What Is The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

imageJaaxy has been changed a little since I last wrote about it.
I will with this article restore and upgrade my previous articles and come up with a new vision of what Jaaxy are and what you can use it.

What is the Best soe  Keyword research toolWach the video on how it work

It is a keyword tool that finds sentences that are competitive reseller to build articles around.

You measure the amount of competition on the specific phrase.

Let’s find out what Jaaxy Contains

Name: Jaaxy
Website: http://my.jaaxy.com/
Price: 0 $ and for Pro $ 19 a month and Enter Price is $ 49 a month.
Pro can be updated to $ 199 a year and Enterprice can be updated to $ 499 a year
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Google Rank: 3 out of 10

Jaaxy, Product Overview

I will review the diference tools Jaaxy contains

Let’s start with the gray tool line

this line is directly related to the black line as I describe in a moment.

Site Rank:
Here you can see where your article is located in a search.
You can do it in Chrome but here you must find the page. It could take some time to browse through them

With this future, you can see where the article is in relation to the sites that have the same sentence. You can follow how your other article moves around in the organic search.
This is a time saver to have.

Affiliate program:
yes you can promote it. and get commission know that there is someone who buys through your affiliate link.
You can have it for free.
If you just get a new signup before you have used your 30 free searches.

This is the black line tool

A search box for your sentence or relevant keywords.
This provides an opportunity to learn about how the phrases located in relation to each other.

Alphet soup:
One of the new things that have come to the tool.
It is to you put a phrase into a Google search and by placing research lettering researching places in the sentence.

Google shows you alternative phrases are being searched.
Here you can save some time.
But it is limited what Jaaxy give you if you only use the Pro version as I do.
I use to turn ubbersurgest. which is a Google tool that I have used in a while. And that also works well on my mobile device

Saved list:
it goes without saying you can save as many lists as you want here. It will also be updated online.

Seach analysis:
Here you can see how the sentence is in the researching right search engines.
I liked it better the old version of the tool.
It helped with video hosts with Article publishers and hubpages pages.
It was simply a much broader spectra to investigate.

Affiliate program:
Here you get help finding Affiliate Network. If you are going to find a product that fits your sentence.
It is very powerful information if you intend to promote a product that fits your sentence.
You will be directed directly to an affiliate network, and you can save a lot of time here

intast a sentence and find out what is being written on the subject.
Here you can also save a lot of time.
You do not bookmark anything and can go directly to the researching places on the web that has something related to the search

estimated search phrase within a month

Expected visits to your article if it hits page 1 of a Google search

How many websites you are going to konkurer against.
With the specific phrase (here it is important to spoken is as low as head possible if you strive to be well in the organic search.
If you are using paid campaigns so that number is less important.

Scale of 1 to 100, and the closer you get to 100 the more substantial is your chance to be No. 1 on page 1

you can simply see if it is a domain name available that you can purchase to build a website around this search. The best and few are always .com

I have not personally used this opportunity since I only refer to this website.

the A list on the right side with some phrases similar to the one you have searched

Is a feature I have not used that much but otherwise it here as a sublimated to related product

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It is very easy to learn to use
It’s online so I can use it from all the research just Internet connections you will pass.
I got many of my articles on page 1
It’s easy to save his search.

The Bad:

I can not really use it in my own language.
It’s only English keywords the deals.
I found that, unfortunately, it has been downgraded after the update.
I have a different way of making my alphabet soup.
I liked it better before it was upgraded. But I must also admit that it keeps up with the Internet.

Who is Jaaxy For?

imageJaaxy is for people who build websites.
It really is a great tool for building context with. So you have a good chance to get on page 1 of the search. Whereas over 90% of clicks on websites come from

Are you speaking it is absolutely brilliant to help your local clients up at the top in the search.

But overall it’s mostly intended for those who study in WA.
But no matter which platform you use, so you always need to find keywords

Jaaxy Tools & Training

There are 4 videos which describes the most important elements.
But beyond that, ask someone who uses the tool in advance.
If you want further information about the use.
You can always write me down in the comments section below if you have further questions.

Jaaxy Support

You can write to mail. I have been given the view that it is not particularly active.

Then you are not a student at WA then you have very little support and it seemed I am a little sorry for we’re not all from the same educational platform.
Remember I am your support line

Jaaxy Price

I have found good keyword tools that are cheaper.
Google plans are free, but are more designed to work with paid campaigns.

Then there is what I have described here.

I had a really good experience.
It is significantly cheaper to acquire, but it must be downloaded to a computer so the use of it is a bit limited.

I thought Jaaxy fully meets the needs I have and I want to pay this price of $ 20 a month that I use.

There are many keyword software that costs more to use.

