What is Ultimate Cycler – Legit Or Scam?

imageI have once again been around in social media. Yes, I also found this in a comment thread.
I have found a little more forward, which I will share with you here.
Hope it can help you to find out what Ultimate Cycler is.

My Ultimate Cycler Review

Name: Ultimate Cycler
Website: http://ultimatecycler.com/
Price: $ 25-800
Owners: Peter wolfing
Overall Google Rank: 2-10

Ultimate Cycler Product Overview

imageLet me say that the product itself has three different Apps which belongs to the membership.

All three covers motivational training and network training.
It is then boiled down to three worthless Apps.

Personally I see nothing here that can create a revolution in online marketing.

To me it is a product that is created as a pendant to a money pyramid.

The pyramid is based only on 2 levels after which it is supposed that you can create a new two-storey pyramid.

Let me describe a little about Peter wolfing as frontman here.
He is the creator of up to several similar matrices.

As an example he also have Infinity Downline and Turbo Cycler.
Humor has it, that he is good at a time. However when a matrix runs out so he builds a new one,
with a slightly different wording, but with exactly the same concept.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It is pretty much clearly that it is a pyramid, so if you want to work with that kind of network here is a possibility.
They say honestly that it is not recurring income.

The Bad:

It is a pyramid where the money is in focus.
long ago I lost my belief in this kind of business.
I have not been able to find any active members to get more details.

Who is the Ultimate Cycler For?

As you might have noticed so far I have not the warmest feelings towards money pyramids where there is a real product involved.

You must be a seasoned Networker with either a big list or a network that really trust you to use it.

If you think that you will be able to promote this via the social networks,
So you’re wrong.

You simply need to create more value around your person before you get someone to believe enough in you. In that way you can get them to build on your matrix

Ultimate Cycler Tools & Training

imageI have found a single webinar. It last for approximately 40 minutes.
The rest is something you have to learn when they have sold you a place in the pyramid.

You are very dependent on getting training from your sponsor.
It is at this point where network marketing many times will get difficult.

Although the claim is that you just need to do the same as your sponsor has done to get you the idea.

So you must create value around it to build a team where everything is based only on money.

Ultimate Cycler Support

imageHere is a very simple F & Q page with the 10 most asked questions.
But otherwise it’s pretty much more up to your sponsor to ensure that you get the help you need.

Ultimate Cycler Price

$ 25 one time is not really that much to start up a business.
But you need to build a team and earn at the start of the business.that is in my world a worthless investment.

According to the website and compensation plan.
If you pay only for the next step you have built your 2 x 2 matrix.

The next you’ll build will cost $ 50 up to $ 800.

You must be a very excessive Marketer if you need to run it so far.

I am pretty sure that you very quickly, before you even have built your matrix, will be presented to an upgrade.

It is often the way that is being used to pull extra money out of people in this kind of pyramids.

My Final Opinion of Ultimate Cycler

imageI know that the Internet is full of sites where people show that they really have found a gold mine.
In my world, it is often set up as an eye-catcher either with some actors who are hired to play the role of the newly rich who have huge success with a given program.
Or show website with a stream of people who are starting with a business.
Here it is not the money they show, but a stream of new members who have served on the product.

I must admit that I have never been successful in recruiting people into a pyramid.

If you read some of my previous articles then you can see what I have tried of MLM products.

As I said, I started my online travel with ACN for a number of years ago.
I have since tried me Empover network.

for me it is probably one of the biggest pyramid schemes you possibly can try.

imageI thought Fortunately though I have learned from my trials and has thus found out how difficult it is to recruit online.

So I have gone completely off at all trying to get my neighbours to sign up in some more or less dubious business model.

Internet marketing works are simply not the way for me, maybe for you.

If you really want to make you an income online without trying to get people lured into some more or less dubious pyramid, then you have to see it as a real business.

Where you have to do at least just as much work in it as in any other business you meet in your daily life.

A real business is based on customers and trust to you from your customers.

My question to you are:

Do you care trust?

Do you believe that you are able to teach your team to recruit?

If yes then find a sponsor and start building your pyramid.

However, if you want to create a real online business that is based on something that interests you then it can be done without having to recruit other people to your business.

The 2 real business opportunities that I can recommend is to either go ahead with
(It requires a small investment on your part).
Just be aware of a lot of pitfalls. But you can very quickly get profit here and it can actually be done without a website.

The other option is to start with Affiliate marketing.

(It takes a lot of patience on your part.)

It requires that you get an education, and that you build a website but it is, however, a completely risk free business where you either have to provide support or stand for a physical inventory.

There are also other quite legitimate ways you can build online and offline, without having to recruit People into a matrix that you need with ultimate Cycler.

But learning how to build trust in your market online requires that you have a solid base online.
A place that is your own on the web.

You simply have to get yourself a website. Without a website you have difficulty in creating a healthy contact with your customers. You can also do as I do communicating my message to those who are interested in knowing how to make money online.

Here i have a good and a less good news.

