Free keyword tool

You need a tool to find the right keywords, for you articles

When I’m looking for keywords to my pages.

Do I need a tool that gives me an easy overview. Previously I have used the software and it is still slightly
But I have here found the program who works best for me.

After Google has change their keyword tool of.  It has been difficult to find a program that works, and ķin fact both help you find a good domain name and find out the competition with the niche you want to go into.

If you like me are also interested in building good blog can generate recurring income and that you own as long as you like.

For me it is the best SEO tool I’ve used. I had spend time using few others which I also had written a bit about.

If you want to know what my experience whit Jaaxy is then you can take a look at this post

  • I find the search word I would use in my articles
  • I can see how much competition there about individual keyword phrases.
  • I can create a list of keywords will be ranked on the first pages of Google.
  • It helps me to see what my competitors are doing.
  • How high their pages are ranked.
  • It helps me also to find the right affiliate program that fits the article I want to write.
  • I save a lot of time by having everything organized in one page

If you want to know more about the tool please give a comment below, I can guarantee you that you will get your answer.


8 thoughts on “Free keyword tool

  1. I noticed that it’s hard to find your website in google, i found it on 26th spot, you should build some quality backlinks to rank it in google and increase traffic. I had the same problem with my website, your should search in google for – k2 seo services – it helped me a lot

    1. Thanks Michael i know there are many other who have written about the same subject and this term is wery hard to hit front page in searchengine

  2. Hi Steen. Jaaxy is an amazing piece of software that is helping so many people with their keyword research. I would like to know more about it!

    1. Hi Rob, I have written a review about Jaaxy and I am sure that it will give a whole different understanding of how powerful tool it is. Read a little more here

  3. Hi Steen! Jaxxy is an amazing program. It helped my articles get higher rankings. It is like having superman fighting a war for you. Lol! To be honest, I find Jaxxy very useful because it can tell you exactly how well your article will get ranked on google. It is a tool that every affiliate marketer should have.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Thank you Jack
      Yes Jaaxy is a totally complete keyword tool and I can say with what little I pay to use it, is well spent. I use it both to be inspired my items, I find good phrases with low competition, I can see where my items are in the search engines.
      Yes there is quite simply so many useful information that I feel a huge advantage. over others who do not use it. Another good thing is that it is an online application so there’s no software to download as you need to get updated all the time.
      And I can use it here on my iPad.

  4. Hi Steen, I have been using the Jaxxy keyword tool for a while now. I have found it to be great for sourcing low competition keywords. I like the fact that it is very user friendly. In addition to this you can open a free trial account and do 30 free searches. I am using the PRO version and will in time graduate onto the Enterprise version. Very best wishes Mark

    1. Tak Mark
      I have also used it in a while. the better I have been the less time I spend on finding keywords. But you’re right it’s so easy to use and you get a lot of your articles on page 1 above if you use the free tool from Google

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