What is Affiliate TITAN Scam, Legit Or?

Affiliate TITANThe team behind ZEN TITAN has done it again. Yes, I do not know why it’s landed in my mail. But I will try to dig a little into it. Let’s talk about Affiliate TITAN.

Affiliate TITAN Review

Name: Affiliate TITAN
Website: http://theaffiliatetitan.com/
Price: 9.95 $
Owners: Chris go Ken
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Affiliate TITAN, Product Overview

Online toolsWe are talking about a package of 6 different software that can help you find the right products on some of the largest affiliate networks.

We speak JVzoo, Clickbank, and Amazon just to name a few of what it also contains is training in using them.

The software makes it easier to find out which niche is profitable to get started. Here is one for each of the four major networks mentioned.

The fifth software makes sales copies according to which product you choose to promote.

You will have the opportunity to put it together to suit the product you have selected to work.
Then there’s the video software where you can upload pictures and the texts you have made. Or as you have made

Not only added here more items than last I looked at some of their products.

But they have also added pdf training sales copies.
Here are some templates added so you can make your landing pages.
The two gentlemen are also aiming to build a member area.

It does not mean that I have completely changed the attitude about their product and mindset. But I have to say I have gained a little more respect for the zeal make in creating these product packages.

Now they have added video and pdf training in their member area, which makes you much easier to put it all together.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

The software is online so do not turn it down on your computer.
I like that there’s some insight into the videos on the sales page.
You can save time when looking for products in the four networks.
Here is a member area.

The Bad:

It is tough to get organic traffic than is expressed here.
You can not just make a video and earn money.
You risk being punished very quickly in YouTube to make this kind of movie.
It can run only  on PC.

Who is Affiliate TITAN For?

Text editorIs immediately much worse to describe.
Because I can see that there are some benefits if you want to research for products that you can build your micro niche page up around.

But the very concept that you can just choose a product and then on almost autopilot promote it and pull down organic traffic. So you can earn commission on the products.
Is a little too searched if you ask me?

There is much more than just being a copy.
However, you work with an affiliate website, and you build it with the original context.

Then you have a relatively good platform to create your ideas.
But are you new and want to start working online, and you think this is a super shortcut to affiliate marketing.

Then you will waste some precious time.
Fortunately, this does not cost much, so the mistake does not matter to the fact that you do not get the traffic you.

But funny is that.
If that seems, I have my doubts about it.

Affiliate TITAN Tools & Training

Wow, a member area where you can just go in and watch the video and use the software online. It seems I’m awesome when considering the price.

I’ve seen more great videos about what you get in there. Online software, pdf, and video training.

I think they are taking the next step towards creating something that can give their users real value.

Affiliate TITAN Support

There is good backup both before and after you purchase the software.
On the sales page before you buy the item you have the opportunity to ask questions by sending an email to the owners.

Once you have purchased, there is assistance with all the six issues in the software.
I fear not to be left alone here.

Affiliate TITAN Price

It may be that it is not an optimal tool and you risk deleting your account with Google.

But getting all that they offer for $ 10 is a bargain.
But you should also be aware that the product is also not worth as much as it implies.
But the price fits and you have a good toy for that price.

My Final Opinion of Affiliate TITAN

Video toolYes, I have had the two lords in the spotlight before the end of the week not so long ago.
I can also say that they still want to teach you to create a shortcut for fast money.

But that shortcut does not just exist. Google and YouTube that have the same owner will close your account very quickly. At least your youtube account will be closed to be plagiarism.

I have tried it myself, so I also know that if you want traffic via youtube, then you must be original.

There are not many people who want to watch a video with a prescribed text that just slides over the screen.

You must remember that youtube and search engines are looking for good original context.
It is not here.

No, it’s closer to a copy of the spun context.
It is many years since you could use it.

Having said that, I think the research tools look quite reasonable.
I especially like being online, and they are easy to use for navigating around when looking for a niche that you can work.

But do not use the texts you get when using the text tool, it just gives you a penalty.

Your pages will smoke very well in search where no one looks for information. Looks fun, but you waste your time if you play with it for more than a day or two.

It might give you a little kick to move on, but that’s all.

If you dream of building an online business, you should also do what it takes to get it up and to run.

It requires you to be willing to do the work and to learn the craft.
Yes, I regard it as a craft where some skills are to be worked out.

The critical point for many new online, people who think the internet is like a gold mine where they can just pick up the color at will.
It is also why these tools have a market.

If you want to be a part of the market, then you must be able to create value for your readers.

Yes, you must give your audience something that allows them to make a decision about what they want to buy. Promoting you on autopilot, as is the case here.

Then they may buy this from you.
And what then?

No, it requires diligent and hard work as it does with all other forms of earnings.

Then you can read more about what it takes. How to get your page to run so you can make it profitable over time.

The organic traffic is not a problem as long as you write with your voice.

Fortunately, this is where many of us get a little blockade, but there are a lot of useful techniques that you can learn and ultimately will make you and your website the authority you dream of staying.

Why wait?
See where and how to build it up.

Affiliate TITAN at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100


This is Scam
Click to begin a Real online journey

Unfortunately, I can not give this my full blessing as it still appears to be a shortcut to fast money.
The fast money does not exist.
You get caught in a dream about them here.

Yes, you can save some time by using the research tools. But it will not put you in profit right away.

Unfortunately, you only buy the dream here.
I think now that the two gentlemen are heading in the right direction, compared to their previous products, they are adding a little more value.
But they are unfortunately not yet.

are you seriously and want to build an affiliate business.

Then I recommend that you read about this society.

Here you can create your site very quickly.

But here it’s more up to you how successful you want to be.
You get all the support you need.

Yes, you get my personal help as well.
Create a real business here to find out how to get started and what it’s all about.

Well, I do not want to see your credit card.
But I want you to be dedicated and persistent. Do we have a deal?

If you are a member of affiliate TITAN and have something you want to add, let me know about it in the comments box. Or, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing, what works or does not work, please ask.

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2 thoughts on “What is Affiliate TITAN Scam, Legit Or?

  1. Affiliate TITAN does look like a scam to me now after reading your blog post, although I was skeptical before joining the program when I came across your review I’m pretty clear I am going to stay away from it.
    I too get the point that getting organic traffic on Youtube videos is not as easy as described on the sales page like you suggested in the review. The whole thing looks like a waste of money to me.

    1. I would say that it is a very cheap software, which in itself is not harmful to your budget. 

      But when it has to be said that, as you yourself, it is not easy to get traffic from their videos, this is where this program fails. 

      Yes, they are trying to sell that you can generate massive amounts of traffic by just making some videos from previously written sales copies. 

      But it’s not going to be just a dull copy and youtube will punish you for it. Believe me I’ve tried it. 


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