are you stuck ind a comfort zone

I think most of us feel great when we are doing something we are good at.

It can be our work as we like to be Accumulated some experience, so we are safe in what we stand up to every day.
It would not be specialy nice, not feel safe on the way to work, but I think most like me do not think about it it’s really just a pattern we have. A pattern who quickly turned into a habit.

But as I see it, it also points of the day when we have the opportunity to dream ourselves out of the zone.
We can plan to do something for ourselves, learn something new or just think further and dreams of creating more for ourselves and our closest fellow man.

Many of us use the time we are in our safety zone two just dream  out of the daily routine without actually do anything to make things work for us and we feel safe when we do not test our selfe

I use my travel time to read a book or to write here on my blog. This mean I am able to share my thoughts with others. When I am this im still in my safety zone.

I am also able to build my online business into small chunks. It’s of course what I do here and now is something others can benefit from.  If They read this article or other articles who i had created in the past.

For me, the best time to build context. When I feel good and really only having the two deadline journey stops to some point and I started the day.

We all have points during the day where we are in a place where we feel safe.

Many people drive in their car and enjoy the tour and freedom to be able to sit there alone,  they the  travel run almost automatically.

You can hear music and feel free ind your car. I personally having driven lots of car and would much rather spend my time on myself ind the train.

I create the most when I find myself comfortable and I am awake and fresh, it’s like that things happen almost by itself.

We all having a place or a time of day where we feel at home, many of us are strong when we are in our safety zone, this is where we kan challenge ourselves to-use force develop and learn.

I would mighty like to be your opinion of what makes you comfortable and where you feel it is good to challenge sig. Drop me a comment below and easily us get pressure zone along

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