What Is SaleHoo Is Dropshipping A Good Idea

Dropshipping Is dropshipping something you’ve thought about to embark on.
It is a way you can generate an income from your computer.
But like any other business, you should know what you’re doing.
This is where SaleHoo comes into the picture.
Yes what is SaleHoo.

I will then briefly try to describe what this site can do for you if you plan to work with dropshipping.

I would first talk a little about drop shipping here.
You choose a product you want to sell.

For example you can sell it on eBay or directly online through your website. What you do is to make sure that there is a product to sell.

A small selection of products you can sell
A small selection of products you can sell

Then buy it at a cheaper price.
So you sell it yourself at a more realistic price and make money on the difference between the two prices.
The clever part is that you should not be in charge of shipment but only for the support of the product.
It means that you actually do not need a warehouse.
The company you buy from the account consignor.

It is a familiar way to build the business up.
Man networks directly with the wholesaler and get his product on credit.

With SaleHoo you have a portal where you can actually see and measure it may be a good business for you to shop with the product.

My SaleHoo Review

Name: SaleHoo
Website: http://www.salehoo.com/
Price: $ 67 per year
Owners: Simon Slade and Mark Ling
Overall Google Rank: 4 out of 10

SaleHoo, Product Overview


As I have just described is a portal where you can both network but also learn from others working with this kind of business.

When I run the website through, I can both see an active forum and a blog which is regularly updated.

I see instruction in how to get started to trade on eBay.
Which will probably be the place where most users will try to sell products they buy through Amazon.

It is an old art system which has been in the air since 2005.
The site must also be able to help you figure out all the humbug supplied when you start in this business.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Dropshipping is a good alternative way to create a business if you do not have the opportunity to invest in a stock.
You learn from scratch how to sell to, for example eBay.
The website will keep you updated with the latest trend and the best-selling products.
There is no promise you a gold mine from day one.

The Bad:

If you are not a risk and you yourself will be support for your clients. So, you think you twice before you get started with drop shipping.
Unfortunately, I have met some complain that the information users are not quite up to date.

Who is SaleHoo For?

I think that it is a very good concept to start with if you are an entrepreneur.
True, it can be a bit risky with some trades.

But basically it is really what sellers have done for many years.
Simply borrow a product of the wholesaler and then only pay for it when the customer has paid you for the product.

I would say that it just is not a gold mine unless you really are prepared to work without ceiling.

Some entrepreneurs must stay far away from the concept.
While others, especially those who do not have some limitations in their objective can really go very far and create a high turnover.

SaleHoo Tools & Training

imageEven before you select the membership you have a wide range of both text and video which I must say has helped me a lot in the context of this article.

I have used the forum to learn more about selling in this way.
One thing I like is that they work very honest about the most common pitfalls that are about drop shipping.

A good example is that they also describe something about SEO and get its website Ranked In Search Engines, good enough it is only a short instruction.

But it is honest and with a good warning against taking too lightly and try to take shortcuts that are not there and which could harm your business in the long term.

Another lesson tells something about the problems you can get from buyers and people offering your product on eBay.

There is no lift here for safe trade.
But there is a good review of the signals you need to be careful and not be overlooked when you’ve got buyers for your products.

Another thing I like is that there is a beginners guide to eBay. Where they recommend you to sell something that you already own.

Another thing I would emphasize is that it is not only eBay and Amazon as it is about. But it is the very concept of dropshipping.

SaleHoo Support

I am impressed with how much help forum is on the website.

You get nearly the most common questions answered just by surfing around the site without enticing.

But as dropshipping is a vast subject with many pitfalls I also think that it is very important that you get help from a large forum.
I must say that it is here.

SaleHoo Price

Having to pay $ 67 a year to get the latest updates on the market I thought is quite a reasonable price if you intend to go into this kind of business.

My Final Opinion of SaleHoo

Now I hope that even though I have not worked much with drop shipping yet.