I have a website with 10 lessons telling how to set up an online business and make it ready to get the organic traffic.
The traffic that is most like most worthwhile.

People actually have searched information that you provide here.

It is absolutely free and you have my full support and backup.
Read here how to get started with building a real online business.

The less good news is that if you choose to build a business online then you must work for it and you have to work much before you will start to see real results.

Ultimate Cycler at a Glance …

Name: Ultimate Cycler

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100


Click to begin a Real online jerney
Click to begin a Real online jerney

My conclusion is as you can read here:

Stay away from this kind of pyramid schemes.

Especially if you are new online and do not feel you are good at selling online.

The only thing you get out of it is to loose respect from your surroundings and around your person. As you can understand, it is something I have tried in my quest for the ultimate online business.

You are going to chase people in your entourage and will very soon find out that you can not contribute something that can give you confidence from your followers.

If you want to know how to build a real business up online.
A building on a topic and with products that interest you.

So see here where I learn to create mine.
How you can learn to do the same.
Yes it’s completely free to look at.

If you have experience with Ultimate Cycler or a similar product I would be happy to have
your opinion in the comments section below

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26 thoughts on “What is Ultimate Cycler – Legit Or Scam?

  1. Thanks for this review. Anything that looks like a pyramid type thing to me is out. I got involved with something in my early twenties and it is such a sham. I like to work hard for my money and know that it is an honest way to do things.
    What is your opinion on all those make money by taking surveys websites?

    1. I thought even that it is important to warn people who want to work online on most online money pyramids are either their time or money’s worth. I have met some who have really tried to tell how good a business it is.

      But I have also learned that it is not the case. there is a good reason they run out and will be replaced with new schedules. Regarding surveys online then it is the most underpaid job I’ve ever tried.

      Most of them takes longer than promised and payment usually comes only in one form or another for points you can use on their website.

      If you really want to make money online so it is important to learn how to build trust and build a readership.

  2. I have never heard of Ultimate Cycler before, and from your article maybe that’s a good thing.
    It has been proven over the years that a pyramid scheme simply does not work in the long run.
    Some of them may provide a few results in the beginning, but it needs constant feeding with new members at the bottom all the time. Sooner or later it will run out of steam and you will have lost yet another bunch of money.
    Thank you for this review. It certainly has opened my eyes.

    1. Hi Thuens

      The funny thing is, I dug a little deeper into the ownership of this program and found out that Peter Wolfing actually behind many more of this kind of pyramids.

      They have a certain expiration date, or they only work for a period.

      Then he starts as just a new pyramid with exactly the same concept.

      This is a super deal for him and the people who belong to his inner circle. Unfortunately, there are still many people who think they can really make money by writing up to this kind of programs.

      I have even tried me well enough not to outright money pyramids but with some more or less dubious programs. As you might have read in the article itself.

      There are some ways you can make money online, but this is definitely not one of them. I would actually argue that as long as you continue to use your energy on these programs. You dont have a chance to succeed online


  3. Hi Steen,

    There are so many pyramid schemes which are presented to us as the most legit online bussinesses. The moment you enter your credit card information, that is the time you will realize that the program is not for you.

    Ultimate-cycle is another pyramid scheme. You said that you are not a fun this. Which program can you recommend for newbies in the industry like us?

    1. Hello Tony. It is unfortunately much of the online world we all live in.

      There are many people who start on this kind of schedules and truly believe that it is a healthy and legitimate way to generate money. some people are surely also be able to earn money that way.

      My experience is just very few of them you will get under you are really able to build it for you.

      Unfortunately, I have met several very quickly bought the expensive package in the hope that it will help them to gain profit. They find it very difficult to understand that it does not help.

      What I would suggest, or what I see as my solution for you and so many others who dream of creating an income online is. starting to learn how to build confidence and learn to do it by creating you a business built on a topic that interests you. You must see it as any other kind of business.

      That I work with on this here site called Affiliate Marketing. The platform that I use to build my website from an online university where I am able to learn from several thousand members who are online every day.

      You can also do it in many other legitimate ways.

      But no matter which way you choose so, you need a website and it is actually much easier to get started than you think. No you do not need money up the pocket before you are fully ready to go the next big step towards success online for faith not only on me,

      I have experienced many who really got it to work


  4. Nice on Mate! This is very informative to me as a newbie in Affiliate marketing (been doing this for less than a month).

    Your ideas and suggestions are up to date and clearly define the line between legit online businesses and scams.

    People who visit your website will get tons of help to manage their own Online Businesses wisely.

    Great Job!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Let me just point out that to this matrix, or other matrices head nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

      I would like to take this opportunity to wish you luck with your new online business.

      A big difference between Affiliate marketing and this kind of pyramids Affiliate link is free to download down. Affiliate Marketer working with real products and build their business around a topic they are passionate about.

      I hope that you will maintain your focus on what you have started and will continue to regard it as a real business.

