A Jaaxy Keyword tool review

Screenshot_2014-01-25-20-19-13(1)What is Jaaxy? Yes good question but briefly described

it is a keyword tool that does not require downloading to your computer.

It also makes the algorithm that helps you is updated daily, you can go in and find keywords that are right for the item you want to build your website with. It has been tried many times before to build a sensible keyword tool up even google has really failed here.

But it’s not just google Where the keyword tools work. We can built a campaign around other searchengine
Jaaxy doing meaningful research in bing and yahoo too.

Name: Jaaxy

Website: http://www.jaaxy.com


$ 0  30 keywords

$ 19 a month unlimited searches

$ 59 per month for professional use and setup Multi SEO campaigns

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Google Rank 3 out of 10

Screenshot_2014-01-25-12-46-42(1)Jaaxy Product Overview

As written, it is a keyword tool that is online. is to say that you should not download a software like you need to do with traffic travis or marketing samurai.
It will, as I said say that your equipment is always upgraded,

I would say that it is the cheapest keyword tool at all.

It is also the most functional as it is constantly being monitored and optimized

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  •  You can easily learn to use it and even before the 30 queries have a good knowledge of the tool
  • It is possible to spot your competitors and copy some of derr and even make you a stronger context around the niche
  • It allows you to always have the words and phrases to write about what you want and always be able to get it indexed

The Bad:

  • I can only say that one must be careful not to get messed up his research together
  • It is important to remember that it is context it is all about and not just keywords

Who is Jaaxy For?

People who want to build a business up and get traffic to his side.

All who make websites have a strong need to know what keywords are good and use in the niche that they have chosen to work with.

It saves so much time by knowing what to write about and what words to be composed

Jaaxy Tools & Training.Screenshot_2014-01-25-14-35-47(1)

Monthly search.

Gives you an idea of ​​how many people have spent the keyword phrase as the tool shows

Estemidatet traffic

Which gives an overview of how many people click on the sentence or word shown


Here you can get an idea of ​​it at all worthwhile to use the phrase that you are going to build your site around. This number should preferably be below 400 for that it is a good idea to go ahead with.

It is the only tool where you can measure the exact competition in the Google search engine, you have here a unique measurement of how your page will be placed in relation to other pages containing the same keyword phrases


Is an overall assessment of it at all worthwhile to build on.
There are 3 colors
Red here you will find it very difficult to get on page one of the search engines

Yellow can partly be used, but it is not quite optimal In contrast,

Green is the perfect keywords that you can build on if QSR is also below 400 then you have your word or phrase.

SEO power

Here are also a number sequence that runs from 0 to 100 The closer you get 100 the better.
A great tool which is also built-in allows you to spy on your competitors, such as the length of their article is the metatack they have used and some other information.

As you can just duplicate and set up on your own page.

Remember it’s not just Google we’re talking about but also Bing and Yahoo. You can also see if there is made articles or videos linking to the competing sides.

This gives you a huge edge over the niche you’ve chosen to make your business around.
It is also possible to find a domain that is also a tool that shows which ones are available, so it is certainly easy to find an alternative domain.

Jaaxy Support

There is a blog where you can learn the most basic but you may even work with all the different information, but as always when Kyle and Carson, you can always post a comment with your question and you get reasonably fast answer to your question

Jaaxy Price

There are 3 different price ranges


Here are 30 full searches (you can get 10 additional keywords by getting a new free user of Jaaxy)

$ 19 a month

You have unlimited searches and unlimited use of most tools in Jaaxy. I think personally that this package best suits my needs

$ 59 a month.

It is for the very experienced user. In need of the full tool

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

I would say after that I also had traffic travis downloaded and tried google keywords I must say that with Jaaxy has a full search and research tool in a tool and I would say compared to other keyword tools you get a lot for the 19 $ a month.

Other tools quickly come to cost over $ 70 a month,

Jaaxy at a Glance …

This is the program that I have always lacked. I save a lot of hours during the week and get a much better result.

Name: Jaaxy
Website: http://www.jaaxy.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price $ 0  30 keywords

$19 a month unlimited searches

$ 59 per month for professional use and setup Multi SEO campaigns

Overall Google Rank: 3 out of 10


Since you do not need to have your credit card rather than trying Jaaxy and can actually continue to use it for free by getting others to try the first 30 free searches. Can I just see it as a win-win situation


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