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imageIn my research on good products, I unfortunately come across an old acquaintance. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I am a few years ago bought one of his products 10 videos and a software that would help me to get free adverts set up on facebook.

Online Paycheck Formula Review

Name: Online Paycheck Formula
Website: http://onlinepaycheckformula.com/
Price: Free You just need to pay $ 49 for the free information then run it on more sales up to $ 297
Owners: Peter Parker (Spiderman) or hes real name Jani G
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Online Paycheck Formula Product Overview

imageI have found it very difficult to find out what it really is.
But have come to the conclusion that there is no software.

Unfortunately I do not you will meet a member, as some of the things I’ve seen described more reminds me of a control panel for a website host.

Just like you get at hostgater, bluehost or any of the other website hosts.

This time I have felt obliged to see what others have written about it because I do not really trust Jani G.

I am pretty sure that it is created to make additional sales of Affiliate as the official affiliate website is a lot of training in which you can put banners and how you can generate traffic to the product.

Here are 7 video modules where they show some researching ways to generate traffic.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Finally, I have met a new product from this person who very obviously just trying to pull money out of the new internet marketers pockets.
    There is so little that is linked to I’m sure that there are very few people in general buy this product.
    If you care about your fellow man is a good dime to download here especially as Affiliate

The Bad:

  • Unfortunately I think that there are some beginners online is going to buy it
    It is incredibly difficult to get a decent product description of the website.
    In the intro video, he says that I’m one of the chosen few and he takes the product down soon, but since has been up for several months, How Can i then be chosen.

Who is Online Paycheck Formula For?

imageI must say that it is intended to unscrupulous Affiliate which is totally indifferent to their fellow human beings.

Do you have a big list to send emails to you have more research just mail you can bombard your list.

But as I said, it takes you totally do not care and are only out to make money. Unfortunately, I have a suspicion that there is no real product but there are a lot more sales as vendor and affiliate can earn from it.

Online Paycheck Formula Tools & Training

As I said, I have not been inside the members area because I truly do not believe a thing.

I also could not find any facebook groups that work with the product.
That itself is an alarm bell is ringing really loud.
In contrast, there are plenty of tools that help you sell the product.

Online Paycheck Formula Support

You can of course try to send an email to Peter Parker, I tried here three days ago, but still need an answer so from that point I have not gotten the information about the product which is really reasonable if I want it to work with it .

Online Paycheck Formula Price

Yes it’s free and I’m one of the chosen few, but the first I met when I had given my mail and asked for my free software was a bill for $ 49.

From here, I am sure that you will meet more sales until you have reached almost $ 300 and it was with his fanpage software is most probably requires a lot of talk to get you to pay more money.

My Final Opinion of Online Paycheck Formula

Defently scamI am sorry to say that I see this as quite simple trickery neither more nor less.

The video with the secret information is in many ways very contradictory, firstly, it is the same money you see in the beginning as it is at the end.

Let me say it one more time there is not someone who just gives you a money tree where you can just pick what you want.

It takes a very long time and requires hard work to build an income from your computer.

You will never earn more than $ 100 for a 5-minute work which he promises you in the video.

Just that you receive the money for me is a clear sign that this film is not designed to teach you but instead are made to trick money out of your pockets.

I’m actually a little annoyed that affiliate networks like click acidic have so many of this kind of products you can sell. That the permit is a bit of a mystery to me.


I must say that this is really one of the worst products that I have met online. Here is under no circumstance some connection.

Screenshot_2014-03-16-13-05-28(2)Believe me I have even jumped on this kind of sales videos more than once.

It’s not something I’m particularly proud of when it happened, unfortunately this is probably it that this kind of products are designed.

My suggestion is to let join to believe in this kind of videos that promise that you are in profit without doing much work.

Unfortunately, this can not be done if it could, you would not be able to buy it at the price that is promised here.

It is possible to generate money online and basically does it cost you not much more than a lot of work. You must be willing to learn and spend many hours before you are going to see results

I will gladly show you how and where you can learn it.
Here’s what I have described about the place where I build my business up

Have you tried to be captured by this product, I mighty like to hear what you have experienced, so it may be helpful to others before they decide how they want to build their online business.

So drop me a comment below so we can have the debate.


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