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imageI got one of the children to choose which product I should write about, as I have compiled a small list up from my discarded mail in my mailbox.

So you can probably expect that there will be some more articles with online products I can not really recommend you to get started with.

12 Minute Payday Review

Name: 12 Minute Payday
Website: http://www.12minutepayday.com/
Price: From $ 9 up to several hundred
Owners: Justin James
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

12 Minute Payday, Product Overview

imageA small training video series which really only deals with how to make money on affiliate marketing.
But it’s inside the members area. As is very sparse training data.

Beyond that you get a free subdomain that you need to put your affiliate products up on.

You get 15 different designs to choose from.

But beyond that so you must put your autoresponder up and choose it.

But unfortunately there is no real training in how to set it up with the affiliate products you can use to generate money.
In addition to This you can sell the product itself as Affiliate itself.

But if you are interested in learning how you really need to build a website, then you are welcome to read how here.
I would like mighty help you get started if you are serious, but unfortunately I can not promise you that you should only use 12 minutes a day.
But in return, you do not have your credit forward

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • I’m actually a little difficult to write something positive about this product.
    Although sales video is too long.

The Bad:

  • There is no real product
    Here are very sparse training
    It’s all about upselling of some other products which basically is just as worthless as this.

Who is 12 Minute Payday For?

imageIt is certainly not meant to teach new online marketer to build their business up here is no real product to build from.

You’re going to get a subdomain which is completely devoid of real content. If you need traffic to it, you have to buy it either via adwords or bing ads.

Of course you can also buy soloads (ie you sell the product through some other people large lists online)

Or, you already have a big list itself.
But I would only advise you to use it if you are completely indifferent to the people who have signed up on your list.

But I can show you the right way to build affiliate websites so that you too can share in the free traffic in search engines.
Read how

12 Minute Payday Tools & Training

Here are a few short videos in the members area, but unfortunately they are not special informative.

You actually get only a little information about how you put your hand up with other make money online products that have the same property and purposes it here.

All you are left with is a subdomain as there is no context in which you must drive traffic to.

The only thing that fits, is that it is so simple a setup that you can really put up in a short time.

But you will have to pay a lot of money to generate traffic to your business.

I must admit that I am under no circumstance has the courage to send some of these link into social media.
It is simply pure spam.

12 Minute Payday Support

There is no support.
I have met others in some online forum who have had great difficulty in getting their money back after they discovered how hard it is to build this kind of business up.

One was actually gone all the way with all the additional sales that come with it. after he had bought it, he had a very hard time to get his money back.

12 Minute Payday Price

Since the entire product is built on about upselling I have little difficulty finding a real cost to build my attitude around price.

But you do not have a real product that you own so it can be very expensive to be dragged to the major upgrades.
You will simply not good value for money.

My Final Opinion of 12 Minute Payday

Another product that I would describe as complete scam.

Everything is built on that you get convinced some new online that it is a valuable product.

I found an Affiliate link on Click Sure and you can obviously earn anywhere between 30 and 70 $ to sell it as Affiliate.

The sales video is then searched with bad actors, mansions and expensive cars abound account statements.
You will simply not get one useful piece of information about the product.

The simple reason is that it is an affiliate product that you need to drive traffic to a page that is not being indexed in the search engines.

Google will dislike this kind of pages.
It is a subdomain that without any context other than the banners and optind forms as those who see page write up on.

If you want to generate a list you must also invest in an autoresponder.
Besides that, I have been talking so much about the way you can get traffic to your pages.

You will be as I said need to learn how to work with paid traffic.
It can quickly become a very expensive experience when you actually do not really create value for those who click on your pages here.

You simply do not give the information we clicks to get in the organic search.

You can not learn anything about either SEO or other type of context here.
The only thing it comes to selling a worthless product.

You think enough is there a way to generate an income online.
Well it’s certainly but not 12 minutes of work a day.
You will simply have to do much more to for it.

But if you have the desire and the power, I would really like to help you get started even have quite free to start with.
Find out how and how it works.

I will do everything that you get really started.
But my requirement is that you are willing to learn and to work with a long-term plan

12 Minute Payday at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 98 out of 100


This is Scam As I have described is this not your time each you learn nothing here that you can not find out for free by a little simple research. In the search engines.

It became very evident already in the first minutes of The sales video.
I have met Justin James around some other Scam programs which have exactly the same content.

Believe me there is no shortcut to an online income as said before you have to work for it.
It is possible just not here.
But if you want to know more about what I can offer you, you can read here what I do. And what you can do yourself.

To put it bluntly, then 12 Minute Payday waste of time so I will not waste any more time on it and I hope that this article has made you also think of something better to take you to.

If you know the product or have tried to work with something similar, I’ll mighty like to hear more about it then just throw me a comment below.

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