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Affiliate Commando My Review

I have met this software by Mark Austin affiliate program, it is not all products in resell-rights-weekly that is totally contemporary but simple tool can be well used

Name: Affiliate Commando
Website: http://income-pro.com/t/AffiliateCommando/
Price: $ 47
Owners: Mark Austin
Google Rank: no rankings

Affiliate Commando, Product Overview

You get 3 things in the package. A book that will describe how to write a book with pdf and then create an affiliate program so you can sell your new book.
80 minutes video about putting your sales pages up to any affiliate product up.

The last thing in the package is a software that helps to track the traffic to your sales pages. It also helps to make your links less vulnerable against hacker attacks and theft of your affiliate commission. It also cloack your link .

It means that you can constantly keep you informed of which of your pages work best
There is also a keyword tool but it is very simple built up and you must help it started to work

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • It’s cheap and everyone can learn to use it easily
  • To ensure your sales pages against theft
  • It saves a lot of time by having it on the computer

The Bad:

  • It is an older package and you can get all the tools for free with Google
  • You only get what you pay for


Who is Affiliate Commando For?

It is for people who are already working with affiliate since it is a supplement to the tools they most likely already has obtained.

Affiliate Commando Tools & Training

There is a book and 80 min video that shows you how to use the various tools

Affiliate Commando, Support

There is no support at all you should find forums that communicate about the software.

Affiliate Commando Price

The price of $ 47 is certainly not overpriced if you download is and how to use it, you can definitely save some time. In addition to that, you have 60 days to cancel.

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Commando

It is a product that really was good a few years ago but since you can get the same free through Google, I see no reason to have it on your computer.

Name: Affiliate Commando

Website: http://income-pro.com/t/AffiliateCommando/
Owners: Mark Austin
Price: $ 47
Overall google Rank: no rankings


I’ve used it before but the ball on my old computer, I think that time has run away with this software.

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