How To Find A Affiliate Marketing Training Program.

imageYou are quite sure met many programs online, both in the social media, which promises you that you can start making money from day one.

As you probably know from all other parts of your life, there is nothing that is as easy as it looks.

  • If you have planned to build business online.
  • You do not have much risk capital.
  • So is Affiliate Marketing maybe a place to start for you.

I will describe what you can learn by starting at Wealthy Affiliate.

First let me describe a little about what it is.

Screenshot_2014-01-10-20-10-38(1)It is an online community which is made around, to build you own website.

Your website is your base and it is the one who ultimately must make sure you get buyers for the product that you have chosen to be what you want to work with.
You choose.

You can make a great deal even as many of the tools we use are from Google and they are completely free to use.

But you do not get with Google is a training in how to organize yourself and put your hand up. You will not get help when you need.

Let me Tell a little about the price, and what Wealthy Affiliate contains.

It’s completely free to start at Wealthy Affiliate, the first week you are a member you have access to all parts of the university.

Your membership allows you to keep forever but after a week, you are limited to the first 10 lessons and you have failed to access the rest of the many modules that will help your business into another dimension.

Starters $ 0 Membership. Yes, FREE!

imageThis includes also 2 Free Websites that you also want as long as you like.
I recommend to find out if you want to work online, starting with the free model.

Here you can find out if it is really something you want to spend your time. You’ll namely to work for a very long time to come.

The week you get is plenty to see if you want to continue working as Affiliate entrepreneur.

Premium $ 47 a month.

It is here where you can really learn how to build your pages to a level where you can eventually get to monetize your work.

State of the Art Hosting

You can have as many Various sites you want.

You just buy the name somewhere else. I recommend that you use namecheap, which is probably the market leader.

You get over 1400 themes with much research right looks and features to choose from.

So here you have the opportunity to both host but also create pages for some of your local clients, if you are thinking about building it that way.
But it can be used to build it in whatever direction you want.

The Training Is Offered In Different Formats.

imageThe first thing you encounter is a certificate course here are five main modules which are divided into 10 lessons each. Each session usually have a video and some extra things you need to learn how to complete the lesson.

After completing each lesson, there are some things you should have done with your website and on a social level before going on to the next lesson.

Now it’s the first time you hear it, but it is very important that you complete before you jump on.

There are many more modules than just the first one I’ve mentioned here.
That sounds a lot so it’s a lot.

Therefore, it is important to work with it at his own pace and not try to learn everything at once.
Otherwise, you will quickly come to feel lost in a jungle of information.

All levels of training

The good thing is, if you follow the lessons to the letter, you will develop your skills.

Personally, I think that it is very important to create some healthy habits in the way you work in your business.

I have shared my work up, so in the morning I write in my context and in the afternoon I am social.

But it is very important not to skip anything everything must be learned before proceeding to the next step.

Video training, Tutorial training, and Courses

For each module there is a small video of about 10 minutes where the day lesson is displayed.

There are also some text and some other sites where you are entering to finish your work I say that again.

It’s like going to school and you may not under any circumstance go on before you make your task done.

10 000’s Of Community Members

I would guess that there are about 10,000 active users every day.

imageGood enough many like me who have more busy writing my own context, rather than to help other members.

But if you need help there is a field where you can seek your question, you just need to select the subject and ask your question.

Here you will very quickly have a long line of answers that can really help you further with your specific problem.

Then there are the chat and you can always participate and styles his questions, for me it’s one of the best ways to both get information but also network with others who are working on building his sides up,

Here you will meet people usually from your own continent and get the answers you need almost immediately.

When you ask a question. Either in chat or in the ask box will instantly be in touch with an Expert.

And so get personal guidance from someone who knows what it is about. (Try to get it elsewhere on the net and find out what it will cost you)

Here are 13 classrooms where there is one for each topic dealing with what you need to learn how to build your business up.

It is usually also where you can find some extra training around your questions. Here you can find video training but also text lessons, it is not only the owner who made lessons.

All members who have been successful and which has the added knowledge that can give your business a kick in the right direction.

The classrooms are organized according to the subject, you have reached your workout.
But I would very strongly advise that you take certificate courses before you start working with you on other issues.

You should think about the whole society is built around information and there are many members who have contributed additional knowledge in each classroom.

All classrooms are organized to suit each topic. But I must admit that I have taken the time to get it all set in the system itself as well.

A Strict Spam Free Environment

Since this community is built as a university, it is strictly forbidden to put his link up and try to enlist some of the other members.

Even if it could be the useful tools. There are special places where we can share our articles.

But otherwise it is strictly forbidden to share the link elsewhere.
I think personally that it is one of the things that I really appreciate, there are so many other places on the web where you can share your business.

The last thing I want to talk about is The weekly live training who touching a new topic each week.

It last about an hour and is filled with more valuable information.
imageAll webinar will of course be recorded so you can watch them again or see them if you live in a different time zone.

Here you can also get your questions answered, it is done by writing your question in during the webinar, and finally gets the questions answered as you have no doubt when it’s over.

You can of course also always return the item in the chat and get help on the way.


To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate so just ask away below I will be happy to respond as soon as I can. You can also write to me in social media.


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