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imageI have found yet another software that sounds too good to be true.
Let me say right away that this article is definitely not a sales pitch.
I’ll try to clarify my position on the tool.

My Project Fast Income Review

Name: Project Fast Income
Website: http://projectfastincome.biz/
Price: $ 29.95 once
Owners: James Bradley
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Project Fast Income Product Overview

This is a wordpress plugin. Who will build your business for you automatically.
There are 7 modules which make it for you.
The only thing you need is to select is your Keyword and your Affiliate program.

1: You choose a keyword and how many times you want your blog to update a week

1.5: Good idea you gotta find out what people are looking for and you must of course also have a plan for when you want to update your website.
In the real world is this something you have to do, I do not believe that a software can do it properly

2: it takes the context and makes the article for you.

2.5: Frankly, do you really think that it’s so easy.
Yes that is, the context is written before by another person.
A software can not just start writing as you can.
So already here you begin to steal

3: Your context is spun so that it appears unique.

3.5: It’s several years ago that Google and the other search engines have learned to distinguish the spun context from the original.
So your context is not indexed at all

4: So you also have your comment field on auto it means to you to answer all your comments automatically.

4.5: I delete a lot of this kind of feedback, they are spam and they will hurt your website in the long term.
So to spam its own website may not be the wisest you can do

5: The system itself and blog sites where it can leave a comment and a link so you can get backlink.

5.5 You may not use this kind of backlink to anything.
If you need something out of the websites linking to you then it must be big and strong sites and not just random blog that you have sent an auto comment.
Your comments will most likely never be displayed on the restrictive side, as they rarely will be particularly relevant to the article

6: It takes even pages and forums where you can charge your spun context.

6.5: The time it was quite in vogue with forums for debate and to show themselves.
It is important that you were present and personal.
A forum is a place where you communicate with your fellow man.
I have a little hard to see how you can win other People respect and trust by posting to them automatically.
You are not present, and even if you are going to use some well spent salepich you win no confidence in this way.

7: Last but not least there is an autoresponder in the tool itself, so you also get built your list.

7.5: I thought it’s a little tough to you for this award also has an email tool.
But you will have built a great list with this setup, I have a very hard time to reconcile myself with.
Your mails will simply be sorted out and be categorized as spam.

As you look so has a very profitable business online in a very short time.
Or do you have it?

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

One thing that is true Affiliate marketing is the cheapest way to generate an income online
You can actually allowed to see the software in the intro video.
The tool actually works

The Bad:

There is not one of the techniques that have something with real marketing to do.
You can unfortunately not to generate traffic to your pages.
Google have seen through this kind of work for a very long time ago.

Who is Project Fast Income For?

No Website ?To put it bluntly, it is not a program you are going to make money on.
There could well have been created a video training, for roughly the same price that would be able to give you an idea of ​​how to make money online.

This is a wordpress plugin that makes almost all the things that search engines do not accept.
The only one who can get something out of it are those who have either a large list or a strong website they can sell it off.

Are you prepared to only a toy that can give you a great looking website automatically so it is perhaps something you can think about.

If you want to buy it so then you must find another website.

However, if you really want to learn what it takes to build a business up online without having the big investment.

You can actually test it without having to get rid of your credit card information.
Here you get a website to work on and it takes a bit more than you are promised with this software.
Read how Here

Project Fast Income Tools & Training

As described, it is a wordpress plugin.
There is actually a little video at each step.
But to put it up all the way through is not quite what I’m going to do.
I am a little afraid that even if I just do it as a test that I possibly going to send out spam to my friends or much be that I open a new channel, which can make it.
Let me say it straight out before you think that I would recommend it here.
It is Black hat SEO.
You’re not going to earn a red shrimp on it.
Your articles will not be indexed, there is no traffic to them.

Project Fast Income Support

imageYou do not get much support for a product like this.
I wrote to James here yesterday to see if he is active around its software.
In addition to it, we can not expect to get help for this price and with this kind of plugin

Project Fast Income Price

$ 30 for a toy that can damage your reputation if you come to a good start.
It is perhaps not a fortune but it is also not the time Worth even if you are going to spend just 10 min

My Final Opinion of Project Fast Income

If it works there is no reason to show money
If it works there is no reason to show money

I think basically it’s incredible to Affiliate network will have this kind of products in its range.

