What Is Trust Jacker My Personal Opinion

imageName: Trust Jacker

Website: http://trustjacker.com/
Price: $ 1 for a week trial, then $ 39.95 one time there are no additional upsell
Owners: Rob Jones
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Trust Jacker, Product Overview

A WordPress software that creates a popup, if you share a popular article or video in your social media.

It is a plug-in which you can either bring your own blog or you can just create a free WordPress blog.
With the sole purpose of creating a popup to the popular topics and the idea is that you find the popular items that are in vogue.
After which you will find a CPA offers that involve or relate to it as the post is about.

image(A CPA offers are an affiliate network that pays you when people give their contact information to a formula. This means that the business can market to those who have written on their list. They will pay you $ 1-2 for each time a give his details away)

When your friends so try to leave the article will show a pop up that collect their contact information to either a free product, or a chance to win one or for example an iPad as you see in the intro video would

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • There is a trial period of one week for $ 1
  • It costs less than $ 40 once. And you have a whole month withdrawal.
  • It is a WordPress plugin

The Bad:

  • I do not think it’s going to generate much money for you
  • You must have a huge network of social media that you just have to have a small chance that there is someone who gives his details away, I am afraid that people lose the urge to click your link
  • It has no SEO value at all

Trust Jacker Tools & Training

Since it is a relatively inexpensive software, there is not really any training on the product. There are a few videos on YouTube showing a little bit
But you have a week to find out if this is something you can use.
If not, remember to cancel it before the week is out, I have done so I only paid one $. It is quite meant to put up I’ve done a few tests on it and it works in my WordPress back office.
As I said, it’s just finding the article then find a CPA offer to suit the article.
The rest is ad the link to all your social Media

Trust Jacker Support

There is no support for the product you can download it again if it does not work.
But I have not had head problems getting it to work well enough on a test domain that I have an infinite number of
(You can get 2 sites for free see how here)

imageTrust Jacker Price

For once, keeps the price of $ 39.59 no extra sales, and it seemed I was positive when I really got really tired of products that only intends to pull extra money out of your pocket

My Final Opinion of Trust Jacker

Does Trust Jacker work, even if I have to be honest I think the head is not that you get someone to give their email and name away to a random business deal you do not spend energy to learn about.
The time when you could build a list of social media with just giving a popup link is over, people are tired of that other stores all possible, deal behind a good article

imageTrust Jacker at a Glance …

Name: Trust Jacker

Website: http://trustjacker.com/
Owners: Rob Jones
Price: $ 1 for a week trial, then $ 39.95 one time there are no additional upsell
Overall Scam Rank: 55 out of 100


Screenshot_2014-03-16-13-05-28(2)I regret to say that this software is yet another attempt to get you to believe that you can create a real shortcut to an online income.
The problem is that there is no real shortcut.
You have to build it up as you would build any other business venture.
It requires both that you think long term but also persistent in building your business up.
So unfortunately I will say that trust jacker plugin is a waste of time.
You are going to make yourself unpopular in social media in the long term.

But no need to panic, let me show you how you can learn to build your own small internet factory from scratch.
It’s completely free to begin with, no extra $ to see about it.
All I want in return is that you are persistent and are willing to do what it takes.
So I will personally help you get started.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Trust Jacker My Personal Opinion

  1. Hi Steen,

    This may be appealing to some but they will never make a dime with this program because, as you said, people tend to avoid and/or block pop-ups and the technology will soon make pop up marketing obsolete. Great post my friend!


    1. I would say that $ 40 is not very much money but what I think is a bit worrying is that when you install this plugin, it will sparkle very clearly through your website and the banner that comes up will be used for advertising other products well enough with you as an affiliate, have seen it on a blog and I think unfortunately it looks very pretty out and I do not think I like it

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