where is the magic button

Have you tried to dream big and take the shortcut, whit the shining magic button


I think that some of us myself included, have been caught in the dream of a quickly built and highly profitable internet business.

The internet is full of that kind of offers that say you should not do something it’s all set up all you need do is to take action that is pulling your credit card out and buy this wonderful secret program.

The dream of a quick profit is really a golden opportunity for those who sell it to us.

Sometimes I certainly thought it was just me that has taken on this gold program.

It would be great to make a fortune just by pressing a few times on my computer.

Yes I have been stupid enough to jump on it more than once, I’ll never forget the first time I bought one of these super online products, 37 $ and then wadding my world I clicked on and before I had seen me was the $ 37 suddenly turned into a little over $ 600 but the ball technically and I lived specified in the dream of can just lacked that put it all together and voila it would let the money come in a steady stream reigth into my bank accounts.

I lived quite clear with the dream almost all day .

I could easily have spent much more and enough after all, everything felt. me twice as stupid day.

The worst was in retrospect that I had company and doing well showed that all that extra sales were not really for me but to those who had put the program really just used an old trick to press extra money out of people.
But this online world’s neither bad nor better than life on the streets, sometimes we just want to be cheated buy a dream.

I must admit that I more than once bought a dream and really knew the price which only promised unrealistic, but who knows maybe hits you straight what makes you become a millionaire.

No, of course not, you can not just buy a super software for $ 37 and then almost autopilot start making a fortune.

As in the real world, you can of course make a lot of money, but it certainly requires also working for them, the same is true online

! There is no quick profit!

But of course it is possible to earn money online, you just have to work hard here is LEAST as much competition as there are on the street

I would say it is very difficult to be the one that inventions something new.

But inventing something new also requires also both thought and a lot of work so it would probably be easier to work with others invented and just sell or have a production.

My point with this post if you want to create you a business and make money then you have to give something in return, so if there make much money, you also have to give your time and learn how to make money.

Have you tried to buy a dream or felt cheated with some wonderful product so drop a comment because we have fallen into the trap, it is of course not mean that everyone else should fall into the same trap

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

2 thoughts on “where is the magic button

  1. 99.9% of people have fallen for a push button product. What is important is that we learn from our mistakes and venture into a business that offers something to ourselves and prospects.

    Thanks for the message that this post stands for. People want success overnight or to come easy. Hard work and working smartly will make great things possible.

    1. I think most off us have try to run into the upsells cirkel as well and its a cheap trick, i cant say it wound happens for me again, nealy ewery businesses are using it. Offline or online, i just think as more we talk about the way to promote products. We can help each other dont end in the situation. Anyway Thanks for the comment Matt

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