Do you know how to write quality contents for your website

Good contextI am quite understand that it is not me it is about my writing. No, it comes to you who read what I write.

It may well be that I am trying to direct you in the direction of some articles which might give me an income if you buy the product.

But when all you have your own will and you decide fully self what you want to read.
What is the link you will click when you are here on my side. I have to find a way I can get you to act the way I want it.

I have to get you to make a decision, or not do it. I will simply direct you on to me important articles.

Now I meet some websites where I come and search for information.

They are full of all sorts, before I get to the information that I have come for. It’s a bit tiring for me as a reader.

What does the headline do

imageSimilarly, when you are here on the side so you looking information.
My main role is to show you what to expect further down in the article. That’s why my headline should have a relevance to what you can meet later in the article.

If I do not understand how to do it within the first 3-4 lines so there is a high chance that you click away and try to fo your information somewhere else.
Many read only the headline and they should preferably have almost the same results as those who read the whole article.

I thought about how I can get you to come back to read what I have written the new. I could ask you to sign up for a news update. But have chosen to delay it a little longer

I have come to that if you have previously read some of what I have written. If it has been so useful that you have come back to see what I have written about recently

I do not feel I need to be an expert

Now there are none of us who are expert in all areas.
Writing about my Affiliate trip gives me but really good chance even to learn a lot along the way.
True, it is me who writes the most part but I really also good to use your thoughts to gather information which of course I will share here when it fits in with the topic.
I think my articles more interesting.

Rather than telling you what to do.
Then I simply write about what I experience here, combined with what I read or tests and the way through the show you the way I do things and the way I have new things to write up.

It is not certain that you will ever make something of it as I do. There is a method for each individual.

I think that it is important for you bother to read what I write that I can help you figure out your own way.

How important is the organic search

Screenshot_2014-01-08-23-40-24(1)Now I want to be seen in the search engines so I have to find out what some phrases are being searched within the topic which I will write about.

I need to find a phrase where I can be with own in the competition with all the other articles which also uses the phrase.

I want to find readers who have been searching for the phrase in the organic search.
But it should not be the one who is the most important.

It is taking up more of me what you will get out of the time you spend on my side.

Google has fortunately a lot of tools that can help me find out where you are reading spend most time on my website.
I can either choose to write more on the subject.
Or simply try to make the journey to take a whole new twist.

It would quite automatically begins to move in one direction.
Where I write hopefully can help a better understanding of what it is I am trying to explain in my article.

What about social media

Social medaI start by trying to manifest myself in social media.
When I started online and tried to promote a lot conman products.
I actually thought that this is how I was going to make money online.
I started with network marketing. On my space and Facebook.

I have become wiser since. Social media is not a particularly good source of traffic. Unless you give a lot back. I think that you have to share a lot of updates and comment on them. You have to actually spend a lot of time compared to what you get out of it compared to the organic search.

I think people have become more convinced that most link that others set up the affiliate link.
Yes, I also see it as spam and do not bother to click on them.

Unfortunately, there are also some good articles lost the way too.
If you really want to manifest in social media then you should have good relevant images to your articles. There must also be a good description.

What about Pictures

The Internet is designed to use the images. therefore it is very obvious to have images that are relevant to the text.

They are very important for you to charge your articles in social media.

Without images your article will just be a link. At worst, take the image from your banner if you have such some on your website.

To put it bluntly, the chance of a banner relevant to the article you have written very little
It should preferably be some good-looking images.
It fits exactly into your context.
You can almost be sure that there is someone who reads your article without you charged the appropriate image.

If you know me, then you know also that I occasionally make video which belong to the article that I have written.
With video, I hope that my context becomes better understood by you and my other readers.

But my conclusion is that social media is not a particularly good source of traffic to your articles

What can I do to help you become maintenance and learn something

The last thing I want in on is how important it is to me that you are being shown around on my website in a way that is relevant to you.

