What Is ZEN TITAN A Good Deal Or

The software I found this in my mailbox and looked a little more closely. Here is my opinion on ZEN TITAN.


Website: http://thezentitan.com/
Price: $ 7 for a short period
Owners Chris and Ken
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

ZEN TITAN, Product Overview

What you Become Then I see come to the point where I need to talk a bit about what this software package provides.
Ok, you buy software for $ 7 and come to some member forum.

I’m not much for it but let me objectively describe what I have encountered so far.
The software itself is into four small tools.
The first part helps you find a good selling niche.

It may, for example, be in the Amazon, which is probably one of the largest affiliate programs in existence. I know many who generate daily sales of their cooperative system.

It may also be from other different affiliate networks such as Clickbank which is a network where you can find products for almost all niches you can promote online.

But there are many other networks you can work with, including some that are much better. But they usually require an approval of your texts before you are allowed to promote their link.

Traffic souce But let’s talk a little more about the first part of the software.
It works by there is a database where you have added and tested the best-selling niches.

You should just choose one of them. By searching on a keyword. The software then finds a multitude of products that you can work.

The next step is that it takes a lot of reviews that it could very well be from Amazon where most things you can buy that have a review for you to read.

But many of the other products that you can find from other network has a form of assessment in the organic search, which software can retrieve down so it can create your campaigns.

A next step is a video tool that quickly creates a short sales video that you can upload to youtube and the website you can put up with the last step.

The next step is an article spinner that brings together the different ratings depending on where the software found them. Yes, it writes them simply about giving you a unique article on your website.

The last part of the software deals with your website. Here is there a single template that contains the software’s website builder.

When you activate the part of the software, you get an article containing your judgment and your video.

Does it sound brilliant right?
It is unfortunately just not; you can not automate trust someone else online or offline.
Genuine confidence is something you have to build yourself.
Read how

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

I do not have much positive to write about when I describe this tool. But the price could be what made that I can recommend to buy it as a toy.
But you can find a micro niche that you can work with

The Bad:

Here is the list a little longer.
Firstly, under no circumstance so easy to make money online, that is being promised here.
For example, you can not just take a text and write it on with a simple tool. Google saw through it many years ago.
So your page will under no circumstance have a chance to hit into the front in the organic search.
Youtube is also a social media also want their users to have a real spam free experience of their search there

Who is ZEN TITAN For?

Yes, who can benefit from it? I’ve been out looking in the organic search, and as with all new affiliate products that are in the contract, there are plenty of bloggers who are trying to promote it here.

Perhaps hoping to price increases so they can get a higher commission on a sale.
I have even met some also provide a lot of bonuses with on a purchase.

ZEN TITAN Tools & Training

Of course, there is some training inside the download area. In any case, here the first few weeks.

But when the first wave of enthusiasm has subsided, and it was just smoking into the pile of tools which will give you a huge profit at the touch of a button.

Yes I am sure that the owners slowly disappears to the new super machine as they put on the market


In the beginning, you will get help from the proprietor and their team of helpers. But after a period of some weeks I sadly sure that you will not get answers to your messages to their team.

It would simply be too costly for the developers. Unfortunately, I have seen it more than once, and I have no expectation that it will be different this time here.


$ 7 is not earth if you just leave each to buy the additional products which are waiting for you on the other side. This product says to me that there will be additional sales and other marketing directed at you.

My Final Opinion of ZEN TITAN

Look Like Scam What I see here is a software package which is more or less worthless.
The reason is that you just get a copy of the work of others.

By just make you a copy of the work of others, you get the little knowledge to pass on.

Yeah, that’s quite okay to you both can make short videos that are made automatically from the context and the photos are already online.

If there’s an affiliate link which belongs to the picture or video, it is ok to use. But you will appear as a robot. With a whole lot of videos that in a very short time.

Youtube will not allow it and will not go very long before you get kicked out of youtube.
Believe me, I’ve tried it, and I have become much more aware of what I can allow myself in social media. And youtube I regard very much as a social medium.

Remember that there are real people who should buy from you. It’s not just a robot that pumps money into your account.

Let’s talk about the texts.
Let me make one thing clear Google has seen many of these article spinners, and it will through immediately to the text is copied, even if it comes from social media or other forums.

The websiteOnce it is online then it there and then you can not just change the wording and believe me to be a tedious copy gives you no organic traffic at all.