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

I consider myself to be serious with my websites.
I need a keyword tool, one that best suits the way I work with my context.
When I do it in English.
I am sorry that it is only useful in English. It inhibits me much that I can not use it for other languages.
It is clearly a big minus.

It is not quite optimal is that it is so integrated with WA that you actually do not have any support elsewhere than in WA. Or with me

This makes the tool is slightly locked.
I wish I could use the same options in my own language.

Jaaxy at a Glance …

Name: Jaaxy

Overall Scam Rank: 20 out of 100


imageIt is really easy to operate,
I have it with me anywhere where I come.
I can not use it if I would write in my own language.

Want to know more about Jaaxy so just ask. Do you have another and in your opinion a better tool please let me know in the comments box below.

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12 thoughts on “What Is The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

  1. This is a good text about Jaaxy, All what visitors need to know is here. I wish I could have access to it. Very useful and powerful tool. Thanks for posting this. Jovo

    1. Not because you can not do without it.
      So just makes it much easier both to create context but also get it to rank in the search engines.
      So of course I use it also very much to find inspiration for my articles

  2. We Bloggers need all the help we can get when it comes to Ranking a Keyword Steen, I have never tried this tool but I am willing to give anything that will get me and my content to the next level a try.
    There is no better feeling that getting a content idea and researching the keyword and finding that you have a winner from Keyword research.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ricardo.
      I use it in combination with ubbersurgest and Google Trends. In this way it is both easy to split my context-up so I can fill an article, and hopefully make it more meaningful.
      But what I see as a real big advantage Jaaxy is that I can easily find the long sentences that have a low contest and thus get the article itself ranked highly in the organic search.
      Now I’m almost a regular reader of your blog.
      But I only get your Update in social media.
      I think many more people will benefit from your advice if you are also more present in the organic search.
      Although I am pretty sure that you have more than an article. It’s not only our headlines are being indexed.

  3. You have written a great review here. SEO is so important when doing affiliate marketing, so I am really glad to come across this post of yours. Jaaxy is one site I hadn’t heard of. but I will be checking it out now. It’s a shame that it doesn’t support other languages, but for me, it sounds perfect.

    1. Hi Todd!

      I am certainly sorry that I can not use it in my own language is Danish.

      I am sorry to have to use Google planner when I work with my local clients. Unfortunately, it is a much more fact working as I have here.

      But you write in English, so it is almost an indispensable tool.


  4. I’ve been using Jaaxy keyword tool for some time now and can admit that the tool is really awesome. It helps a lot in keyword research and allows you to focus only on those keywords that will certainly bring you a lot of traffic. It’s really that important because if you use the wrong tool whose data is not precise you may be simply wasting your time because of chasing after keywords that will never bring you any real traffic. What I like the most about Jaaxy is that I maybe wrong but as I know it’s the only keyword tool that shows you competition data on any given keyword which is extremely important for your success. So, I highly recommend it.

    1. Thank Rufat! I follow regularly on your website. I know how much you work with your context. I must say that I also seemed to Jaaxy is the most precise keyword tool I have ever met.

      I have worked with other tools also Google planner which almost provide the same data.

      You just can not organize them, and read the measurements as easily as you can with Jaaxy.

      Of course I would not say that it is the first tool you need to create good context.

      But you quickly realize that it is almost indispensable when your articles to be on page 1 in the organic search


  5. After using the google keyword over the last ten months or so I desperately think it is time for a change – this could be the answer for me!
    I’m not getting much luck with organic traffic and I think this is down to the competition side of things – google’s free version seems to give off poor readings. What is the competition function like on this jaaxy tool?

    1. Hi Chris!

      I use Google planner combined with ubbersurgest and Google trend when I write in my own language.

      But you are right that it is very cumbersome to use and you only get information about the current contest if you want to run paid campaigns.

      Whereas if you write in English, so you get a very clear indication of how many pages that use a particular phrase. You get a clear estimate of how many searches there are for your keywords.

      For me it is the ultimate keyword tool. It is very easy to organize your data here.

      Give it a try you 30 free searches before you should think about whether you want to pay for it


  6. This is indeed a thorough description and review of Jaaxy. Having a keyword research tool is one of the most critical factors in having a successful website.

    Even though one can do keyword research manually taking days to come up with a single keyword idea, Jaaxy makes this process a breeze with a few seconds operation.

    The price, however, is a bit on the high side taking into consideration the availability of other free tools on the internet.

    Thanks indeed for the information.

    1. Thanks for the comment Yared!

      I use Jaaxy because it works really well on my mobile device. You are absolutely right in that you get the same information, for example by using Google planner.

      But be on a computer to work with what you have not so easy to store and navigate your searches with planner. That’s why I recommend Jaaxy.

      I do it simply with me everywhere and I can quickly find the information I need to create an article while I have thought


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