11 Ways To Earn Money Online Without A Big Investment

scams let me start with a word of caution

This is how it usually look
This is how it usually look

First, I come with a warning.
Most offers you meet online is not real business suggestions.

I have written about it more than once but it is important that you do not fall for sales pages that do not show the tool. You need to build your business and make money whit.

In many cases, it is either a software or a video series that you get a little insight into almost free, after which you meet a bunch of additional sales.

So let be wasting your time on something that sounds too good to be true.

You can of course advertise the same Scam products and generate sales that way.
But it is neither easy money or good money.
Being a online entrepreneur require long-term work and education.
Do you see a shortcut let be takning it. You are wasting your time and money on it.

No. 1) Handle with Stock can be both fun but also a bit risky.

my Stock software
my Stock software

Here you have to invest a little bit of money.
But it’s still not as easy as it sounds.

You really need to familiarize yourself with how the market function.
I have even tried to invest a little bit, I was a bit lucky in the beginning.
But I lost my money slowly.
I tried again and was less fortunate.

I got a software that made it easier to control what and when I acted.
But I had not been thorough enough in my process.

The reason you get a software is that the person who gives it to you, get paid by the traders when you start to deal with them.
By providing the software, you also get money from the traders.

My conclusion is that it is possible, but it requires, that you know the market and are willing to risk, it does not always go as planned.

No 2) Gambling is fun but can quickly become expensive

Games are fun but not a secure income
Games are fun but not a secure income

Then there are games at online casinos.
I have previously specifically via Facebook met some websites claiming that they have a formula that you can make money either by playing sports or on the roulette wheel.
I bought a discount version of a system that was about football.

I spent about $ 100 after which it was in force to start playing the tie.
If so was scored would you play again, in order to raise odds so it fit together.

I tried small bet to see if it worked.
It did not for me and slowly disappeared money.

There was also a system where you could play red and black on the roulette wheel. Believe me it can be very expensive if there is a cap on how much you should bet.
You may be lucky and win but this is not the way I want to bet on.
It’s fun but not a real business opportunity.

No 3) Playing Games. I would like to have that job.

I think most of us play games either online or else on a games console.

So you can test games for gaming operators.
I have not tried it but I know from my network there are companies who really want to test their games.

But it’s probably hard to be allowed unless, you play a lot and are a part of these networks.

Here I would like your help to explain how it works.
All I know here is that it can be done.

No 4) Fiverr here you can exchange services for a fiver

FiverrThen there Fiverr, a website portal where you can buy online work or sell it.
Everything here costs $ 5
You either sell something or buy something.
I’ve even bought a few services.
I bought likes to my Facebook fan page and I bought some pictures, Not to this website.

But you can sell online work here, for example, Facebook likes, an article, banner intro video or just a voice over a video.

So if you are active online, you can buy the accessories that you do not have time to do.
I must conclude that Fiverr is certainly not a gold mine.

But you can sell and buy small services here and many of them are quite valuable and can save both time and work.

No 5) Clicking ads Now one of the stupid.

Traffic Exchange Yes you can actually earn a little money to exchange advertising online. I even had a period where I used traffic Exchange lot.

I know that there is some research right team who have put together some advertising that you can put up through traffic Exchange and in time you can actually generate a little bit income that way.
But it’s a good business it is up to you to find out.

I spent a lot of time and got very little out of it.
But you can read more about it here.

No. 6) By Surveys Yes you can participate in surveys online and get paid for it.

SurveyBut once again, I must say that my testing, did not go so well.
Many of the studies that I participated in took a little longer than expected so my earnings came not to correspond to a real salary.

In fact, there are still some of the networks in which I have little benefit.
There are good websites where you can make real studies.

They can be found for free. You just have to look long enough.

I bought a program which had gathered some of the best places.
But you just have to remember that it is not in every country you can create examinations

No 7) Reading emails for Company who do not have time to read and respond to mail.

Mail service I know that some companies need extra help in reading and answering mail.
Some phone companies buy this service.

But you as a new field of marketing can make a difference, I think is a little more doubtful whether you can get a job with it.
This requires you to have some kind of communication training.
I’ve seen postings on LinkedIn where bigger and smaller companies are looking for this service.

What you can earn on it is difficult to say, because I think that the competition is very tough.

Do you have the right qualifications then it is definitely something you should think about.
Here’s a need you just have to be the right person to cover it.

No. 8) Dropshipping

This is a little new to me but, as I see it is a very old way of doing business which is now also in the last 10 years also can be done online.

This is basically about buying cheap and selling at a slightly expensive price.
It may pose done online in several research ways.

But the most common way is to find a shipping company that can ship the product to your customer.

Some of them I have been in contact with chains products from Amazon along with sales to an eBay action.

But basically it can be done more locally with a good deal with a wholesaler and a carrier.

No. 9) Maintain social profiles for large and small firms

imageSocial media have become more used to marketing and I have previously described a program that has collected some companies that need such a service.

I think it’s hard to get started with large global companies.
I expect that they’re covered on this point.

But local small businesses can certainly also need to make some updates in social media.

Here you have given an opportunity to both help but also make money on it.

No. 10) Building websites.

Both for yourself but also help small local retailers to get a website for their service or product.

