What is the Affiliate Traffic Lab? Enjoy the wonder. Or?

Affiliate Traffic Lab ReviewOnce again I’ve come across this team.
Affiliate traffic lab is their new initiative.

I will guide you through my evident attitude here.
Find out what I think of spending time and money on it.

My Affiliate Traffic Lab Review

Name: Affiliate Traffic Lab
Website: http://affiliatetrafficlab.com
Price: 30 $ or 40 $$, both of which are lump sums
Owners: Glynn Kosky
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Affiliate Traffic Lab, Product Overview

The Video ToolThen we have found a video tool.
Yes, an online video tool that via keywords can find the right products to promote.

Yes, we must start creating slide video with text from sales pages.
The best places to find them are JVzoo, Clickbank, and Warrior forum.
Yes, the keyword tool is best for finding words from info products.

The three networks all have a wealth of them.
But in short, you choose a niche.

Finds a sentence that does not have much competition.
It uses you like the title of your video.

What happens is that the tool finds some relevant sales pages.
You take the context from here and split it between some slides.

You can then choose a font, background image and want some music that is in the tool itself.

Because it’s an online tool, do not download it to your computer.
That is, your videos do not record storage on your computer.

It is at least a plus extra.
But now that we’re up, you’ve also been invited to a very important webinar. Costs 400 spikes.

But it’s a unique bonus. Yes, of course, you get the all-over-looking lead magnet.
Namely for the exact together price of the webinar.

How I forgot the bonus where you get a massive selection of the tools that Glynn and his friends have used to earn fortunes.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • It makes it a little easier to make many slide videos.
  • It automatically charges to youtube.
  • There is a keyword tool.
  • Here is also a music library

The Bad:

  • If you borrow content from other people, you risk getting punished by youtube.
  • I can almost do the same with powerpoint.
  • I use a significantly better keyword tool myself.
  • I can not see the good of copying from others online.

Who is Affiliate Traffic Lab for?

FreindsGlynn is a very active provider of affiliate products.
Many of them are on the verge of what I can stand.
I can partly stand up for this.

If you use it in conjunction with any original context that you have created.
However, if you create your texts that contain the right combination of keywords, I definitely can not see anything, but you can benefit from the software.

However, you follow the advice on the page and mass-produce videos with text that you have borrowed from a context that is already online, so you’ll notice, and you’re having trouble with youtube.

I know that video is a little harder to check for google.
But believe me, they are looking at the content.

What I’ve seen other people is to download it from JVzoo and promote it.
The price is not scary.

If you get a small amount of traffic, you can make a few sales and get your list a little bigger.

But no matter what, then it takes a lot more work than 10 minutes.
I spend over an hour just writing my articles.

I spend a lot of time getting my money back from the various affiliate networks.
I have bought and reported before the expiration date.

Affiliate Traffic Lab Tools & Training

I know from experience that the team behind this provider would like to help you to use their tools.

I’ve found some of their videos on youtube, and they give a pretty excellent understanding of what you can use the tool.

Get the same instructions in the member area.
Here are, of course, some videos where you learn how to put it together.
I’ve met what I’ve expected here.

Affiliate Traffic Lab Support

As soon as you have acquired one of Glynn’s products, there is always full support for the first few months.

You can be sure you get an answer if you have a question either by referring your F & Q or receiving a response directly in your mail.

After a while, their energy disappears.
They are usually heading towards the next latest new product.

Affiliate Traffic Lab Price

The purpose of cheap products is often to create some extra sales. However, if you keep the money in your pocket and only use the items that the tool contains, you will have it at a reasonable price.

they have raised the price but give a discount coupon,  you now get it cheaper

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Traffic Lab

Do not hang out, these networksThere is no doubt that this team is very active online.
Now it’s the fourth or fifth time that I fall over this provider.

He has improved some of the things.
But why should it always be how easy and how much money you can earn ten minutes of work a day?

Unfortunately, that phenomenon does not exist.
If you want to make money, then you have to work for them.
Both online and offline.

I find that someone who brings something like this down to send it to their list.

In some cases, they do not even describe the product.
No, they send the link directly to mail.

