What Is Xooma WorldWide

What Is XoomaIn my search for good alternatives to the teaching of myself I found Xooma WorldWide.
yes, I have once again been in the social media to see which link people bring up.
I will try to describe my experience about this network marketing business.
So is Xooma WorldWide a good idea to begin with?

My Xooma WorldWide Review

Name: Xooma WorldWide
Website: http://www.xooma.com
Price: Here is a catalog of packages from $ 25 to $ 117
Owners: Ron Howell
Overall Google Rank: 1 out of 10

Xooma WorldWide, Product Overview

Produkt  As described, it is a network marketing business.
It is built around a large series of health products.

The company has been on the market with their products for over 20 years and is part of a continued growing health industry.

They claim that their products helps your balance and coordination ability.
It also helps you as a decidedly supplements.

All products are something you have to mix with water in the right proportion. Each product has as a research purpose to help you living a healthier life.

Let me try to describe a little bit about the things, I’ve met on the their website.

One of the things that I´m always looking for as the first is money.

How can I earn money and what kind of compensation plan exists.

As with so many other businesses it is the product which is the most important. The more you manage to sell, the more you are able to serve.

If you are able to sell products while building a team that can do the same, so then you are in profit.

I have not found any complaints about the products.
I must conclude that at least they are harmless.

If they work properly, I have a little trouble figuring it out.

My general experience with network marketing products is that they can be expensive to buy but cheap if you sign up as a distributor and even start to build your business.

Without even having tested out these products I would guess that they are actually really good quality products.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Here is a product catalog.
The business has been around for over 20 years
If you are the right person you can make money on it, in the long term
You can order and buy without being a part of the business

The Bad:

It is a traditional network marketing business.
The website is a great sales ploy. Showing a lot of happy and wealthy people.
As a distributor you will be equipped with the same website as everyone else gets.
You must have a sponsor to begin.

Who is Xooma WorldWide For?

Xooma pyramidI would point out that it is a network marketing business.
You must be good at networking.

I would suggest that you already have a team or a big list you can promote this product to.

As with other MLM businesses your earning potential is in building a team. You must learn how to sell products and build up the team.

Xooma WorldWide Tools & Training

I honestly do not know what kind of training that you are offered. I have not been able to find any recorded webinar.

There are some very short videos on the website.

To me it seems more like it is about to influence your thinking instead of giving you a real marketing education.

But if you have a sponsor here so it’s his job to make you ready to meet the market.

He will likely teach you how to chase people around you and make you stand in front of the local supermarket with samples so that you can build your business that way.

I’ve tried to find some groups you can join.
Either they are closed and not accessible to the public or they dont exist.

Unfortunately I have to note that they are very scarce and I have not been able to find a large group where people engage with each other.

Xooma WorldWide Support

As I pointed out then you are very dependent on the training and support that your sponsor can give you.

Here is simply no neither F & Q or training site, here is not a forum for you to get help from other members.

I remember when I worked with ACN then there was training where we were physical presence. Here was the force to invite people to the training and get them to write up the road.

Xooma WorldWide Price

The businessIn order to at all be allowed to promote products, you own them. I’ve talked about 12 research right packages. Which runs from 25 to 117 $.
Yes you can actually buy and promote a special water bottle for $ 25.
Yes it costs to promote it.

It then say to buy all the products it’s going to cost you well over $ 1,000.

Of course you can order and buy at a completely different price.
But then you remember that the consignment has not been paid yet.

I must say that I simply do not understand the Compensation Plan.
There is a right arm and a left arm.
It really shows a lot of money.

But to hang together so you must also sell the products, otherwise it can not possibly be good business for the company.

My Final Opinion of Xooma WorldWide

Why it's a Scam I really fell over one of the very traditional network marketing companies.
Their website has not even been updated for mobile devices yet.

you have to pay so much extra to promote a health product and build a team from a website that is not converted into mobile yet.

Yes excuse me but I am not impressed. In a niche with so tough contest, and with so many research right products to choose from, so I think unfortunately you get it really difficult.

What I have learned about network marketing is that what I said, it is important to build a team that is able to sell the products for you.

You must either be the person who is able to build it big for yourself and your sponsor, or maybe you need to find the person who can build it for you.

Now suppose that you succeed and you really have built a great team up.
You own still your own business.

The company will always be able to throw you out if there is a dispute.
You will afterwards only be left with your team wich you must have over into a new business.

This kind of business is created to either hold home presentations or stand in front of the local supermarket with small samples that you share out as I described before.

This is not suitable as an online business if you ask me.

Why pay to promote a product when you can get both equivalent or better products down to your own business absolutely free?

Yes you can get almost all kinds of products down and get an affiliate link that you can promote.

If you work with Affiliate of course there’s a network you have to be accountable for.

But the key if you want to make money online, is to get readers who want to buy your products.

It is certainly not easy either, but you can build a business that you own.
Yes, I can actually help you get started for free.

Well, no it is not free because I want that you are focused and persistent.
You must also be willing to think long term.

I can not help you for immediate profit.
Nor is there anyone who can build it big for you other than yourself.

But you are serious and really want to have an online business.

So you can read more about how and what it takes.

Xooma WorldWide at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100


Click to begin a Real online jerney
Click to begin a Real online jerney

A business that has been on the market for over 20 years can not just be humbug, but it’s still direct sales and it has a very daunting compensation plan.

You must both build a team and generate sales of the products.

Many times you will get to sell a dream of prosperity rather than really build a business of your own choice and your own skills.

If I was interested in health products then I would build it in a completely different way, either by drop shipping or affiliate marketing.

Of course, I would research the products that I would work with by myself. It would make my approach to them more credible.

Why not work with a subject that I know about in advance, it will make me much more credible.

To learn more about how to build an online business you can read about how I build my along with several thousand other serious people.

Remember you have my personal support as long as you treat it seriously

If you know Xooma WorldWide then I mighty like to hear about your experience with it. Or just want to know more about what works, so just drop me a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Xooma WorldWide

  1. Thanks for this review.

    In talking about Businesses Xooma would seem similar to Amway. Would you agree?

    Of course I can see some differences between the two companies. I think it’s you have to pay to promote something. In my mind why would you pay somebody to advertise their product. I just don’t agree with that. It makes the company seem shady.

    If the products are great, then why Am I paying to advertise them?

    Is it because they can’t make enough money without charging their affiliates?

    1. Thanks Brandon!

      Personally think it’s a very stupid idea to go ahead with a business where I can not face what I really earn from a sale. Although I am unable to vouch for the products.

      But honestly pay $ 25 to promote a water bottle I thought is very expensive.

      As I have described why pay to promote a product line when you can download them for free and that you can choose what you want on your website.

      Here you pay for a website like everyone else has.

      This means that you can not generate organic traffic to or paid traffic.

      Then there is your private network and social media back. I met it as said in social media.

      Amway operate under roughly the same conditions.

      I know that many of these firms have been on the market for many years but it makes them determined not to a real business.


  2. In the last few weeks I have been able to expand my diet to include some red meat as well as Tuna without causing a Gout Attack. This is outstanding as prior to my adding Xooma X20 I would trigger an attack with any purine rich food.

    1. Hi Daniel!
      I must admit that I have great confidence Xoomas Supplements, not that I think they are dangerous but rather ineffective, they are simply not worth the money if you want my opinion.
      But I am pleased if you really have got some good results when using them.

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