A Lead System Network Review The New Hype In Social Media

imageWebsite: http://leadsystemnetworks.com/
Price: $ 19.95 $ 30 per month $ 100 per month $ 1,000 or $ 2,500
Owners: Unknown
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Lead System Network Product Overview

imageA modern toolbox with everything an Internet Marketer needs.

There are publishing Tool, WP viral blog system tools to generate sqeeze page capture pages.

You host and much more.

Then there are the answer tools, voice, video, email and more.

Last but not least, they’ve built a whole series of sales copy that you can send out to your list and your friends in the social media.

It is a definitely a campaign you can use paid traffic.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • You get all the online tools you need to build a business.
  • It s all very easy to understand.
  • For once it’s not a super hype presentation, but a fairly simple set up conversion video.
  • Well I think you can get some new Internet Marketer to hope for it to start with
  • It is pure mlm

The Bad:

  • I see it as another LAN product that is designed to pull money out of people’s pockets
  • You will never have a chance to learn how to use all the tools effectively
  • You will not heal to learn how to make contexts and get real readers as everything is prepared for you.
  • It is pure mlm

imageWho is Lead System Network For?

The system is built so that you have all the Internet tools in one package. Somewhat like GVO also have made it.

It is built for both computer but also to mobile devices so you can do everything that you need to as an Internet Marketer.

At the very expensive tools for $ 2500 you can build your very own sales matrix with a product of your choice.

You can define also build on the money and gifts that are part of the other two line array that do.

If you are good at Network marketing is this definitely a product you can make really good at.

Lead System Network Tools & Training

I am quite sure that you get a training module for each of the individual tools as system features, I also believe that it will be made boards for the various social media.

So if you really want to work with it so I am pretty sure that you both the tools and the training that you need for each tool.

imageLead System Network Support

I am sure that there will eventually be made as a team in every way possible will help you to build your team up.

As described, there are certainly both PDF and video for each module.

But when all is said and done, it is probably more system, it comes up for your own business. So I expect to get a detailed instruction on how I can sell the system.

What I immediately see is that it is the system that applies and not the specific business I have started to build.

imageLead System Network Price

That I have to pay $ 19.95 just to have an online business that gets my alarm clock to ring. It’s the same way that you can have your payment Empover Network.

The fact that there are several different prices you can afford each month makes me not totally calm about the product, I know that many of the tools that are in the overall package can be acquired for free out on the web.

Whether you have collected them as apes or in a document, I thought may be no difference.
I do not whether there are products for both $ 1,000 and $ 2,500.

As I am not ready to spend themselves.

I know how long it takes to get both readers and follows his context.

My Final Opinion of Lead System Network

I think the actual design and sales configuration is set up really well.

It is very tempting to just hop on the bandwagon and get started right away.

Imagine getting all the tools in one package.

It’s so big that it almost sells itself.

Look at the compensation plan, you should just show it to a single.

Then roll it and before you’ve seen you’ve already earned $ 1,000 in recurring income.
In addition, it is 100% commission on all sales.

Frankly it is unfortunately just not as easy as it looks.

You are going to have to promote LSN ream before you at all get a chance to get started with building your own business around a topic that interest you.

That’s right it’s all built ready for you.

But unfortunately I cannot see how you have to reach to be able to run all the various campaigns during the hours that are available to us as human beings.

I also think that it’s a bit naive to think you can build a business without you even learn to create just some of the parts themselves.

Lead System Network at a Glance …


Name: Lead System Network
Website: http://leadsystemnetworks.com/
Owners: Unknown
Price: $ 19.95 $ 30 per month $ 100 per month $ 1,000 or $ 2,500
Overall Scam Rank: 65 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT / NOT LEGITScreenshot_2014-03-16-13-05-28(2)

I do not really think of these matrixes designed to build up a business as a pyramid, with a relatively complicated compensation plan that promises a quick profit when you first started.

If you get 100% how can the company survive?.

That’s probably why they have created the somewhat complicated plan for your profit.

I do not really believe all the extra costs that come with the full package.
To me, it definitely seems that you are going to sell hot air at a very expensive price.

This is clearly a very expensive package which is set well composed, but most tools are free on the web.

I’m not so sure that this win in the long term in the search engines

If you really want to learn how to make a real online business where you choose what it should contain so look at this post.

It’s completely free to begin, in turn, requires that you really want to work with you and your business.