But I have via a local portal already had my first sale.
I will note here that it is a concept that works.

SaleHoo has been on the Internet for many years and I must say that I am glad I found it.

It has opened some new doors for me and shown me that there are new things I can use my skills.

I still have the attitude that you have to have a website before you truly are able to create confidence in your person online.

It is not used so much energy to explain in class.
Are you up for drop shipping so it is a really good place to work on from.

Just you remember that here also are many golden buttons with which you must be very careful not to press.

It can take years before you can live on it and you will have to pay some money to learn on your way.

In particular, you will meet many who will not pay once they have received the item they have ordered through you.

Here, unfortunately, you are going to pay for it when you face as the man.
Dropshipping is contraindicated Affiliate marketing is a little more risk fill business form.

Here you write your articles in order to sell more expensive than you bought.

You have a responsibility both to the buyer but also the seller and those transporting goods.

I see a lot of exciting perspectives but also traps you can fall into and thus put your name and reputation at risk.

If you choose affiliate marketing then you get commission every time there is a sale. Once the goods are bought and paid for, you have no more to do with it.

Both methods sounds simple and it is it also just requires far more work than you can readily imagine.

SaleHoo helps you just through the dropshipping with teaching and sales methods.
The rest is up to you.

SaleHoo at a Glance …

Name: SaleHoo

Overall Scam Rank: 20 out of 100


LegitAs I see it, it is a legitimate portal has been online for more than 10 years.
It is still one of the most popular affiliate programs at Clickbank and it says a great deal about it actually works and that it is a strong system.

But no matter which way you will go as it is important to keep your niche tight and have a website as online base.
The I can show you how to get created.
Here’s how.

Do you work even with drop shipping so I would really like to hear how you are doing. Or do you want to know more about what I do give me a comment below so we can take the debate there.
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6 thoughts on “What Is SaleHoo Is Dropshipping A Good Idea

  1. Hi Steen,

    I just went to check out on Salehoo and I was totally blown away by the money making opportunities there. Obviously, I don’t know much about drop shipping, but it looks like a user friendly site where I can get information on how to get started.

    You have just enlightened me with another business idea. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Cathy!
      Yes it certainly opens up a whole new world to look at this business.
      I have seen the some researching ways you can do it on. I have, for example, an acquaintance who has discussed a baby product on facebook and then even drive out to the nearest clients. For longer distances, sent it in the mail as a package.
      It can be done in many ways also locally.
      But of course you can make it very atractive if you supplement with a website.

  2. Good post Steen. I’ve heard about Salehoo before and it’s good to know that it’s a legit business opportunity out there. As I can see from your review, Salehoo has some benefits and some disadvantages. Compared to affiliate marketing it has some things to deal with such as customer support and to be honest there is some risk involved in this business as you mentioned it exactly. To me, affiliate marketing is a much better alternative because your responsibility ends at selling the product. I would be thankful if you can recommend me any legit program.

    1. Thanks for the comment Rufat!
      I must say that I have been given eyes to more of the possibilities of dropshipping.
      Where I see it to be learned so that it is in the local market. buy some effects in and put together a package that you can sell on eBay or a similar portal where it is not necessarily an auction that on eBay.
      As Affiliate you get a certain percentage of the product you sell online. But just like when you work with affiliate then you need a website, you need to learn how to put it together, you can read more here about how Easy it is.

  3. Hi, Steen.

    This is a conventional business way that can be done online with drop shipping system. I think you have a great review about SaleHoo and will help anybody out who like to find a way to do online business. I look forward to seeing more of your posts about venturing online business and making money online as well.


    1. Thank you Calvin!
      It is more subject dropshipping I would not touch with this article. it can be done on a small scale by selling some of your old effects.
      You can also buy a small store and even stand for shipments. What you can learn on a page as SaleHoo has both pitfalls but also what is in vogue.
      What they have unfortunately been very lightly over it to create credibility with a website, something which I think is very necessary if you want to do business online

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