It is my very clear goals to help some more local merchants to create an online brand so they can get more customers into their business.

It is still an online service, but you also get a direct contact with customers here.

Of course this requires that you have some skills.
These are the same skills you need if you want to build an affiliate website up.

No 11) Affiliate and Affiliate websites

imageHere you can actually build an online business from a product that interests you.
Yes it is actually important to you bother for what you want to write. You need in the long term it is being asked

Many believe that it is about selling but I clearly think that it is more about the information you can help your readers.

First and foremost, this is a long term plan.
Like when you work with drop shipping. It is important to create a relationship of trust between you and your clients.

Equally important is that you get enough visitors to your link.
Why is affiliate marketing to have a sustained and long-term objective.

I myself am a big believer in Affiliate marketing.
It gives you an opportunity to work with just the product you want and it can allow you to create you a living that way.

Are you focused and willing to learn as I would like to show you how to get started.
No it is not a shortcut to the great earnings online, it is simply do not exits.

But it is to turn a place online where you can learn how to build it big and solid.
With the right attitude then you are certainly in a position to make a difference for yourself and your readers

But look at how it work, once again no I do not need your credit card information.

Test it and tell me what you think.

If you have questions please give me a comment bellow.

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

14 thoughts on “11 Ways To Earn Money Online Without A Big Investment

    1. Thanks for the comment Terry! This is only a selection of the methods that I know of.
      There are endless other ways to do it.
      As long as you remember that your website is your online base without it you are not a place which is visited and where to measure the value of your worth

  1. Nice brief article on making some money online without huge investments. I have done a few of them myself. I like to use website reviews, meaning there are services out there that have you look at websites prior to launch they take a screencast of your desktop and you talk about what you see and what you think. Takes about 10-20 min per website and they pay $10 per website. Your not going to get rich but it is a way to earn some money to invest back into your website or additional training.
    Thank you again.

    1. Thanks Marc,
      It can also be a way to do it.
      I have here tried to touch the methods that I have used in the past. The method I use now is clearly to build websites for myself and one local client.
      For me it is to have a website also to have me a base line and the more I write the better my ideas too.
      I also eventually learned that it’s not money you have to chase but it is giving so much help to others as possible.

  2. I’d be very careful with Binary Options/Trading and Online Casinos. If you’re a novice, chances are you lose money – a lot of money!

    The best way to make money online is with affiliate marketing and webdesign. Both online business opportunities can be started for free. People need websites but either lack the skill to design one or just don’t have the time. This makes webdesign a future-proof business.

    Same with affiliate marketing. It’s commonly used by companies for marketing and when you look at commercial websites. 9 out of 10 have an affiliate program.

    Thanks for posting. 🙂


    1. Thank Nikolaj!
      To put it bluntly, there are many ways online as certainly does not.
      You are absolutely right Affiliate marketing is definitely the cheapest but both and safest way to generate income on the web.
      I myself am a big believer in Affiliate Marketing for as you say that most products also have an affiliate program attached.
      Another advantage is that you get commission on sales, and that you are completely free of the product then.
      I see it as a long-term but ingenious solution.

  3. Hi Steen,
    You have a wide variety of ways to earn money online in your post.
    Some of the methods are a matter of luck, which can be fun if you can afford to lose the money you are playing with. Others you get paid too little for the amount of work you do and there are also some that I am not very familiar with, like maintaining social profiles for companies.
    For me the most interesting options are affiliate marketing and building websites for local businesses. It is important to receive some good training when you start, but both of these can be very good businesses.
    Thanks for an interesting post.

    1. Thanks Peter! Now it’s just a sample of what I have tried. But I can only give you the right to the most stable forms are Affiliate marketing and web design for small local merchants.

  4. Hey Steen! I enjoyed your article – very informative and I apprecate your honesty about the various methods. My personal favorite is affiliate marketing. It’s fun and quite lucrative.

    Happy marketing!

    1. Thanks Lisa!
      I must admit that I also have the best blogging about Affiliate products.
      It is not easy to generate sales but it helps me to be to create value, rather than just chasing friends and acquaintances with a network marketing deal

  5. There are many different ways to make money online and some of them such as Fiverr, dropshipping, taking surveys or maintaining social profiles are real things but to be honest the best way is affiliate marketing because it allows you to build a lucrative business that will make you money for years. You are free to do what you love to do and there is no limit while opportunities other than affiliate marketing are very limited. But affiliate marketing requires patience, hard work like any other job and self-motivation. The program you suggest your readers to try is a real deal because I’ve tried it and I can vouch for its quality.

    1. Thank Rufat!
      Yes there are many researching ways to build business online.
      I myself have chosen affiliate marketing for the simple reason that it does not require money on the table to begin.
      What on the other hand requires is that you work very far ahead, so it’s your time you invest here. You do not need a product inventory and you actually have no customer contact here either.
      It requires is that you build into your website every day and continue to build on it.
      As you are in the course it is important to get some education and have a huge network where you can get help when you need it. and I like you also.

  6. Great post Steen, it is important to note that a huge investment is not needed to start generating an income online.

    Thanks for the value!

    1. Thanks Matt!
      It’s nice to see you here on my website again.
      No it requires the right training and that you are willing to work hard with your business every day

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