My 30 day writing challenge 5 post a week

Do you have a goal you want to achieve? What about taking a challenge of 30 days and then divide it up for some daily.

imageI saw a video on TED with one of the employees from Google.
How he described his own 30-day challenges.

I have taken up the thread and created my own 30 day post challenge.
My challenge is to write 20 articles and create 4 video of their choice.

How Far Can You Reach

imageAll articles must be written and read before the 30 days are up.
The videos must of course also be edited, shared and linked to the related articles

The first thing I have done is to create me a list of what I have to do to write and write about.
But I also need to create some content in my articles.

So the challenge is very much about creating a plan for what I should reach within the 30 days.
I also have had to split it into some week plans and a smaller daily plan.

But as I said, you should know what your challenge is all about so you can make a plan that includes your list as you also need to spend time to formulate.

But beyond that you can in fact make a new one for each month
When I made my challenge so I know that I have also created some better habits in the future.

I get along well enough to pick up a bit on this website when I’m done with this challenge.

Since I obviously will have difficulty reaching to fill my comment field out of each article also
This is something which of course become part of the next month’s challenge.

Make A New Challange

imageSo I will make a definite challenge every other month and pick up on it in the intervening months.

In time, this would teach me how to create new challenges but also help me to stick with the focus that I have had to have about my work on the website in these 30 days.

Because I gotta rather not back and only create one or two articles a week.
I prefer to keep an average of three per week.
With a video for at least one of the weekly articles.

Make A Checklist

I write a list of all the items to both articles but also videos.
I have to make a script for each of them too.
So I make a rough sketch of what they should contain.

Now I have control of my agreement with myself, or as I prefer to call it my contract with myself.

I can feel that having an overall deadline gives me a completely different workflow than I am used to.

I am pretty sure that this is going to affect my faith in what I can achieve in the course of a month. but certainly what I should be able to reach within the same period.
So I get some new habits I can stick with.

I have in the past several months only written one or two articles a week, now I have to make twice as many.

So to be more effective, I have cut being well down on my social activities online

imageI simply have to do a lot more than I have done so far since I only made one or two articles a week.

I have quite simple had to learn to work more efficiently, putting my pace up and be quicker to follow up on my research.
I am quite simply have to make me a much more efficient workflow.

It also means that I have to use the small breaks I get during the day to build on my context.
When I over the month to reach twice as much as I have done until know ridden here is my example.

Your challenge may as well be very different than mine. You’ve most likely quite different goal to reach.

My advice is to let your challenge be realistic to achieve it does not help that at the same time it will affect your other daily activities drastically.

My concerns of course only the extra few minutes as I had spent on something else, for example, watch TV or when I travel around in daily, I can use the time to write my entries.

I also have some small breaks during my working day I can spend some of my lunch break to write a little on my article. There can always be found five minutes here and there every day.

Now I have had this blog for a while so for me it’s only natural that it is my first challenge concerns.

I will definitely do it again, but perhaps with a slightly different theme. It may be the next time it’s about to get sound on my context.
Begin and upload some tracks here’s how

This is clearly a lesson to manage my time very frugal.
I still lack the social media, the time that I can allow myself to use there is obviously also very limited in this month.

But on many parameters, it is certainly a good lesson.
In the same manner as is to check mail, I have been reduced to only look at a time during the day.
Since it is clearly a thing that I can quickly be distracted by.
Is the noise has on the social media.

But of course I have to use them but it is also a must to spend some time in the organic search for information for my articles.

But also need a good dialogue with others who also works with their websites.
At that point I have all the support that I need to both learn new things but also get feedback but also have the help I need through this month.
You can read about in this article

When I have to use my challenge.
It is as I said, my challenge to myself.
And I hope that the result in that I eventually have a much better workflow with my online business.

I have made the challenge to improve my workflow.

As it would be translated into some good healthy habits in a long term.

But there are many other things you may well train yourself to a physical challenge, it can be a cure or diet you need to keep. Yes it may be just what you want to expand on.

Let me hear about what challenge you’re thinking to yourself. If you dor this post we might help others started their challenge.

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