What AutoZON Builder 2.0

SoftwareI was looking a little in my emails, guess what I found, software that can make your affiliate blog automatically. Yes AutoZON Builder 2.0 makes it for you

My AutoZON Builder 2.0 Review

Name: AutoZON Builder 2.0
Website: http://www.wpmarketertools.com/autozon-builder2/
Price: $ 20 plus the additional sales that always come once you have given your credit card details away
Owners: Curt Crisler
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

AutoZON Builder 2.0, Product Overview

Some futureWe’re talking about software that can create articles and pages automatically.
The user simply Amazon and the text is about the products you can buy from Amazon.
Yes, it takes even a picture with too.
It can find a video on Youtube and install it on your website. Yes, and you can also select the buy now button you want to use.
I’ve seen users create a video with how the software works, and it’s easy both to install and use.
You just write a keyword and then find it a range of products you can only select. Then you have the product itself, with picture and video, if you choose to download a youtube video down to your article. Here is the text which belongs to the product also introduced itself.
You also get a so-called article spinner which corrects your text so that it appears in your text.
I forgot to tell you that we’re talking about a WordPress plugin.
Sounds great ok, however. Yes, there is, but I’ll get into in a minute.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It is easy to install
You automatically added context, images and video to your articles and pages.
It comes immediately to work professionally

The Bad:

You can not just install a plugin and create traffic
I neither like copied or spun context
Amazon also does not want just to copy their link

Who is AutoZON Builder 2.0 For?

If you want to work with affiliate products so it is here, unfortunately, not a shortcut. Preserved your website comes up and running very quickly and easily, both with pictures, video, and context.
But you’re not on one of the first pages of the search engines, and I’m also not sure that Amazon seems that this stuff is very smart.

Yes, in fact, I think if they find it they will throw you out, and you will, in any case, have to start over.
Where you will be able to take advantage is if you find it difficult to get started with building a website, then you could easily use this tool as inspiration.
But when all is said and done, it is a form of theft as you get started with if you think that it is enough just to click a few herringbone and then let the software do the rest, yes you simply empowers your reputation as an Internet marketer at grabs. If you want to Amazon affiliate, then you have to build authority and find just your readership.
It’s quite simple, but you have to be original and even build your pages up.
It is simply something that requires a little more time and more work.
We all could just do it and earn much money.
Or would Curt probably not share it with others. I do not think I had shown it to very many if I could make one affiliate website and then get the traffic it takes to generate a sale.
But Curt is right that you should have a website to earn money online.
But are you willing to do the work that is required for you to create an online income so it can without must have a lot of money out of your pocket,  can get two traffic nuisance websites you need good enough even build them, but they are yours forever.
Yes you get them they are free
You can read a little more about how you can do it.

AutoZON Builder 2.0 Tools & Training

Now it’s like I said just a plugin that you can install on a WordPress blog.
You should just install it and start typing keywords as the products come all by itself.
I have seen several youtube videos on how easy it is to install, and I have no reason to say that it is not working as it should.

I have just spent the $ 17 on testing it yourself, yes it works, and it’s quite easy to install funny so quickly that I have built a website.
It is good enough only a test domain that I have failed to tell Google about since, as I know that you can not cheat either Amazon or Google with this kind of software.
I’m not even affiliated with Amazon as it would be too costly for my readers buy from them

AutoZON Builder 2.0 Support

There are, as I said several videos where you can see how it works, and you can also write to the owner. I have just sent an email and hope that he shows that there is a connection to him.
But beyond that so you do not get support from the rest of the WordPress community to this kind of plugin

AutoZON Builder 2.0 Price

$ 17 is not earth. If you’re looking and find the right blog to buy it from so, you can get a big pile of other tools and books that you can use to build your online business. Unfortunately, most of them as inconsequential as this is.
You do not need anything other than your WordPress website and a lot of hard work to build a real affiliate business.
My Conclusion is that it can for a high price.
What I found which is the worst thing is that this is your time you’re wasting.
Do it properly.
The time when it worthwhile to try to create a quick shortcut is for both your readers and the search engines can see it is not original

