A linkedin up to date review

What is linkedin

Linkedin is a professional network where you can put your profile up.

And make it seem more serious, rather than a facebook profile.

If it comes to a little more about making it fun and personal.

On linkedin important thing is to keep its profile more geared toward a business career.
The good thing is that you are being helped all the way to a perfect profile. (The other big networks is started immediately)

Who is it for

I would recommend that no matter what network you are in to you from time to time update your profile. Like your life happens and something new in your professional life.

But still remember that you do not want publicly known, you should keep from your social networks.

There are many places especially if you are looking for work, looking after if you have a profile on linkedin.

And I think it’s a great place to have you resume.

The fact that it is a professional network also makes that you can keep in touch with its customers,

I used it a little bit special in some situations where I had little use for labor outside my country.
There’s no chat function.

It is possible to send messages to its network, but I thought that the mailbox fast becomes unmanageable.

The groups are a great place to make contact

There are also groups in the other major social media, and it seemed I work well here, they are very much based on discussion of the topics the group is about, here I thought it never stopped you quickly get lost and discussion loses a little its value.

There is an upgrade that you can join I know that it gives you the right to advertise on the front. But just like on Facebook when your ads are not out to mobile and tablet users.

But it gives quite a few benefits.

I can not recommend upgrading unless you really want to use it to communicate with.
A little about what I thought about linkedin.

I do not quite know what to write here at some points it’s probably the voicing to be most serious.

But I frequently find that the friends that I have in other social media also become my friends here. I think it’s a little matter.

Here is accepted many links and you rarely receive a message from someone in your network without having attached a link to a business proposal.

And it makes no unnecessary noise as you can become tired of. What I would recommend is that you find the groups that suit it that interests you and then networks that way.

From here you can then create a conversation on Skype.

But if you have an opinion about the media or want to know more then drop a comment below, I love a good healthy debate

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