What is Cold Call Eliminator 2017

CCE 2017I’ve looked a little in my mail and found out that there has been something new to promote from JVzoo. Right, it in my spam folder but what makes it. There are many funny emails. It’s almost as good as when there is a who write to me directly in chat.

My Cold Call Eliminator 2017 Review

Name: Cold Call Eliminator 2017
Website: http://www.leecoleonline.com/teka/cold-call-eliminator-2017/
Price: $ 47
Owners: Lee Cole and Steve Rosenbaum
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 Product Overview

Video modulsLet’s take a look at this little old sales page. The entire headline in red so hopefully catch the attention of those who view the page.

But ok, let’s take a look at what this is. Lee and Steve refer to themselves as experts in local marketing.

So that they will help you with this series is to be a local marketing consultant. The domestic market is much larger than most of us think.

Many start-up companies will be happy to get help from someone who knows how to generate traffic to their particular business.
It is what you’re going to learn here.

They have created a video series that will teach you some techniques which largely teach you how to get leads and create them to happy buyers who come back to you as needed.

To then create new leads who are happy buyers.
Into three parts.

Part one is a kind of introduction to how to get started.
You learn how to create a sales page and set it up to email marketing.
They claim that it’s going to be a magnet, so your clients are coming back.

Part two comes to social media.
LinkedIn is the first hunting markets here. But when all that social marketing is the series two is.

It makes sense because LinkedIn is considered to be a professional network where you can look for partners for local companies.

Part three is about to put it all together, so you get written some headlines targeting and appeal to your particular market.

So, all in all, it is a simple educational system where you can learn to draw people into your sales Funnel.

I can almost guess me in the last module that teaches you to make a simple page like the sales page here.

What almost goes without saying that you will also work with some simple email techniques.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It into modules in a member area where you can always go back to see the videos again.
You have the ability to communicate with other members here.

The Bad:

That they try to delude, you can build a real business at a few minutes of work a day.
You do not get served some tools other than training. So you should even out and find a host for your pages.
I have little doubt this will take next year.
If you just click http://www.leecoleonline.com/, so you get an entirely fresh WordPress blog where there is no added some context.

Who is Cold Call Eliminator 2017 For?

Yes, who is it for?
First of all, it is an affiliate product that you can pick up in JVzoo. A network which I think has some ok online info products.

You usually have to unlike ClickBank have a website where the seller can accept your context.

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 Tools & Training

There are as said one member side as you become a part of when you purchased the product. I see this as a good move.

Whether it will with more training along the way is instantly an entirely different matter. But you can communicate with other members and most likely also meet the owner there tells me that they are serious.

Hopefully, it’s not only this series which you purchase.
But also a form of communication about what you learn here.

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 Support

That said, here is a member area where you can meet other members, where you can make connections and network around the training as the videos contain.

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 Price

$ 47 once is not a fortune for an info product.
But what comes of additional sales time will tell. I think to buy it here, so you will not have the complete package.

You even come to purchase the additional tools you need to build it up. Here the price was going to vary depending on what you supplement it.

My Final Opinion of Cold Call Eliminator 2017

Cole and SteveI would not place it in the category spam, but I must say that I see some trends that I think may well put it.

You can not build a real business up by just working a few hours. An online business can take years to build.

Not only do you need to help your clients to drive traffic to their business, but then you are very much also need to have traffic and results on your own to show how they can get it.

When I look at the sales page,  I like the slightly old-fashioned style which is above it.

But if I just take all following words of long just click leecole.com I will find a complete unfinished website.

True, the indexed but here is some work on it at all. It gives me an indication that the project not been fully implemented yet

Cole and Steve claim to have the magic formula,  how you can conquer the local market.

Members areaSo, there is much more to before you are going to succeed with it.
Most times I have seen an excellent product it is an info product as you see it with this video series or a software which can do anything for you then it is only tools that can help you.