Yes, how does it end up?
Namely in the spam folder.
It says everything about the product itself.
People do not even want to describe it.

Tools infoThey just hope there is one who clicks and buys.
I almost think I’ve deleted myself from most of this kind of list.

But there is still something going through that should not be in my mail.
If it’s spam then you can talk, I’ve written me up on the list at some point.

If it is useful marketing, I would also like to ask a big question. I have learned that when the provider needs to bottle revenue on the sales side, it’s usually not a particularly useful product.

Is not the first tool I’ve met which I think is directly harmful to you in social media.

You may borrow the context from a relevant sales page.
It may also be that the provider thinks it’s a good idea.

But it’s still not your own words. You risk that one of your viewers has read the text somewhere else.

May result in a flag.
That can close your channel.
Yes, you lose all the videos on the channel.

BonusDoing it enough many times may be that youtube bandages your IP address.
I do not know but have with it.

Ok, the tool is excellent enough if you have written your texts yourself.
I’m also pretty sure the audio library is something you have full right to use.

I’m sitting here with some mixed feelings because I’ve met his products more than once.

There is no doubt that there is a market for low-speed money pages.

They are everywhere, and people go online every day to find something that can make life easier for them.

The problem is just that if we could make easy money online, we would all do much more.

My attitude is that if you want to make a sale, it must also be because you have gained confidence. Yes, a deal must meet the needs of the buyer.

What the people behind these pages want is to make a quick sale to a desperate person who hopes there’s a grain of truth in what they look.

Yes, I see it all together as I see porn, what you buy is a dream. Tends to quickly become an entirely different reality, when it comes to the buyer that neither tactics nor tools seem as promised.

I am also acutely aware that there is more than one person behind these products. Many of them appear on the pages.

From the first time I’ve met this provider, I’ve had a sense of wrong play and trying to picture you that the trees grow into the sky.

My reality is a little different.
Unfortunately, it contains a lot of hard work.
Yes, not started for the first 10 minutes.

But now that you have read this is my question, do you mean it sincerely?
Do you want to do what it takes to be successful online?
A video is fun and exciting and can be your new tactic to get traffic.

With that said.
So it’s about creating a brand online.

Yes, if you do not appear healthy in your niche, you will not earn money.
Glynn and his team appear sharp and use a lot of eyeballs.

Therefore, they also sell their programs.
They have a website.
Yes, there is nothing new in it.

You also need a website.
You also need to know how it can get together.

But do you know what?
  • I have one for you.
  • Yes, there are two.
  • You will receive ten lessons where you will teach in how to get started.
  • And no, it’s not a shortcut.

There is a lot of hard work ahead if you mean it sincerely.
Another one.

I want to help you through if you’re going to do the job and learn day in and day out.
Yes, the website takes no time to set up.

But it takes time to become an authority.

Now you are asking what the price is?

  • It’s expensive because it’s not something you can buy.
  • It’s about your time and your desire to change habits.
  • Then keep the credit card in your pocket.
  • Test it before you decide entirely.

Affiliate Traffic Lab at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100


Once again, I have to report to one of the suppliers of this offer.
It’s not because it’s expensive. No, it’s a waste of time.

Why spend time creating followers in social networks, then throw it all away on a tool that only copies from others online.

As I said, it is far from my logic.
Well, when I look at this team, I think they know the value of what they create.

I have also begun to believe that they want it for their followers.
But their marketing is somewhere in the process smoked into something disable. Use the energy to make money, out of new dreamers online.

Where instead they could use the energy to create something that has value. Unfortunately, it’s probably just too good a business for to continue.

It also creates a little space for me to keep finding their products.
Because then tell me what I feel is wrong.

I’m not giving up.
I have created this website to find right and safe places online.

I succeed once and for all.
But unfortunately, I find that I probably meet these pages in most cases. As I mean, only contains a dream.

Yes, when you buy and test these tools, you’re dreaming.
Neither more nor less.

I know that it can be difficult to get questions through here.
But try anyway downstairs.

I’m not the only one that can get happy about your question or your knowledge.

Just remember to press one of the social buttons while you’re here.

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