Ok, so what can I buy traffic.
Yes maybe, but what do you think it costs when if you are not original and when have to compete with sites that have an entirely different approach to the product then you have.

Google cleaned out in affiliate sites a few years ago.
Do you think that Google then lets you run campaigns with a copy text and badly engineered videos which are even mass produced?

What about Facebook groups and fan pages, so why do not I want to say good luck if you think that people are stupid in social media.

Maybe you can buy some cheap campaigns here. But honestly, do you think that they will get much attention when people see how your page is together.

They could just as well go to, for example, Amazon itself.
You do not buy through an affiliate link.

When not reaching your side and context is not original. Amazon and other networks are very aware of your behavior as a partner.

I have met all four tools in their package, and each time there is attached a video that tells that you have come into a gold mine.

But honestly, if it was such a gold mine do you think really that the people behind the just want to share it for $ 7 for everyone.

My answer is clearly no. If you want to make money online, so it requires that you have a strong desire to build a business.

You must stop buying this kind of shortcuts,  it bluntly it is a waste of time, your time as you could instead have used to create real context and videos instead.

Yes, it is true that reviews are an excellent way to get traffic.
I make this assessment.

The video is also a great and fun way to create traffic.
But low to themselves so your readers and viewers can get to know you.

And no, of course, it does not cost only $ 7 to start a real business.
It costs significantly more than that.
Something it costs is time and persistence.
And it requires that you get a kind of training.

Are far-reaching look what I can offer. Full insight in a week without you must have money from your pocket.

On the other side, you will see me standing ready to help get you started.
But here are several thousand people who can also assist you in the right direction.

But you should know that it requires hard and persistent work of you if you want to be successful with an online business.

ZEN TITAN at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100


This is Scam
Click to begin a Real online journey

There has been a lot of this kind of automated software in circulation for many years now.

Does this Make them unfortunately just not legal? The only difference is that they are considerably less expensive with time.

I think one reason is that people only have become wiser.
I am at least, and I hope that you get the understanding from what I’ve described the tool here.

When I think about it, a few days ago, when I met this machine,  the price is still the same.

So I must conclude that I’m looking over the test period. But the price keeps to the 7 $.

Yes, it is not worth more than the pennies that you see. If it had been an excellent product, so the price was increased to 10 twice, but no the holder and at some point, it becomes just another bonus of a PLR website.

What is here is that you can choose products from Amazon, Clickbank, and many other affiliate networks.

You can benefit greatly create reviews of products.
How do you ask enough when I can not just use the ratings as I see on various networks.

You can easily use them, not to rewrite but to compare with your experience.

Yes, in many cases you need to own the product before writing about it or make a video about it.

But is it an info product or software of highly dubious character.
So I think that it is an awful idea to give my credit card details to the owner.

What I have done here is to look at all the material about the software I could find, and then compare with my experiences from the past where have tested something very similar to what I’ve seen here.

A question to you if you’ve read you here.
Do you think that there is someone there for this award will hand you the key to a gold mine? Of course not.

Should you work online, there are some things that I see it as imperative to own.

First, you must be willing to work in advance, sometimes up to several years depending on which niche you have chosen to work.

Second, find a topic you want to work with something that interests you.
Otherwise, you run tired in the long term, even if you get created some success with it.

Third, you must own your website yourself.
It can be made in under 3 minutes, even if you’ve never done it before. It is to build it up that takes time.

Fourth, you need to learn how to do it.
The best way is to be part of a society in which all work to build up online.
You have to get the right training, you can learn it by yourself, but it will take much longer.

You can look at where and how I work, read more here.
And no, I will not see your money before you’ve made a decision that it is what you want to spend your time.
If you believe it,  we meet on the other side.
Remember just to see what I have for one here.

Do you have experience with this software, or similar, then dump me a comment in the field below. I want to learn from your experience too.

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2 thoughts on “What Is ZEN TITAN A Good Deal Or

  1. Hey Steen,
    I’ve been hearing about Zen Titan for quite some time now, glad you busted their scam! I’ve learned not to trust any programs with that classic sales page screen that you must watch till the end.

    Have you heard of Doterra? I heard it’s an MLM, but could not find any in-depth review on it. Maybe you could review sometime 😀

    1. Hi Riaz!

      Thanks for the comment and the inspiration for the next topic I can investigate. It’s rare comments box gives so much extra work.

      I also read your blog and found out that you also hunting these Scam products. But as written this product leads certainly not something good and valuable in itself


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