most of us have mostly only need a service or a product for a limited period.
Some take a long time to understand this part.
My question has always been how do I find a narrow audience and how do I keep my niche narrow?
Especially when there are so many exciting things.
Let me emphasize that all entrepreneurship is hard work.

You simply have to develop your business every single day.
If you do not, then it dies very slowly, and you will lose an income basis.
However, an online business requires almost no investment.

Yes, you do not need to buy many expensive courses or expensive equipment, you just need an Internet connection, the right education and a host for your website.
The rest comes by itself as long as you are persistent and develop yourself along with your business.
So before you try a shortcut so here’s how I build my online business.

Entrepreneur Online Business Ideas

I have previously described how to get impressed upon your niche to a smaller audience. Yes, it sounds a little silly that you should have as narrowed an audience as possible.
But the smaller the surface of your subject has the more substantial is your chance to develop yourself as an expert much larger.
I will describe two different topics here
Let’s say that you have a local service can be anything cleaning, relocation or other crafts.
The physical limitations will certainly be in the journey you out for the job you do. So here it would be smart that you seek in your local area.
Similarly, if you try to find your audience globally.
Then tighten too broad because if you only have a single person if your niche is too broad.
You simply will not have a chance to cover too wide a topic.

entrepreneur help websites

Many small new entrepreneurs have to start with not had created a website.
As I said the first thing, I got messed me was a business card and a written newsletter that I was out and hand haphazardly.

With the knowledge, I have gained about the web today so I will probably have prioritized very different.
I probably started to build on my website as the first. So, I had also had a chance to link it all together.
So both my logo and my hand fit together.
My long term plan is to help small new projects so that they avoid the same stupid challenges as I got.
It will also help them save money in the short term.
If they are motivated enough maybe I can help get their business to grow larger.

entrepreneur business plan

I’ve discussed how important it is to have a plan that also contains a Business planbudget. I must say that I have changed a little in my thinking here.
I still think that your priority should be to create a plan and a time frame. But the next thing you should do is to build your context-up so that you are ready to go live on your website when you open your new business.

I know you have the desire and motivation to get started.
Do you have any questions, please just email me below
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About Steen

Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

10 thoughts on “Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset

  1. Hey Steen,

    Interesting to know you have tried the whole entrepreneur thing, not many know how much work it really takes to run a business. Glad to see you have started to expand your horizons by coming to the internet to make a living. I hope you are enjoying your Wealthy Affiliate training, how far have you made it?


    1. Hello Travontas!

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes I have tried both to open a business but also close it again. Both require that you are ready for it. A company is usually your life’s work and can be very hard to let go of.

      I feel the same way online. Now that I’m a good start to build on my website so there is no way back. Fortunately, the rules of the game very differently online.

      You do as you yourself do not save very much together to run a website. But it requires that you put a lot of work in the still. I have learned that I develop a lot with my hand and never let go of this world again.

      I love being a part of WA and I’m done with Boot Camp and started to make me a niche website


  2. I love how you talk about the importance of the Internet as a medium to reach more people than traditional avenues. The opportunities and marketplace certainly widen when you think in those terms. I am glad to see the success you have had. What types of businesses have you been successful with since the transport company?

    1. Hi Jeff!

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes Internet has become my new hunting ground. It gives a whole new base for communication. Having a website and even be master of what it should contain to me is a success in itself.

      Not that I live exclusively of what I write here so it gives me something to entertain me and my family.

      The good thing about writing and sharing stories online is that you do not get into a situation that must be handled. With what I do here I just share knowledge.

      And it is both fun and in some ways also easily


  3. I think that there is some risk that we must undertake in order to be successful as an entrepreneur.

    I think that WA is definitely a great place to get started with little to no money. I think another thing that holds people back from starting their own businesses is the startup costs.

    Thanks for sharing this, it was very informative.

    1. Hi Ian! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

      Yes WA is a great place to learn online marketing. It is here where I have learned to build the foundation for this website.

      But will you be an entrepreneur then WA just not enough you are quite simply have to be willing to spend a lot of energy on your project.

      Doing nothing happens as I said nothing.

      But as networks and base is WA a great place to start and build from


  4. This is great and I will say that I have a degree in entrepreneurship and I learned more on this post than I did in class. I love how you explain this and guide the readers through the whole process. I will be sure to use your website as a guide to help me with my own website online.

    Thank you and I will be sure to share on all of my social media sites.

    1. Thanks William!

      It is very big said. I am very pleased that you got started with building your page. In time you will also clearly see that you are an inspiration to your readers


  5. Pretty interesting article you’ve written here. These 2 mindsets actually depend on what’s most important to people. Everyone has different measures of success. They also have different dreams and different lives. As far as online business goes, you’d have to admit that not everyone has the luxury of building out an online business and depending on it solely for life support. Because they do take a long while before you see your first dollar.

    1. Thanks Andrew! I think we have suffered the same idea here.

      I sense that you are a person looking for a way of life where you can also decide for themselves how life should unfold. Fortunately, there are both many who are happy with the life that they live and fortunately we are many who dream and work, towards creating our own.

      I personally have always had a small entrepreneur and will probably always have it. But life forms themselves once in a while so that you are forced to be the one who just gets his money for doing what is being said. During these periods you in the pocket of your employer.

      But fortunately, I and many other building in the dream when we are not on the job

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