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8 thoughts on “A Lead System Network Review The New Hype In Social Media

  1. Matrixes is a subtle way of saying “pyramid scheme”. Programs like Lead System Network are popping up everywhere these days and more and more people are falling subject to these complete scams.

    They get you in at a low ticket price, then immediately you are pushed expensive, overpriced products. This is how people are making money off of you. Then in order for you to make money, you have to push people into this scheme, and the endless cycle of robbery continues.

    There is no legitimacy to this program and the “product” is you luring others into this pyramid scheme.

    1. Thanks Kyle for the comment
      Yes unfortunately there are just many people who can not really figure out that this kind of programs will never get to either help them generate money or give them the proper training to learn what it takes to build a real business up.
      Luckily there are more and more people are waking up to it does not pay to use their vested save money on this kind of business. Fortunately, we are a part eventually writing blog posts to warn people about this kind of program, I have been a little into the trap of a similar program but have been lifted out of it by reading some good critical records in the business.
      This is just the new addition to the family. I hope that I can help people go around these scam programs and find out that it is possible to build a real business online

  2. Thank you Steen for this review. It is sad to see how many people are getting scammed out of $1,000. That is just a joke. There’s no doubt in my mind that this company is tied with Empower Network.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jennifer. Yes it works very similar to the A and unfortunately I see it as yet another trap that is only designed to pull a huge amount out of people’s pockets. It looks like a complete internet toolbox, but in reality I do not see myself building an expensive list up and then send mail out as maximum limits people’s spam filters, unfortunately I must also say that I think there’s a part that’s going to pay expensive learn money with this system, without ever getting built the downline that is needed just to get some of his money back.

  3. Thank you Steen for your honest review. I dont want to sound negative but these guy’s was clever. Very clever. The whole system is based on LCPS a software that cost $495 and they are using that software for all their members. Take a look at leadcapturepagesystem (dot) com. (By the way I’m not a affiliate for them) Making money online is not easy as many people say. You need to put in hard work, making new plans everyday until you find the right opportunity. There are many scams on the net, do your research first before you loose your hard earned money. I might be wrong but i think its going to be very hard to market LSN products within a few months time.
    Anybody feel free to add me on Facebook.

    1. Hello Dicky even thanks.
      I’m really glad you can give me some extra information about the software they have used, of course, I thought the idea of ​​having all the online tools I need is in one place, which quite nice.
      But when all of a concept sings of trickery, even one who shows Compensation Plan has a hard time keeping his eyes up in his presentation.
      It makes me just a tremendous feeling of deception. unfortunately, this kind of people free rein for a period until people Realy find out that they have been cheated.
      You’re absolutely right in that you are actually with very little funding construction to a profitable business up on the web, so it requires that you are persistent and having its focus directed towards its goal.
      It’s really just work hard enough and make mistakes enough to have learned to do it right.

  4. This comment is just about simple math. You come to your own conclusions

    LSN defines the FORCED spillover Matrix as filling it from left to right, top to bottom.

    The total number of people in the matrix as it fills in is: 3; 12; *39; 120; 363; 1,092; 3,279; 9,840; 29,523; 88,544; 265,719; 798,132 etc. you get the idea. The company so far topped around the 70,000 people mark. My estimate is that the Matrix currently has less 30,000

    If you are the lucky one on top, as soon as the matrix fills 3 levels and has 39 people you earn $1,000.

    But what if you signed up when the matrix was at the 6th level with 1,092 people? Again, since it fills left to right, top to bottom You will have to wait until the next 3 levels fill in under you. That will happen when the matrix has 29,523 people

    Can you see that Only 1,092 earn the $1,000 bonus. What about the other 28,500 people under you? When will they earn their $1,000?

    Same answer, 3 levels down, when the total matrix has 798,132 people. That’s like never. In the rare event that it will happen that’s over 760,000 Who will never earn $1,000. Who’s going to keep that money? At $100 per piece is $76 Million per month, Will people keep on paying $100 per month?

    Please correct me if my math is wrong.

    1. Thank you so much for your calculation.
      I do not even think to count on it.
      I can not under any circumstances argue against what you write here.
      But one thing I really am extremely aware of your comment here how unrealistic it is to get benefits out of its $ 100 a month.
      You end up with a Limited which is very expensive to own, with a lot of tools that you never used.
      I hope that there are more who see it here it is one of the most blatant scam I’ve seen

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