What Is Micro Niche Finder

imageI have tested this keyword software that may eventually have a little bit forgotten.

But certainly still functional.

I would say forget Google Planner and use the $ 100 on this is quite simply a must to have a properly keyword tool available.

If you want to create campaigns in the organic search or paid good campaign.

Name: Micro Niche Finder
Website: http://www.micronichefinder.com
Price: $ 99 one time
Owners: James J Jones
Google Page Rank: 3 out of 10

Micro Niche Finder Product Overview

A software which is really a supplement to Google Planner I probably want to use for a comparison with.

I have tested it here at this product and actually been quite happy.

You get actual spelled out what is the smartest both keyword phrase but if you want to focus on a paid campaign.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • The price is more than reasonable.
  • You are not promised to make a fortune for tomorrow.
  • It is a fully updated functional keyword tool
  • It’s incredibly easy to get your niche made quite specific so you’re not going to write too wide

The Bad:

  • I have not gotten it to work on my Mobile devices yet.
  • It is a software I need to download.
  • You just have learned what it is all about before you can get a full benefit out of the tool.

Who is Micro Niche Finder For?

imageI would say that it might not be the first to start investing in the brand new online, it requires little that you have an understanding of how important it is to find the right keywords.

But it is something you have to implant rather quickly in your progress as Affiliate
This is one of the tools that require you to work with the information you have otherwise you do not but I must say that it really gives an insight right down to it specifike in a niche.

It is a keyword tool that all of us who look for keywords for our sites, you can use I will now say that since I usually use Jaaxy and revels to use it, I just need a few items to adapt it to me here.

But I certainly do not doubt that it certainly can be used.
If you work with an Affiliate Blog Roll like this is a good tool to work with.

Builds you on a static page that you plan to build paid campaigns around you also have a good partner to help you with this tool.

Micro Niche Finder Tools & Training

I think it’s a really good way to get started is to read the pdf that you get with when you order the software it is quite simply a great guide through all the configurations are things that you can get information by using it.

Micro Niche Finder Support

You get a year of 24/7 support and it should be more than enough to get it to work for you.

In addition I have already here on the second day helped a great webinar which definitely has given me some great input into what really takes to build a niche side up.
I feel they are very ops that you get from the tool what you need to make it work for you

Micro Niche Finder Price

imageThe $ 99 is actually a really fair price for this software. I do not think I have felt cheated on any issues with it.

And the first owner of it you will for all time continue to get the latest updates so you are also helping to build the new trend online.

In the first email you receive, you get an offer to rent the software for approx. $ 7 for 30 days and it is more than enough time to figure out what you want to use it for.

My Final Opinion of Micro Niche Finder

You just get used to the terms and the research information you get with the tool.
I feel that it works in a completely different way than I’m used to.

I’ve also had little difficulty in getting it to work with my Mobile devices and for me it is a huge shortage.

I am one of those people who need to be able to get to work with my tools Online.
The fact that it is not an online tools.

But the software I need to download and update on a PC does, unfortunately, I have felt less mobile than I am about Jaaxy.

To put it bluntly, the rest is getting used to on my part. I can say it is entirely up to the individual to decide how they will work with keywords

Micro Niche Finder at a Glance …

Name: Micro Niche Finder

Website: http://www.micronichefinder.com
Owners: James J Jones
Price: $ 99 one time
Overall Scam Rank: 20 out of 100


It is more than approved on my part.
It’s something you need if you have an intention to build websites that people will look for and find both the SEO based search, but also in the paid side of search.

Since everyone has an opinion about what is right SEO I’ll let you judge for yourself whether you want to use it here.

Just because I have chosen Jaaxy which is probably the ultimate tool for me as I also use it with my mobile devices. And you are able to test it for free.

Which keyword tool do you or do you know a little about what you can use it to throw me a comment here or write to me in social media.

So I will with the greatest pleasure to help you find out what you need.

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

6 thoughts on “What Is Micro Niche Finder

  1. Micro niche finder sounds great and something worth investing in. I will definitely bookmark this blog post for future reference and I’m sure it will benefit many people wanting to start affiliate marketing businesses online.

    Thanks for the heads up….


    1. Although I myself am a user of Jaaxy I must say that the two articles I where I have used this tool has fallen out with roughly the same phrases I found at Jaaxy. This is an old alternative.
      But unfortunately the experience on Mobile devices are not upgraded, to put it bluntly, it does not work. and it is my minus.
      The other hand, I like it is that you are constantly invited to investigate just webinar is blown fill of good information. So it’s a onetime investment.
      I highly recommend it if you are only using a computer.

  2. Hey Steen,
    I`m using MNF since 2012 and love that software.
    much better than brad callen’s “niche finder” which only ranked at my personal review score 63100

    have you tried to put your competitor`s url into the search field? returns some good stuff…
    I`m working on a guide for MNF for my site – should be ready by the end of the week.

    1. Hi Gerard, I must admit you that it is a really good keyword tool.
      I had a really good test period with it and played a few articles up which is well in the organic search.
      I even have gotten some really good lessons after I went back and used the tools I have used all the time.
      The only reason that I use Jaaxy is quite simply habit

      1. Hey Steen,
        the SOC value is a really great helper to find rankable keywords. In combination with the MOB numbers you quickly get an overview of the competition.
        I tried the jaaxy trial and I cannot really understand the hype. Sure it`s nice and easy but with a monthly fee it cannot beat the research and filter options of MNF.

        if you got a minute I would appreciate your review here:
        Also please put in your review postURL here so you get an extra dofollow backlink 🙂

        1. Hi Gerald normally I would say that it is to share backlink is not something I’m doing me so much.
          As I understand the Google Panda update is one of the things they have turned hard down on.
          I still thought I had a good experience with MNF which has many of the same features as Jaaxy also. my problem is that I have not really able to get it to work from my iPad. I use it to create most of my business and is very rarely on my computer. beyond that then I started using Jaaxy so it’s part of my mentality to use it.
          I’ve looked through your blog and I can see that you are working with impho.
          I have searched it on the net and have only read positive about it. It seems very solid without additional sales snare discount.
          I think you are being taught in one direction and in WA in a slightly different direction. What I can say about teaching in WA is that it is very true to what Google wants to indexing your pages.
          I know as I said, not so much about impho but will definitely create a review at a time

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