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Free web design hosting I will with this post help you get started with building your first website traffic nuisance.

Do you have your own page?. Otherwise see the 3 minutes video here

Remember it can be used for any business or as your personal updates. You choose the brand itself Let’s get started right away

First you need a domain name. Find one that is available in the box below

Fine then we need to find a theme for your page I personally prefer a white and simple but it’s your page so it’s you who decides.

There are 4 small steps you must follow to get your site to work. Follow them and you have your very own website. It may take a while as there are some data that creates treated. One thing that is really important to save is your lock to your new website. I suggest that you either save it in a google document or wordpad on your computer Since you’ll be using it a lot in the future

Check out wealthy affiliate Screenshot_2014-02-17-12-25-52(1)

As a test, I made a website. In the picture you can see the raw side as I will show how to start and build your own page. Remember to be much more and the good thing is that you can and should continue to expand


The next thing we should do is a page about you. Here I want to write about my personal reasons why I created the page but look on what I have done And then start making your own.

Next, your website have some guidelines and here I suggest you take my hand and replace my mail my name and domain with your own domain name and email

Now you are up on your first 2 pages. Since about yourself, you can always do better down the road. But since with your guidelines. Is permanent and shall not be affected more



Ok now we have a website. So let’s get started with the most important things I think you need to know to get your new page to work.

Screenshot_2014-02-17-14-05-40(1)Let’s start with your back office is where you edit your website
I will run over the main features here.

  • Pages are the ones you need to build your navigation menu with and therefore it is important to start to build your about page and private policy.
  • Post this is where you write your articles
  • Wigdet this is where you can edit your page meny here you can move around on the different boxes so that the page get the design you want
  • Plugin is a form of aps you certainly need when you need to make your website more user friendly, both for yourself but also for your users

There are many Plugin and it’s certainly not all are equally good and useful, but there are also many that are needed to make it easier to be on your new website.

This is the basic information you need now is just to get started with building your new website, but of course if you need to learn more you should look at this society.

It is free to try and you can trial good time to learn what it takes to get you started in your hand.

If you have any any questions about it to get your website started please email me, I’m here to get you started in your new website. Drop a comment below I will return as soon as possible

About Steen

Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

16 thoughts on “Get A Website For Free” 2 Website”

  1. Great post Steen. I hope a lot of people see this and realize how easy it is to build a website for free. I think people would like to build an online business but they don’t know where to start and they may be concerned about cost and technical issues. Your post shows them that it is not that hard and not expensive at all (hey, it’s free!).

  2. A successful business always starts with a website. It is the foundation.

    I think you have given an awesome overview as to how easy it is to get a website set-up and a free, quality WordPress one at that. Close to 30% of people are using WordPress website (in the world) and there is a reason for this, it is the best platform out there (in my humble opinion).

    1. Thanks Kyle yes it is really easy even the kids here have started building their own blog and have actually had a lot of fun with it. I also hope that I can help push other entrepreneurs started to build their own website rather than the need to get it done very expensive

  3. I love this website. You have done a great job with detail. What I enjoyed about building FREE websites at Wealthy Affiliate, they provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Even if a person has never built a website before and has no knowledge about building a website it is VERY EASY following their instructions. Can’t go wrong here.

    1. Hi Virgie I’m glad you liked it looks simple and believe me it’s actually really easy to get your own first website but of course it requires work and courage to fill it up with good context. the good news is that it can be done for free

  4. I notice that the account it creates has what is probably the biggest hole in WP security that exists. It uses ‘admin’ as the main username.
    That means that fairly quickly the hackers will try to break in using that account.
    The first thing that I would do with a setup program that used ‘admin’ would be to login, create a new user with administrator privileges then delete the original admin name.
    It wont stop the hackers coming along but it makes it harder for them to break in if they dont know the name of an account to attack.

    1. Thanks Ian you are absolutely right about the username and your lock into there is still much to work with in your control panel after you have found the name and theme for your new wordpress is a great program and there are many things to be set up, the I will illustrate with this post is how easy it really is to get started with building your own website

  5. You make it sound easy to build my first website with the support training. Is there technical support available too?

    1. Hi John yes it’s not hard to get started but wordpress is a great program with many setup so it takes a bit more than I have listed here but the first week you have access to support from several 1000 members then you have me to help you on with your hand and I will certainly do what I can to to get readers to your content

  6. Great information on how to get 2 free websites. Everyone needs a website I don’t care if you are a blogger, a brick and mortal business, or a internet marketer you need a website. These are not just websites they also come with a FREE starter membership to the #1 online training center in the world. You can’t beat that! Thanks for providing us with such great information on this.

    1. Thanks Scott it’s really only internet entrepreneurs who need a website any kind of business can operate from having a page on the net. but you’re right if you choose the free initial membership has been a week of full support and access to a huge network where you 24/7 can get answers to nearly all your questions. But it is something to consider before it is you want to build. I think personally that it is fun to help others started building websites, and I have a personal confrontation with those providing the service, as in many cases they are both too expensive, but does not cover your needs in full once they have been paid. So the more new entrepreneurs I can help start the better for me. and personally, I will provide the support I am able to even if you do not choose to work with WA

  7. Thanks for these great tips Steen. A lot of this information is new to me. Your insights have been very useful.

    Thanks again.


    1. Thanks Raju iff you have any futher question youre so welcome to just ask here or in our commen social networks

  8. Hi Steen, I really love your contents. great post and lots of information. i was searching for something then I stumble across your blog. I stayed more than 3 hours reading your post. Thanks keep writing.

    1. Thanks Jesse I am glad that you found my blog, if you have a topic you want to know more about it will be really interesting for me to do some research and write on the subject

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