Ok it works and you can very believed build websites.
But you do not get any traffic to your link in this way.
Google and the other search engines can very easily figure out that you have not written articles.
You learn not to defend the product if you possibly get a purchase on one of the products you bring up.

You basically do not know about the product.
Another thing is that you are not original. You’ve actually just sent a copy of something that someone else has written.

This is what you call Black hat SEO and it has no value to your readers.
It is many years since the search engines learned to figure it out.

The things you are told in the intro video is more or less lie.
That you do not need a website is decidedly contradictory, as a wordpress plugin listen to a website.
WordPress is the website platform that I have used for this website.

Another thing that you, as I said do not get to experience it is to create confidence in yourself from your readers.
All sales spun from the trust.

In my world trust is not something you can create automatically.
Now you are thinking internet marketing not feasible, and that it is not for ordinary people like you and me.

But here I must say that it can be done.
Not with a smart software or some sales pitch written by others.

No, you’re quite simply need to manually create the value.
You want to make sure you get readers who may eventually end up as your customers.

It is based on that you have a website, that you slowly but surely build big and strong over a longer period.

You can read here how I build my up, and you may do the same.
If you are willing to do the work as required.

And no I do not want you to pay for it.
I want you to look at it, and make up your mind whether it is really something you want to spend time doing.
It can be done but just not in the way most imagines

Project Fast Income at a Glance …

Name: Project Fast Income

Overall Scam Rank: 96 out of 100


Click to begin a Real online jerney
Click to begin a Real online jerney

No and no this is not a business you can make money unless you sell it as Affiliate.

I will once again say that here is a product I never want to have conscience to promote.

I have soon seen on some of the programs that are on the Clicksure and I regret to say that I still have not found one I can recommend.

Not saying that I will not describe other products from there.
I also know that I am not the only one to rate this kind of products.
But if I can do my part to clean up in them, I will do everything in my power.

As said Internet entrepreneurship does not happen with a snap blow.
It requires education and willingness to you build a large solid website.

It can be done in several ways and with undreamed many other issues as I write about.
But you still have to build it up and have a network that helps get you started.
You can read here where I learn it.

If you have some experience with Project Fast Income.

I mighty like to hear more about them.
I have, as I said seen it before so I have not tried to create websites with the tool.

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6 thoughts on “What Is Project Fast Income

    1. Thanks Jean!
      Unfortunately, there are very many people who believe that this kind of software is a shortcut for quick money online. This is certainly not the only one.
      As I see it, there are at least 200 bad for every good program

  1. The reason so many people fail online is because they believe the lies being told to them that there is an easy way to do it.

    The best way to build a business is by being involved with your readers and customers. The only way to do this is buy writing your own content and answering your readers comments yourself.

    Developing bad habits in the beginning is a sure recipe for failure.

    1. Thanks for the comment Wayne! Unfortunately I think that a warning like this has very little effect on the new line. This software has soon been on the market for over 2 years and there is obviously still money in selling this kind of products.
      I think fortunately not that you can develop bad habits with this product, a maximum figure out that you have wasted time and money
      But you’re right this is not a business but rather a humbug trick. As you say it is all about being original and persistent then you can also succeed online. It is no secret just a lot of work

  2. Hi, Steen

    Just by reading the title of this program “Project Fast Income”, there is no such thing that exists and therefore is an absolute scam that people should stay well clear of!

    From your review, this is a program that won’t make people successful online because for real online success to happen, takes hard work. So there is no easy or quick way to making money online!

    I will certainly check out your recommendation too 🙂


    1. completely true Neil Project Fast Income is not a program that is worth wasting your time on.
      You can not do-process automatically.
      That it can be done there is certainly no doubt but it requires you to be very patient and willing to work ahead. You need to have someone to teach you how to do.
      You also quite right that I have chosen WAU as my platform. you can try it for free.
      See here how.

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