How To Create A Website For Free From Scratch

If you think it’s hard to get a website, then you can think again.

The website can set up in four easy steps.

As I have shown in this video.

I hope you have read the previous page about how easy it is to find a niche if not then read it again to get inspiration for the content of your website.

It may also be that you already have a topic it will cover.

Let us throw ourselves into it

  • First you need a domain name.
  • Then, your page must have a name.
  • You must fill out name and e-mail

I will guarantee you that I will not try to market all sorts of more or less inferior products or programs

  • Then select a theme

Here you might just think about what and how your page. I would personally choose a light and simple theme. But it’s not something you have to waste too much time either. For we have plenty to work with in the future


Now you are ready to continue working on the website.

It took me three minutes of video and, of course, missing much work yet on the website.

Here you have everything you need to start building side up. In the next video, I’ll talk about your menu bar

To then get ready with the first three pages that will form the first stone of your online monument.

WordPress as the platform we need to work on is very simple to work in. As you can see it requires is not that you have technical skill.

But there is a pile of work in front of you.

Remember you have any questions about the video I will be happy to answer you downstairs as fast as I can

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