My attitude to software online or as something you physically download on your computer is that it only aids to save some time.

Just as education is only worth something as long as you do the work, so you have to do what it takes.

To succeed in anything. Here try to show you some different people who have already managed to use teaching.

But they do not say so much about what skills they had brought with them before they had bought the package.

One of the things that I am looking for is what the package does not contain what others have earned.

But it is a good sales peak to show people who are satisfied with such a course. They affect the same feelings as when for example you play for money.

The sense that you can make some quick money without having to learn all the necessary things first.

But hand on heart this is alas not together.

You can not conquer a market that is not yours unless you have the knowledge and skills as required.

It makes you not by taking a video course and become a member of an online community.

Here you need to get training in a much broader perspective.
The central message that gives you the skills that make you can contact clients, and the way to create trust.

You going well does not work an hour a day and then go home with the full hire.

It is also here where I think it seems a little desperate and gives me a feeling that I look at an unfinished product.

As is ok in many ways, but at the end both missing tools and a more realistic marketing plan.

If you were looking for a good plan and the necessary tools, it is also important that you have stopped looking for shortcuts.

Believe me; there is no alternative to quick money online.
The only thing you learn by going the way is what it costs to buy a dream.

Yes an idea like wasting your time, but which is quite nice when it’s on.
But it gives, unfortunately, some hangover when you wake up again.

If you are severe, then I would if I were you looking in an entirely different direction.

I would find a place where I can develop myself and where I can get the right tools. I would never buy a product that I can not be allowed to touch or look.

To create a business to your local market can be an expensive pleasure.

Creating an online business costs percentages of what it would usually cost to build up a business.

But do you think it seriously, so it is more a matter of how much time you devote to create this kind of business?
Let me say it straight out.
It’s never been easier to get to owning a website. It costs as said a fraction of what you think.

What do you think to meet a teaching platform without having the credit card out of his pocket?

I started here about three years ago and had not looked me back.
I’ve got knowledge that gives me all the opportunities to capture both the local market but also the global market.

There is much to learn as a look on it now, so you do not spend another day without getting started.

As I said, I will not see your money.
But I want you to mean it seriously

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100


We’re talking about a real product that can help you to manifest your local market, or is it just once bull shit, which flourishes so much of the net.

Personally, I think that the two men have something to show.
But I think not that the package is complete.
If it completed then, here will likely be more things to the box that you have to buy to get the full benefit.

So it is that we move in the direction that you’re going to pay the price to learn from here.

But it may be that I did not fully understand what is going on in the member’s area. There is a place where you can network with other users doing that I can see a perspective.

But it depends on how valuable education is.
To build this up, so it also requires you to purchase a domain and have a host for your website. For the price of the course costs, you can not also get such a package.

So my simple conclusion is that I will not feel cheated by buying it here teaching, but I would also say that there must cost unfortunately much more until you have a real business.

I have a business online that costs me less than $ 2 a day.
I have 25 sites that I own.
I do not need to think about security since it is one of the safest places to park its pages.

So it’s important that you know how to create on it.
Let me show you here and start the trip today.

If you are a specialist even, I would like to hear your opinion on this teaching. Write to me downstairs and let the debate.

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2 thoughts on “What is Cold Call Eliminator 2017

  1. Hi Steen
    Yes, it sounds like they are not professional, and should have the complete product before trying to sell.
    Thanks for your review about Cold Call Eliminator, and your honest opinion.
    I just clicked on a link and found a Wealthy Affiliate review. Looks like it’s worth investigating

    1. Hi Greg!

      Thank you for your comment.

      No, you do not have a complete course package here. But on the other hand, it is not sold at overpriced.

      I think now that they will come back with a significantly better performance later on.

      But no, I would recommend that you look at WA every time. It’s the most vibrant online community I’ve ever met. And you are allowed to test it for free.

      Yes, you actually get more out of the free WA version than you do in this course


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