Make Your First Web Page

In this video, I will show you some techniques to create the context for your two first real pages which should be part of your first navigation menu.
The last page is a standard page as you go out of the way when you get other, more interesting sides can move away to a secondary menu.
Let’s start by building on the page dealing with you and your purpose for the website.
There are many ways to make and talk on this side but generally speaking, it is the site where your readers can meet you.
It is of course entirely up to you how much you want to share publicly, but trust comes from how much you share about yourself. But a good start is to let your readers get to know you
Some choose to create the page as a third person describing you.
Others want just to write about themselves.
Let’s look at some points I think are important to have with
If you are married and have children, or single, solitary like myself, for example, it is.
Tell why you made the blog
What we can expect to work with in the future.
You may want to link to your social profiles.
Last but not least, this is where you also can connect to your mail so your readers can write to you
Remember that this side is vital so the better you get at writing, the longer you reach with your blog, the better you can also make it here side by adding more relevant text and new purpose.
I want to create a new extra home page where I’ll try to go into more detail with WordPress and video, so I’ll use it as the basis for my entire hangout series.

On the next page, we have to deal with is your getting started page.

It is here where you have to show what the whole concept behind your website is how to get started right you can describe here.
Let’s jump right into it with some simple techniques which I tested and found out has helped me to start writing my pages and articles.
Now I have talked a food blog.
It could, for example, be the page where you tell about the most basic tools are needed to make the recipes that you might create in your blog roll.
I like to call it a capture page or a sales page where your readers can get information about the products that you talk about in your articles.
It could be dog training that you have chosen.
It can be all subjects. In the first video, I talk about finding your niche and how important it is to keep it confined to such a small audience at all.
I started with a smoking cessation website where I build my getting started page up about my history and the things that I struggle.
Enough about that, let’s get started with writing.
First, I expect that you know something about the topic you want to build your blog around.
I will show you a way you can work with your context, so you do not need to create your entire page in one go.
First you heading
The link to the header of the page that you’d rather not be right to be very tight. It could, for example, be “Getting Started”, “I recommend” or “Start With?”
However, you choose it depends on what fits into your niche.
I’ll show you a way where you can find some words that search engines find related to your keywords it was called (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords) I will show you some simple ways to find the phrase.
Before proceeding, I describe a simple way to create items to describe. Get some life into your pages and articles by just asking your readers what they want.
Also, to that, it is a very easy way to get split up your texts to make them more comfortable for your readers to read.
This page is your first of many pages and articles.
Remember once again that it is better just to have released some rather than none at all.
A big step out of your autopilot and many feel a bit like an impossible test.
But belief me, it is not so bad once you have found a small room with yourself where you can write and work in peace.
What we are talking about here is also the first step towards getting your work indexed in search engines. It happens, of course, do not know that you just have two pages on your website.
But it will automatically happen further along in the process.
Of course, we should look at and talk about keyword further. But finding (LSI) keywords is a significant step toward developing your writing skills.
Then use the techniques I describe in the video and get your first two texts in the air
As I said, the most important at the beginning to get started with writing, there are many more elements to add, but my advice is that you work on one thing at a time.
As I said, there is no shortcut even with this short course you have started here.
Remember if you have not got your website yet, you can still download it here get two websites you can.
But use one for testing plugins, themes. It can, for example, be a plugin for member pages, chat or galleries. Here are several hundred, you can test. But not all are equally good for your website, so it is always good to have a place to test the technical. The other to build your context. Can create your very own domain.
If you want to read about the program or to put it right education as the basis for this course so you can read here where I work and where you can build your online business up to a whole different level.
You get a week’s trial at all that it contains,
So take the opportunity. Even if you choose to follow my course here, you still have the ten lessons that you can go back to view it from a different angle than my

The last page of your privacy policy.

Here you can use my hand as really just a standard page where you just shows that you are serious about your page.
I know that many pages do not have a but.
If you link to other pages, so I think that it is excellent to shirk responsibility for their behavior.
It could also be that you had some things on your side which made it necessary to warn.
Here you may write it on the page itself.
Personally, I have nothing at all compared to my side; I have just copied it and put my information into it, and you can in good conscience do the same.
The only pieces of text that you can copy. The rest should be your words. Of course, you can quote other and link to their article.

Write Your Texts. Publish them and they belong to you and your website.

All other forms of copied text can hurt your site in search engines.
So it is not a page that helps your context too.
But it shows that you are serious about your blog.
In the next video, we must concern ourselves with how to work with the navigation menu and your Widget area, But first and foremost, I want you to create context. Remember that it is your texts that gets your readers to stay on your pages.
So create some text to the two sides as I have shown here before proceeding to the next step.

If you have questions about today’s video, therefore, you can always ask below.
You can also contact me in the social media and have a private chat.
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