Paid Social Media Jobs Review Does It Work?


Name: Paid Social Media Jobs
Price: $ 47
Owners: Unknown
Google Page Rank: 3 out of 10

imagePaid Social Media Jobs Product Overview. Can This Give You A Job ?

This is an info product which should help you get started as a social media maneger.

There are guaranteed plenty to do in the field when I can really see that many companies both large but also small firms need someone who maintain their fan sites and their social profiles. Since we all want answers or response to their posts.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • There are jobs for those who know what they’re doing.
  • The idea of a database to link companies with you works just like a real good idea.
  • The video gives a fairly picture of what’s going on

The Bad:

  • Unfortunately, it is not as easy as they make it sound.
  • It requires much more knowledge than you can get the product
  • Unfortunately there are not enough training to get ready for the competition that you definitely will meet among others who have very different requirements to perform the job

Who is Paid Social Media Jobs For?

The intro video is set up so it looks like it’s a feature everyone can work with.
But I am afraid that it is only for those who have a good trade-education or a more thorough education

imagePaid Social Media Jobs Tools & Training

There are some intro videos and a bit of information on the page itself but as I see it.
Is the training you can get here is far from enough to prepare you to help companies maintain their social profiles

imagePaid Social Media Jobs Support

There is no real support line and you are a bit on your own once you will start.
The intro video looks good but is also very inadequate for real information.

Paid Social Media Jobs Price

$ 47 is not much to pay but unfortunately it is not worth the money. Since there really is not an education behind, only some info on what is possible.
I Think you should not have to pay to get a job

My Final Opinion of Paid Social Media Jobs

The very idea of helping companies to maintain their social profiles think I’m pretty good and there is definitely a real job to get there.
But it requires that you are willing to go into competition with a lot of which are much more prepared and better equipped for the task.
You get both to fight long and spend a lot of time before you at all can make money on it.
I know there have been some complaints. So they have been made that they have redesignet The page more than once

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs
Owners: Unknown
Price: $ 47
Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100


As I have described, you get it very hard for the competition will undoubtedly be by going process of becoming a social media mann spokes.
Unfortunately, it is not worth your time and money.
However, if you want a real online training then take a look on what I have written here

If you would like to know more about what I am working on, or you have questions about the things I describe here. So drop me a comment below and I will return as soon as possible

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

14 thoughts on “Paid Social Media Jobs Review Does It Work?

    1. Hello my thought is that it is very difficult and a very great contest between those who choose to work with Payd Social Media Jobs.
      You will have a difficult time unless you really know what you’re doing.
      But no matter how you choose to work online remember that there is no quick profits.
      But a lot of work before you even get to earn a little bit. It is possible you just want to work with it every day.
      Click here and let me help you get started for free

      1. Dear Steen,
        WA not offer free membership in our county.
        I had suffered 4 times from bipolar disorder mania in last 20 Years. Taking medicines since last 20 years and has to take till the end of the life. Please go through my job profile on Linkedin, But I am jobless since last 1 Year.
        I almost lost the confidence to join a new job, since my job field almost has contract jobs.
        I have to look after to my wife and two sweet school going kids.
        Please suggest me some legitimate work from home job.
        I will be thankful to all of you.

        1. Hello Depsinh!
          I know that there are some countries where you can not get it free start membership at WA. That being said it is very difficult getting an online job. you can get paid for, so it’s going to seem like a regular job.
          I immediately think of is either you begin to trade securities or begins with drop shipping. Unfortunately I do not particularly good experience with securities and drop shipping requires that you know a lot of rules.
          Regarding WA then it is an educational platform where you get to work far ahead before you start seeing results.
          But what you learn here is to build your own internet business up with a topic that you are interested in.
          You can not just sign up for WA and so then hope that you can live it from day one. The free membership includes only two websites and 20 lessons.
          You get a week’s full membership to learn what you can use it.
          But basically it is only intended to find out whether you really want to build affiliate websites. I am even parents and would also like me to be here full time for my son.
          But I still have my job next.
          For me it is a long-term plan to work online.
          The only thing I can offer you is to follow my updates.
          I describe what I learn in WA.
          Remember you are always welcome to ask me questions and I will do my best to you get an answer you can use.

    1. Hi Abdul
      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you asked.
      As you can see in the article is to embark on the maintenance pages for companies a very difficult topic to start, as I have described here is, you meet really great competition here.
      I on the other hand suggest is that you start to build yourself up and do it with a website.
      Unfortunately, I must confess that here nor is there any neme money to be made. but you learn to turn to make yourself valuable and long term, it is really only yourself that determines how much you will earn.
      If you really want to create an income online then it’s time for you to go to school and learn what it takes. Find out what you can learn.
      Yes it is totally free to explore

  1. Hi sir.
    A paid social has contacted me called NextGen paid surveys.i dnt know where they got my email and name?Just wish to know if it is genuine.

    1. Hello, Colette!
      It can be a little difficult to find out how they found you.
      It can sometimes just be a keyword you entered in your browser.
      I would recommend that you report it as spam.
      It can be done very easily by your mail service
      with best regards

  2. I became a member a few hours ago and as soon as I paid the website stopped working it always gives me an error, are you trying to steel peoples money?

    1. Hello, Abed!
      I have nothing with the site to do. position on the product itself, I know that it is a Clickbank product.
      Try to write to them and see if you can not get your money back.
      Belief me it is not a business model you are going to make money on if you do not have a proper training are required behind.
      The training is very sparse, and the list of entries is almost useless. Hope you get it solved

  3. Hey steen

    I really need help, I been working on this for a few days and didn’t make a penny out of it. I really need help in earning.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Abed!
      I really want to show you how internet marketing works and we may take a chat in social media.
      But let me make one thing clear and that is that I do not know anyone or have met someone who is able to make money when they start working online. It takes time, in some cases it may take several years before you just get a little bit payment for the inconvenience.
      If you really want to work online you must prepare yourself to both taken time to learn but also requires you to work hard before. The program you have acquired here is, unfortunately, in my view, is worthless unless you know what you do and how you can surpass your competitors.
      The return I would suggest is that you start to build your own website.

    1. Hello Eloide!
      It sounds as if you would like to generate an income online.
      Paid social media is really just a database where you can get inspiration to find the jobs that companies need to get done in social media.
      Preserved there is a bit of training here too. But you are left to yourself and the very sharp contest is among providers of this service.
      To put it bluntly, you end up in a very contest-risk industry where only the very best that has a real chance to make money.
      If you are relatively new online I’d probably start building my own idea. I’m not saying that it is easier but you’re not going to have to fight and haggle you to make money online.

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