What Is Quick Earners Cloud ‘Legit or Scam’


imageQuick Earners Cloud Review

I’ve been on Click Watches and found another self-proclaimed wonderful product that gives you a minimum income of $ 700 a day.
I was unfortunately a little nervous that they asked for my credit card information just after they had received my mail.

Name: Quick Earners Cloud
Website: http://www.quickearnerscloud.com/
Price: $ 104.65 for a one year
Owners: Rob Benwell
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

imageQuick Earners Cloud Product Overview

You get a website that could give you sales immediately, as already within the first 24 hours, there would be a profit of approx. $ 700.
There is a software that you must download to your computer that will give you traffic for almost any niche you choose

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • The good thing is that it’s free to watch the video
  • It is very obvious that this is not feasible in reality

The Bad:

  • I am afraid that we will succeed to catch some of their sales circus
  • There is no way you can earn 700 slaps on a day by just spend 5 minutes to set it up
  • It is not free to look at the product

imageWho is Quick Earners Cloud For?

Unfortunately I do not think there are many other than Rob Benwell who can use it for anything.
But as I have described, there must probably be some who get caught up in it.

They’ll probably find out that they made a mistake and will have to pay some costly mistakes here

Quick Earners Cloud Tools & Training

As I said, it is a software and a website with the host to which you pay as you certainly have mainstream support like you have with other hosts.
I have also learned that there are some webinar and some personal training, costing anywhere between $ 19 and $ 1,000
There is a Facebook group which is closed so that I could only look on after a purchase of the product
I will say that you can get much cheaper elsewhere.
If this interest you then I want to show you how I learned to build my way up. It is absolutely free to start with.

imageQuick Earners Cloud Price

In the video, it was promised that it is free to work with.
But as I quickly met the initial payment, I would say that there probably is not far to the next upsell.
I dare not predict what this could be costing a total of but one thing is for sure.

It will be expensive and you’re certainly not going to make much of it.

My Final Opinion of the Quick Earners Cloud

Unfortunately I cannot recommend that you start to work with this.
It’s one of those where I will simply say that it sounds too good to be true.
So stay far away from this and start to see yourself as a business that needs to be nurtured every day if you want it to grow big.
It takes a long time to build up a business.
The Internet is no exception.

Quick Earners Cloud at a Glance …

Name: Quick Earners Cloud

Website: http://www.quickearnerscloud.com/
Owners: Rob Benwell
Price: $ 104.65 for a one year
Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

Screenshot_2014-03-16-13-05-28(2)VERDICT: LEGIT / NOT LEGIT

This is not even worth your time.
Unfortunately this is yet another one in a series of online products who are intended only to empty your pockets.

What you need is a website, but not in this Circus.

In return, I will gladly give you both a free site and help you get started with building it up.

Here, you’re probably ok, what should I do in return?
I want you are persistent and continue to work on your part.

So I can proudly sit back and enjoy that you succeed in your business

PS. If you know the product I mighty welcome your feedback. But you are certainly free to ask if you want to know more about what I can do to help you get started

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

8 thoughts on “What Is Quick Earners Cloud ‘Legit or Scam’

  1. By giving 0/10, it means that Google God disagree with this business as well. Earning fast money from the internet is a total hoax and more people should realize this before they become victimized by scammish site like this one.

    1. Thank you Cathy that Google gives a page rank of 0 can of course also mean that it is a new page, but in this case it just enough that it is one of the worst I’ve seen. you have to be very distracted or well stupid if you give her credit card details away to these people. As you say everything is connected. If I knew how I could make $ 700 a day in just 5 minutes of work, I certainly do not tell anyone

    1. Hi Biren yes it is unfortunately some real con men who have put this sales page and right now I certainly hope that people take a moment to find out what is written on various products before you throw your credit card information from the there just is not any shortcut for quick profits nor on the Internet

  2. Thank you Steen for providing this information. I love it when people tell the truth about programs that are scam so someone looking to learn about them can get the truth!

    1. When I first went to work to build my blog I really thought that there were many more programs that had value. But so far, I actually only met a few who are not promised gold and green forests. One thing that I’ve put a lot of attention to is that many sites promise some information very cheaply and then get you to give your credit card information from you so the more sales can drain your account. It’s cheating to sell a dream without content and these pop is no exception.

  3. Hi Steen,

    I laughed out loud when you wrote “The good thing is that it’s free to watch the video” as one of your good points.

    Based on your review, I would never join this program and I hope enough people do even a bit of research so that they can land on your site and realize that they will be wasting time and money if they join this program. Thanks and I hope you will save many people from losing their hard earned dollars.

    P.S. I see that you also posted a review of Trust Jacker…I’ll be checking that out next!


    1. Thank you Roland for you for taking the time to see this in my article. yes the video is free and you are among the 20 first, it is also free. but I he looked at since a few days after I was still among the Top 20. Honestly who wants you in social media if you every time you found a good article, plants a pop, I personally will feel it as spam. and I would find it very difficult to trust the person. Unfortunately, there are too many who believe that making money online is like winning the lottery, it is possible but it requires that you are willing to work hard for it, learn then do the work

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