  5. I have tried Ultimate Cycler in early 2013 and I would like to say that it is a big scam. I wish i read your article at that time. I was contacted by Peter Wolfing – who told me that this a great opportunity for me to grow. Being an Internet Marketing newbie, I struggled a lot to make money online. Now, everything is making perfect sense to me.

    1. Hello Shivaram!

      Wow, you have really had personal contact with Peter wolfing. No joking aside.

      I see him as one of the worst people to get in touch with the new line. I think one of our problems is that when we are new is that we focus on the money.

      Unfortunately he is really good at taking advantage of it. I hope that you were drawn too deeply into the matrix. For me, the worst thing is not the money you lose, but that you actually start to bond catch his entourage with the matrix.

      These programs will expire after a certain period and the reason is that it is not a real business.

      Peter Wolfing is really good to shut down when the time is to then start again with a new pyramid. Unfortunately I think that he can continue with this form many years to come


  6. It’s almost 2016 and Ultimate Cycler is still active. Isn’t that a good sign? Especially the cost to start is only a one-time $25 with no monthly fees. You definitely can make more than what you paid for.

    Don’t look at Ultimate Cycler as a “ponzi scheme or a networking thing”. Open your eyes because everything around the world is built on the “networking thing”,

    FB, Twitter, Oprah, Westfield Malls, Ford Motor cars they’re active today because of the “networking thing”. They only different, they all have their own system. Like me, I have my own system to leverage off Ultimate Cyclers system.

    So forget about the “net working thing or ponzi scheme”….. Look closely at Ultimate Cycler’s system and try to leverage off it with your own. It works and you can earn from it.

    1. Hi Matt!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes I can see that the page is still run fine and is live on the web. But it does not legalize my world. I may as well see that you get some excellent Apps and Mindset training.
      Whether it has become a more substantial business within it.
      last month then change it by my position that it is a very daunting compensation plan. When I do not understand the money
      so I keep myself away and totally recommend that people just thinking about again before the 25 $

    2. Totally agree with you MAT. Ultimate Cycler is still active in 2016, so shame on those who thought the program will fail.

      Everything on this planet makes money through networking. You have to choose what will work for you based on what you already have. Like Matt said, “I have my own system to leverage off Ultimate Cyclers system”.

      Ultimate cycler is a awesome program. You will never lose money if you have a system of your own.

      1. No matter how you look at it it’s still money that is in focus.
        You get to recruit your fellow men in order to get them to pay for your fees.
        We are not talking about a real product to real price here.
        We talk about networking to bond catch others to pay for our earnings.

  7. Hello ACE: Thanks for writing this review on Ultimate Cycler. I almost got hooked on the marketing but was no sure about another pyramid program. I’ve had some bad experiences and was to make another one. Your review was very helpful to me and I thank you, Keep up the good work. Bill 🙂

    1. Many thanks for your comment here Bill!

      I’m really glad you read this article before you made a decision to work with this program.

      It may well be that this matrix has survived a few years now but it does certainly not legal if you ask me. Unfortunately, there are still many who fall for these pyramids.

      What they think is easy earned money can quickly become a nightmares of additional sales just to earn his insats again.


    1. Hello Pamela! What we are dealing with here is a matrix.
      Where the product is the matrix itself. And I would argue that it will expire soon as most others have done before.
      If I were you I will take these other comments very seriously when I can see that some of them who have written here has actually been very close to begin with the pyramid as it seems to me.
      I would strongly advice you to let join to start and do not throw away some of the high prices go. You’re going to lose your money even if you have built something with it.
      I personally think that it is about to burn out. Peter the owner is a little moving away from the spotlight.

  8. a member was suppose to pay me last week and she did not do so and am stil seeing that lady in my pending please how do i report her so that i can move on

    1. Hi David! I’m sorry to hear that, but it is not the system is going to pay you for your signups? As written in the previous comment I think that this matrix is ​​running out, so will not any of the money which serves to recruit and get people to pay for.
      If I were you I will try to contact the owner Peter. If you can not get hold of him so let be using more energy to be a part of these pyramids.
      There are many other ways to build your business up also not deal with that you have to recruit people into a pyramid.

  9. Ultimate cycler has come to stay and make our life better,
    Register with #12,500 and get #50,000
    how it works,
    Get four people and get paid 50k as soon as possible,
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    1. You send the first link does not work. Secondly, this article is not an advertisement for the program. Try just yourself to see what you write. Hopefully, people can see that it is humbug

  10. I was actually thinking of registering with ultimate cycler today and decided to do a little research on it first.
    However, after reading opinions here, I’m leaning towards the negative.
    On the other hand, some friends are making money from it and I’m feeling left out.
    I’m in serious neef for money.

    1. Let me make one thing clear.
      There is no fast money online. If I were you I would look at how well you know the ones who make money on this. One of the things they teach you is to show the money for all of them as they can get to believe in them.
      It is as I see it a sweeping red thread through all these matrixes.
      If you really want to create a real online business one that you own.
      then you can read this article on where and how I build my up.
      Here is no hype and fast money.

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