My Final Opinion of AutoZON Builder 2.0

ToolsThink if it was true that you could make money just by clicking a few herringbone, and then earn money from Amazon.
Yes, it would almost be possible to make a fortune if you just have a little bit of profit for each website you set up.
Now this is not the first time that I have encountered this kind of shortcuts to building something up quickly and easily. Unfortunately, the reality is slightly different.
Let’s say you charge your side with their affiliate link and video, and that you use the spinner to correct some of the text.
The chance that there is someone who has the same text is obviously pretty big. But I can see that you have not made the context itself, and you will never get to the front with some of the keywords as the text contains.
The search engines will very quickly see that you just copied the text. None of your pages or articles will end on the first pages, unfortunately.
Do not have any of your work on page one, you also have no readers and no readers no sale, simple right?
You also get tough to buy traffic because neither Google or Bing for that matter want to let you pay for ads where shown so clearly that it is an affiliate product.
Let’s see what Amazon could get out of it. They are a part of authority fills out in the organic search. Good enough they will be able to serve on it if you generate sales, but you have copied their text.
They let you do it with the speed that you can do it with this software, so they have a significant problem with their brand.
Do you think even they will squander it for that you can make quick and easy money?
Then there are the social media back, my experience here is that people you know would like to have some real good and useful information.
Maintained you can probably find some groups where you can post your link. But if any care to spend their time clicking on them.
Well, what do you think?
Can you click on products in social media unless you have a need for just that product?
To put it bluntly, it is a neat toy, but let be putting your credibility on the line by just believing you can take this shortcut.

AutoZON Builder 2.0 at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100


Is it trickery or expensive, my clear answer is no, you should just do not expect that you can build an online store with this plugin. It is a toy for dreamers neither more nor less.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with building an online business up. Here you have to be original and very persistent.
You also need a plan that you can follow.
Yes, I’m talking about here is training and networking.
Good enough is my website here more a form of counseling where I test and doing research on a lot of online products.
But I have received training and are part of a vast educational network. It can also be.
You can read here where I have stayed me for over almost two years online.
Here you will meet real people who work with their websites, so here people from all over the world who are here to each other, you will never be left with your doubts and your questions.
So instead of buying a domain, a host, and this software.
So look here what it takes to learn how to make money on Amazon or other affiliate programs.
Yes, it is entirely free to sample.
You get two sites and ten lessons that you can keep forever.
My question to you is what do you have to lose here.
Are you dedicated here are also an upgrade, but leave it until you found out about affiliate marketing is for you.
Do you have any questions then throw them downstairs, so we have a public debate.
You can also write to me more private here

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6 thoughts on “What AutoZON Builder 2.0

  1. I’ve never heard of this one and thanks for bring it to attention.
    I’m not very comfortable with these fly by night software. They are always plagued with upsells as you rightly mentioned.
    This software can create some problems as you’ll be copying people’s writings in the process.
    Keep up the god work.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kavinah!

      It’s fun with this kind of software, they work until they either get stopped or the provider has been earned his money on it. Yes you will inevitably encounter a lot of additional sales once you have bought it. I also think that you know that you can not just make an online business with a single click.

      All you wears you I will regard as theft and Amazon will definitely throw you out if you do not stop using it. It can be said as possible to get the affiliate link and generate a sale.

      You just have to be original and work hard for it

  2. Hi Steen very nice page. I like that you gave your personal thoughts on the matter that was very engaing most often I find that people get so caught up in that they are trying to promote they loose that touch. You invited me into your POV to give me a different way to really look at email marketing. One statment you made was “I see it as an extension to this website.” I really never looked at it that way and i had an “ahaha” moment.
    There was one comment I didn’t understand “I expect to be edited and made my videos more understandable to go.” Not sure if this was supose to be worded this way but it made that part of the comment a little confusing maybe reword? Outside of that it was really intersting and well thought out. Nice Job

    1. Hello Shalei!

      Thanks for the comment.

      I think good enough that you have come to comment on the last post I’ve written on email marketing.

      But you’re right it is clearly the next step once you have enough articles and you get the traffic to your website. I am as you’ve probably noticed begun to charge the videos to this website.

      My campaign will be focusing on my videos. But I’m still working on being more precise in my behavior in my videos.


  3. So many of these schemes (scams) sound too good to be true and unfortunately they always are. I’d love to find something that presented an easy way to make quick cash, but they just don’t exist.

    Thanks for your very thorough review on Autozon Builder 2.0. I’ll be sure to avoid it.

    1. Yes it can often be a temptation to think you can just build it up automatically without anyone saying anything or doing something about that you’ve done it. I’ve even been tempted and tried me with a similar system.

      No it does not work well, you will quickly created a neat side but the only thing you can use it to traffic Exchange sides are not really quality traffic.

      Would you risk being thrown out of your social media just because you have taken a shortcut. So you can not use it.

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