why be a part off a mastermind group?

I Cant Network They Steal My Idea

I have met some entrepreneurs like when they’ve got an idea for a new project, keeping the secret, I think it is out of fear that other entrepreneurs are stealing the idea.

The problem with that thought is that you as an entrepreneur only have yourself to discuss the project.
I do not think that there is someone who will take your idea as long as it is profitable, by not having someone to share your thoughts, you are unfortunately no one to try them on.

A mastermind group is a forum where you with like-minded people can share ideas.Screenshot_2014-01-12-15-50-24(1)

You can get feedback on your ideas is very necessary to get a good start with your project. You can also ongoing to correct your ideas into so in the long term bring your project in the right direction.

I also felt personally to you in your marketing your business shows that you have reached has occurred through your use of a mastermind group. It will clear your vision to appear much clearer.

The idea of ​​a mastermind group,

I read the first time on in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and grow rich. It contains 13 basic principles that when you have read it and, not least Implanted in his mind makes for a very powerful understanding of what it means to build its business great.

According to Napoleon Hill, there are some principles that will be used to get a mastermind group to work.

  • All are equally valid members
  • Everyone should be consulted and used as straight people
  • There must be a leader who controls the group and makes sure that everyone is heard equally.

Now we must remember that the book was written many years ago, long before we got internet. But the principle works very well for our time social media.

But take care it’s not all kind off group who will take your to the next levels.

Unfortunately, in many cases used to teach people to recruit in a network marketing business where you learn to promote equal the product as the business is all about.

When I worked here last year in a group who used Empover network as its main business, it was so important for Implanted that we could only build our business up, upgrade and buy some pretty expensive products. It was actually a must to be in the right network.

What I will forward that there are not any shortcuts for us generally, we need to work hard but also smart to achieve our objective.

It is therefore very important to find a group that can help us build a good foundation around just the business needs we have.

WA-3-300x168I have decided that I will build my website up in a spam free environment.

Because it certainly is not very nice to chase people for my business.

I have to know that there is a real product behind not just a lot of upsell.

As will build my online business.

I also know that I can not just get rich by just one click.
It requires that I myself am just as willing to provide feedback as I am to receive it.

You’re thinking it can not be done unless all of us in the group will be exactly the same.

The answer is yes. We can do well as long as we are willing to contribute our views on what others in the group do likewise receive and inplantere what others contribute.

Hope it can give a little insight what I thought to use a mastermind group for the hope that you have a position on the issue and will drop a comment below

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