What Is The Banger Method? Good Idea Or?

The Banger Method ReviewI stumbled upon The Banger Method in my mail.
My curious nature meant that I had to find out more about this software and training and mentor course.

Are bonuses the way forward?
If done right then I’m.
What about you?

The Banger Method Review

Name: The Banger Method
Website: http://www.bangermethod.com
Price: $ 13 and resale up to $ 2000 for a private section with one of the owners.
Owners: Brandon Mace, Mark Hess, and Michael Thomas
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

The Banger Method, What does it contain?

The Banger Method TrainingWe start with instruction in what the method is.
Yes, a video series where you get the detailed description of how to do.

We are talking about a method of promoting affiliate products.
In my terminology, there is no news.

The actual video course is Mark that lets you look him over the shoulders.
He shows you how he sets it up.

As said by the three gentlemen, there is nothing new about affiliate marketing. It’s the same as I’m working on here on this website.

The big difference is that they do not spend time in the original context that I do.
No, they show you how to sell using bonuses.

I’ve seen it many times before on other websites.
But have not thought so much about it.

But when I think about it, it’s a good idea to have something to give away.

The Banger Method bonusThat’s not the only thing you learn.
You will Learn how to get more out of the traffic you have. You learn to track your link.

Even on the sales page itself. Heard that you do not need mail, so you learn to set up an email campaign.

I will only describe what you get for the 13 $.
So some look over the shoulders video a little-used sales copies and software to track and blur affiliate link.

When yes, there is the unique disclaimer, but it is something that you can download everywhere online.

It is a standard that many website owners use to disclose the responsibility for your results.
In fact, it’s not at all available on this sales page.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Here are a video series and a wp plugin for $ 13
Fortunately, it’s so exaggerated that I got scared away before I went further than the trial period.
Here is a member area.
You learn to provide bonus products, and you get a lot of old PLR products that you can use

The Bad:

I’ve seen and heard it before.
Nobody can make an income online with less than an hour’s work a day.
You get too fast sent on to the resale circus.
It ends up in my spam filter because no one likes to describe it properly

Who can take advantage of The Banger Method?

The Banger Method ovnerIf you can get new online to buy the package at $ 13, then there is also a good chance that they buy more.

I believe that the price doesn’t change when the period expires.
There is a reason that this as a direct affiliate link in my mail.

Well, I found it in an old case where I have tested info products. But the apparent purpose is to create a quick sale.

Get the buyer to fall for all the many money shown on the sales page.
Yes, you can buy a private license to acquire ownership, you can buy a costly private section.

But the purpose I see it.
Is getting you caught in the sale funnel.

That is where the parties involved earn their money.
This way to trade information is neither new nor particularly beautiful to be caught inside.

But basically, it’s not the product and the software it is about here. No, that’s the money.

That is probably also the main reason why there are not so many articles that cover what it contains.

But if you’re missing a product to promote, then it’s one of those you can earn well.
Obviously, you need an extensive list that you can promote it.

The Banger Method Tools & Training

Of course, there is training.
It is in the module itself.
But unfortunately, you’ll learn how to make a copy of others.

That is the concept you learn to add a lot of bonuses that you can pick up after spending the $ 13

The Banger Method help

I always get a little surprised when I get into member areas from cheap online products.

It is quite well structured.

I’m convinced that if I send a support ticket, I also get an answer within a reasonable timeframe.
My next step is good enough that I want my money again.

The Banger Method Price

The whole concept works whit more sales.
You do not get much for the 13 $.

Yes, a couple of hours of video about how to start with affiliate marketing and how to get traffic to your link.

You also get some other bonuses inside the member area.
Some of it is old information.

But many of them can still be used if you know what you’re looking.
The real information you have to pay a lot more money.

I do not want to tell what it contains besides the owner of the product and a private section with Matt or one of the others

My Final Opinion of The Banger Method

The Banger Method moneyYes, what do I mean? At least I’m not impressed by the sales side.
I like you as you may have guessed not to spend time and money as a selling point.

There is nobody, and I do not mean anyone there after 4 hours looking over shoulder training can earn several hundred dollars per hour.

If that’s a good idea, I’m also hard to understand why it’s not more evident before people buy it.

Why spend over ten minutes hearing how much money you can earn.
Every time I experience it, I feel I’m wasting my time.

Unfortunately, this is more the rule than the exception when I’ve met products belonging to the network from the warrior forum.

Yes, they seem to have taken over Clicksure’s role in fast-cash products.