This means that this product should give you an option to either be navigated away. Over on another article which confirmed warrant that I have written in here, or better yet have directed you onto another relevant article on the website

I need to know.
What do you think a good article should contain.
Throw me a hint about it below

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

12 thoughts on “Do you know how to write quality contents for your website

  1. Great article! I definitely believe you should always do your research to produce quality content for your website. Also as you mentioned it is important to bring your reader in so you can engaged them on the message you are trying to bring to them. I wish you much success my friend.


    1. Thank Akeim!

      Yes there are several good ways to find out what an article should be about.

      I often use Google trend to find a good topic that also fits into this site. It is always a goal for me to entertain rather than just writing an article that generates traffic.

      I’m glad you like the article and wish you all the best of luck


  2. Hi Steen, I like the way you write. I am very weak in social media but still I am not sure if I could agree with what you write about that issue. Some people are very successful only because of social media. But I know I shall never be, so I almost gave up with this strategy.

    I agree with what you say about pictures, they are necessary, give value and attract visitors. It is known that people tend to bookmark posts with pictures far more frequently than those without them. Thank you, nice text..

    1. Hello Jovo!

      Thanks for the comment.

      I certainly have not given up on social media, But I’m still a bit skeptical about the noise there is in the research groups.

      The most important thing for me is still that I can vouch for my behavior online. It

      I basically think is that the value of social media is a little excessive if you work with a website. Many people think that you just need to show their article in there and that it is good enough. It is certainly not.

      You have to act and ask questions and comment on other people’s touch. Whereas in the organic search which people have searched for the topic that you have written about.

      Yes pictures bring life to your article and it helps clearly you to maintain your readers.


  3. Hi Steen,

    This is such an informative article and so important.

    The best thing you can start doing if you have a new website is to write quality content. The tips you give about the headings and the pictures are spot on and according to me, just as important as quality content!

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Cj!

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes it is important to use both pictures and be entertaining in its texts.

      People bother simply do not spend time on the network if they do not feel informed immediately. It is also my reason to always have a picture before you start driving further down the screen.

      I see the pictures and headlines and the end as one of the most important if you want to entertain your readers


  4. Those are some really good points to writing a quality article. You must always try to make it where the reader is interested in what you are writing. If you have too much going on on your page it is going to be too distracting. Make your article grab their attention and make your content keep their interest. Make them feel as if you are talking directly to them. You also want to have some eye popping images. I did find your information helpful, but I also found it a little difficult to read. You might want to have someone look over your writing before you publish it to make sure it is easy to understand and read. Other than that, I think you made some very good points.

    1. Thank Kristena!

      I know that when I even read an article so I also like that there are pictures and that I be shown around the relevant context.

      I also know that if you spend too much time to think and edit your texts. then you get not published as much as you would like. regarding images can often be difficult to find a perfectly appropriate image.

      But they mean so much to the readers that sometimes they seem like filler.

      My thought is to continue to write. The more you write the better your texts


  5. I appreciate the valuable content you have in your article.
    I also think that Social Media is a great way to promote your product as long as the content is enjoyable and reader friendly. Imagine driving down the street not thinking about shopping then suddenly out of nowhere you see the
    car or truck of your dreams and stop to buy it or at least look at it more closely. Any way great article

    1. Thanks Mike! I’m a little sad that I only have the answer you so late.

      But of course it meet good context is just like meeting something you dream about as you describe it your dreams car.

      The only way to learn how to create good context is to practice and continue to write to your audience, no less, and continue to charge the pictures and video to your articles.


  6. Hi there. Thanks for valuable information on how to write content. Content is the heart and soul of every internet marketing business. so Quality content should always be the top priority. There are many people who still believe in shortcuts to get rankings in google. Some go after backlinks for example. Luckily for us, Google is giving less and less attention to ba links And mode to quality content, which gives more opportunity and encouragement to those committed to genuinely help other people online.

    1. Hi Stefan! Thank you for your good attitude to the written context. I never know quite what people read. It comes a little surprise me that it has often been the articles that I would not have been so happy. But I hope that I can help to give my readers a good experience here


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