How Can You Build A Business Without Spending A Fortune

Screenshot_2014-01-29-19-19-10(1)Yes, most of us think it costs a lot of money to start his own business, it also if you are in the process of product development. As you then going to market.

But it can be done much more cheaply if it’s a service you want to offer. Even cheaper, you can build an internet based business.
All it takes is a lot of patience because you have to pay with your time and your money.
Of course you must also have an Internet connection and a computer to work from, ok I use even an iPad for the most part, but there are still a few things where I have to use my computer.

Of course it can cost you money, but only! if you can not let be searching for shortcuts to a quick fortune online. It does not exist.
The only one that does not make money from it is you.

How To Make Your Own Online Business

There are some different ways you can do it.
It definitely easiest way is to sell other people’s products, also called Affiliate.

It works by you find a topic or product you know nothing about.
Then you start to tell about it on a website.

As you then must have some readers who have the needs that you will cover and you are some kind of expert or makes you an expert in time.

This is called a niche.

Are you then able to cut it down to a very specific topic about what you write about, you will also have readers who are looking for you and eventually you will be able to generate sales that way.

An example would be dog training. It is a very broad topic.
But here, you may want to cut it down to how you learn a Labrador puppy to obey.

Or you have selected fitness and health, which is also a very broad topic to cover. Here you could possibly write about how to lose weight by exercise and fruit juices.
As you can see, there are an infinite number of things you can make yourself an expert on.

Just you keep the topic on a narrow track.
The reason it is important is that most of the main issues are so big that you will never have a chance to write specific about everything.

You can even build a portal where others may act through but this requires that you have a lot of skills I would not recommend starting here.

The last is to build member sides. For example, network datting pages is a member page. But you can create member pages with everything just be a hobby page

You can also build a shop but it requires you to have a physical product that you would like to sell.
Here it can be jewelry that you make.
The Internet is definitely your easiest exhibition window if you did not have a business with a window next to a popular street.

Then you have to make the network to your street.
Then you have a budding entrepreneur or affected by the special spirit of entrepreneurs, then you certainly need to build you a website or a blog as I do here.

Screenshot_2014-02-07-17-06-39(1)building business plan

One thing you must not forget is a plan, I know that once you’re at it, it takes you usually completely different direction than you intended in the first place.

But I think that it is both important to write its target for how much you want to make but clearly also organize your budgets you have to make sure it could ultimately fulfill your objectives.

How To Build A Website For Online Business The Easy Way

imageFirst of all, you have no business without a website.
There are some programs that say you do not have one.
I think that most who have a real business also has built it up around their website.

There are two types to consider.
Should it be a real page where your visitors encounter a cover page that navigated from
Or should it be just like this. A blogroll which change the front every time they are turned into a new article.

It is entirely up to you since it is you who have to work with, both types have their advantages.
What does it cost to start a blog?

It is completely free, I have 2 SiteRubix blog and 14 different designs you can start with.

hey are both ready to build up so you can start getting traffic from search engines.
There are even 10 lessons and my personal support.
So you can get it built up, and get some visitors.

The only thing I want from you, is that you have a plan and a purpose for your blog that you are persistent and motivated to learn.


If you want to know more just ask me below or in social media. I would like to see and hear your opinion.

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

2 thoughts on “How Can You Build A Business Without Spending A Fortune

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Steen.

    Awesome post on how to build a business without spending a fortune and you’ve highlighted some great examples here. I learn all my internet marketing training within the Wealthy Affiliate community and it’s so affordable that anyone can afford the training. The best part about WA is that anyone can start for free 🙂


    1. Thanks Niel
      Yes, this is not the excuse that it costs too much to boot. But you just have to build on it in your spare time for outside does a greater investment you will not be able to go in growth immediately. Something I’ve noticed in our felled university is that you do not really need to make a business plan on going quite slow to give themselves. The thing that is very important is that you believe in your project and continue to build your pages up.
      At some point you will get the traffic to them and have generated some sales

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