The Banger Method More SalesI have no evidence to say that warrior forum also offers good info products. Because I have not met anything excellent from that network yet

But a common denominator for these products is that they would like you to buy the cheap part of their program.

You’ve given credit card information.
Then it is also much easier to get you to pick up the next significantly more expensive product.

When do we talk about info products who decide what they are worth?
Yes exactly.

Believe in yourself and throw a zero extra on the price, so people buy.
It is a very used tactic in almost all industries.

The problem is that people afterward cannot understand why it does not seem as promised.
Many people then jump over to the next shortcut and get the same experience.

  • But believe my business is business.
  • Do you want to be successful?
  • Then you must also fight for it for a long time.
  • Spend a lot of hours on it.
  • Remember, it’s your business, and it’s you we need to get to know before we believe in you.

So, therefore, do not buy poorly in fast online solutions.
They do not exist.

  • You waste time and money on it.
  • A time you will not get back.

A time you could have used to build yourself, so you get ready to meet the market as real is to find online.

I have personally found somewhere online where you get some of the time you spend online.

Here you learn everything you need to learn to commit yourself there. Yes, it’s an affiliate program.
But it is also an educational institution where you step by step learn what to do to make a success online.

I have not heard of anyone there.
It has created a profitable business with four hours of training and for an hour’s work a day.

But I have learned that those who work hard also achieve the success they aim.

  • Are you willing to work hard to achieve your goal?
  • Do you want to give it the time it takes?
  • Do you want to have a personal mentor?

Do you want to test without having to have your credit card out of pocket?
What I offer you here is also a place you can start building your online base.

  • You choose your niche yourself.
  • I’m here to help you further.
  • Take your new website.
  • Test it for free.
  • Then take your decision.
  • I have been doing it for over four years.
  • But it’s up to you.

You can continue to buy you poor in dreams and partial solutions.
You can also start working on your dream of creating a proper business online.
Start today and become part of the most real and vibrant society online

The Banger Method. What is it worth?

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100


The Banger Method freindsI should be full of praise now where I’ve discovered a new way to sell a product.

But to see a course that tells you how easy and how much time it takes to create a real income online. Make sure I need to put the brake.

Okay, the four-hour course is out of the way.
But when they care about what it’s all about, I’m a little annoyed.

For what is it that they have to offer.
I have found several courses that can be obtained free of charge.

Many of them are set up in the same way. With a sales page that tells you that you learn how to earn fast money online.

But frankly. Is that easy?
Why pass the information to us others.

This pool where such programs come.
I’m feeling a form of a tuition pool from new online.

Unfortunately, there is a massive market for resale. That is quite legal.
In my theme, it’s the porn of emotion where the provider sells an unrealistic dream. Neither more nor less.

The dream who wastes people’s time.
Who would not like to have that kind of speech in your account?

For some articles, I have shown how easy it is to change numbers and letters on websites.

Yes, even the pages you need to log in. I would like to meet someone who has tested this.

Then you’re here to let us know how you’ve done it with this program.

Want to know more about how to use affiliate marketing in a legally and ethically correct way.

Then you can also just write to me below.

PS just remember to share on your social networks.
Just press one of the buttons below the article.


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2 thoughts on “What Is The Banger Method? Good Idea Or?

  1. HI

    Like you, I know to steer away from any products that tell me that making money online is easy and fast. To begin with I am only interested in building a long term business that pays dividends for a long time, so I think the Banger Method is just something to spend money on.

    As far as the Warrior Forum goes, it is a great place to find affiliate marketing info, has been around a long time, and has many members. Of course one has to be careful about both the info and products comming from there.

    I’m quite familiar with Mark Hess and Michael Thomas and buy their products from time to time. They build a lot of plugins that do what they say they will do. But like I said before , I rarely buy anything that needs a lot of hype to sell it, because it’s almost always junk. And I would never buy anything that says I can make $372 an hour, including the Bangor Method.

    1. Hi Mike! 

      Thanks for the comment. 

      I always think it’s hard to value an online course. This does not in itself mean anythink 

      As long as you are proved that a lot of work has to be done once you have taken the course. 

      My problem here is that they promise some totally unrealistic results. Some of the things that are taught you are slightly contrary to the guidelines that Google has outlined. 

      So I think it’s extremely expensive for a private hour. Even some of the big stars on the net take a significantly less price for an hour of their time. 

      Yes you have the right warrior forum is big and you may be lucky to find something that is actually useful. But many of the products in there are so crowded that it can be a very expensive affair to buy the products for new online. 


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