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Tried to find a good way to make money online.

Wach The video
wach The video

Want to know how ? Watch the video 

Ended up buying some products that only have emptied your credit card without you either made ​​money or learned something you felt really could be used.

Can you say yes to this

Would you probably wish you had gotten the information here a little before , just as I did.

Remember there is no magic button you can press if you want to build an internet based business.

You must have a plan otherwise you end up fumbling around online for ways who can help you. But I have a formula that can help your career as an Internet entrepreneur.

 You are not the only one who has spent time and money to work with systems that do not work .

I have enough for a period lost a few friends who did not want to hear about the latest projects I had just started up.
I once tried to promote part both online but also offline.
I have tried to succeed with the worst matrices and other products Scam

You might have even tried you find a way to build business on the Internet. You might be one of those who are more careful what you start with.
I have certainly found out what is worthwhile and what is not.

But enough about that. I have found out how I can build my online business up.
Since I know what it feels like every time I have been cheated, I want to help you build your online business.
I will help start to build it up so you own it. and has all the skills to yourself to maintain the


It start Whit you here and now
It start Whit you here and now

I have a few questions I want you to think about

1: are you afraid of not succeeding

2: Would you Use the time it takes to succeed

3: is your time to short

4: Did you think about building an online business but never have take The nessesary action

5 : or are you just afraid of being cheated ( there is so much scam and very little education)

There are many ways to make money online.

I only network with people Whit  a real desire to create business online .

There are only 3 things you need. If you want  to build a business on the internet

(1) There is nothing worse than be stuck in the middle of a dream , you risk using energy and time trying to figure how yourself.

( 2 ) A website You do not have a online business without a website. you may , for a period  be successful in promo combining some earn money side but it will usually only ever be for a short period

Good thing It’s  very easy to build a profitable website. It can be set up in a couple minutes. It can be done for free

(3) You learn as you build your business. of course you can not start building succesfuld pages from Day one. It requires a -education, as it does with almost all of our knowledge.

Do you know What it really tales to build an income online ? You Need 

• training

•  self- motivation

• More you learn more you get to know know more you do naturally as a habit.
Start today for $ 0

Are you experiencing a common theme here ?

1 . Like the idea of ​​bootstrapping a business ?

2. In Order to be successful you need help, a website and training

Here is what you will get when you sign up for $ 0.

• Personal Help and Support

• Ability to get personal help from me.

• Help in a community of 10,000 ‘s users

• Live Chat Support • Continuous current discussions

• 2 Free Websites

• Fully functional WordPress websites

• Ready to make money online

• Education Galore

• Video Class

• Tutorials

• Courses

• All Classrooms

All this for a big fat $ 0 … Notta … zilch … no credit card required .

It seems nuts, and that’s because it is.

You will not find this kind of comunity and support å anywhere else .

There is a Premium option you should consider, but it will only give you access to much more .
As shown in the screenshot below, select

” Starter, $ 0 per month “

and you will immediately have access to the community after you offer your sign-up details.
Join Wealthy Affiliate Today  

WA Affiliate Program
Read more about WA Here

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14 thoughts on “Getting Started

    1. Hi Derek thanks for the comment yes there are many product who promise a lot, what you get whit wa is tons off info and it can feel wery ovehelmt when you lock at it first time, but as i see it its also one off the best place to learn how to be a online entrepreneur

  1. Hello Steen, This Wealthy Affiliate certainly seems to offer a lot for the opportunity seekers out there. The chance to get started for free is the icing on the cake really.

    Anybody that’s serious about online business, must have a website, there are no ifs or buts about it. Your site is proof that this system works, nice review.


    1. Hi Jay!

      Thanks you for read about how to get started to create a real online business.

      I know that you are part of WA and I have fully on your website and seen how you have grown with the task.

      It is almost two years since I made this page and I must say that WA has evolved a lot since.

      I’m certainly excited to see what the future brings.


  2. The scams online are numerous and won’t end as long as there are people willing to follow their dreams of working from home, making an extra income or doing something they love.

    Sad that some companies take advantage of this.

    On the other side it’s nice to know that a few companies that do the opposite.

    From what you say here Wealthy Affiliate offers more than people expect, people have the opportunity to test is it’s the real deal without having to spend any initial money.

    This is great, they can start living their dream.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree with you in that most online programs that should teach us how to make money online is Scam.

      They show what we like to see as people nice houses fast cars and fast profit. As you also know it requires hard work and your willingness to work far ahead.

      I would say that WA is the most serious college online.

      Believe me I have tried a little of each of the past 5 years. It is only the last 2 years I have been a member of WA that I really felt that I have a stable online business moving in the right direction.

      If you are really committed to building an online business then WA the best place if you ask me.

      My only but is that here is so much to learn that I do not believe it is succeeding anyone to go through it all

  3. Hi Steen,

    Thanks for giving such a comprehensive coverage of the Wealthy Affiliate product. Like you I have looked at many things and tried a good few too.

    Not all of them were as good as they claimed but they still took your money.

    I appreciate how you have emphasized the free option available with WA and the support you receive. As well as that you can also build 2 websites and have them hosted at no cost. Great stuff!

    Have you found any other sites on the web that give you this kind of free help and information? I cannot name any that equal WA.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ian!

      I think that many of the other members of WA will recognize our history.

      I think really also it is a face most of us who want to create an online business must go through. We have to do it wrong before we can make it right.

      There are many forms of internet business.

      All are based on that you have a strong website and that you are willing to work hard with it.

      True, we are taught in Affiliate marketing.

      But I have also started to use what I have learned to help a few local clients.

  4. Hello There
    nice looking website , easy to navigate , clear readable fonts , the structure is good
    for the content , i have benefit from some of your posts , about making money taking images , very useful information , also the scam review , contains lots of useful information

  5. Hi Steen

    Thanks for such a useful article on how to start an online business. Many people think that you will make money just by pressing a button. We all know that this is all not true.

    It takes a lot of work and dedication to build an online business. You do get some people that can make a 6 figure income after a couple of days, but those people are the ones that already have experience with paid traffic.

    1. Hello Viljoen!

      Sorry for the late reply.

      No there is not any magic button that you press once to then be in profit. All kinds of business requires you to be persistent and work on it many hours a day, in these times, you can not have a business without that you also have a website. So take action now and not tomorrow if you want a business.


  6. Hey, Steen!

    This is so awesome because I have been struggling to get an online business up and running. And you have shown me the way forward here 🙂

    I really do want to create a successful online business, and I’m determined to work extremely hard to make it happen.

    I am going to sign up for my free starter account 🙂


    1. Thanks Niel!

      I am pleased that you found this through my side. I look forward to meeting you inside and see what kind of niche you begin to work with.


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