What is Azon Profit Builder useful or?

Azon profit BuilderI dug deep and found this in the aftermath of the Black Friday. Can you enjoy it or it’s a waste of time.

Azon Profit Builder Review

Name: Azon Profit Builder
Website: http://azonprofitbuilder.convertri.com
Price: $ 27 for premium lifetime or $ 24 for a single license
Owners: Ankur Shukla and George Katsoudas
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Azon Profit Builder, Product Overview

Training vdeoAnother paid plugin for WordPress.
But in short, it is a system that can help you download pictures and sort them into each niche.

The example from their videos stuff to cats.
You charge the tool that is part of the WordPress platform, here you have two topics that they offer.

You can also just load it on one of your existing pages.
You can either use their host that only contains a GB.

As I think is very little if you only need ten visitors at once it’s just before it can go beyond the time spent on the page.

But back to the cat.
Then you choose a keyword, such as a cat.

Ankur and GeorgeThen the tool goes over to Amazon and finds a whole lot of relevant products. You can easily edit them in the device.

As such, creating a page that reminds little of a woo commerce page.
You get the pictures split into a lovely gallery and your affiliate link to each image.

As said, organize the tool so that you get images and link added almost automatically.

Os who works with WordPress sometimes misses a tool to create images galleries.

When yes, there is video context that you can put into the galleries.
Yes, as long as they elsewhere, the page can also pull it.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

I like that they have used space for more videos to show how the tool works.
Even with my skepticism, I can say that it is great that they offer to cough your site for that price.
I have never been particularly good at building galleries. But here it will be done almost automatically.

The Bad:

It’s not going to make money when you build the tank automatically.
I think it will not even look like a Pro webshop.
It’s not a tool that helps with your SEO, so you risk paying for traffic.

Who is Azon Profit Builder For?

BonusAs shown, it is intended to hive images and affiliate links down from Amazon.
Then, link them to a form of image gallery on your page or article.

You’re writing a keyword that’s relevant to your niche.
Then everything is added.

Interested in image galleries.
Then it’s relevant to me.

But I certainly will not use it to combine with the affiliate link.

Without the keyword research and writing an article related to the image. You can not do that on autopilot.

Azon Profit Builder Tools & Training

I think it’s positive that you learn to use the tool before buying it. Yes, there are more training videos on the sales page.

There is no talk of a decided member area once you have purchased and paid your package.

So that’s not the case either. The tool is simple to use, so you do not need a member forum to operate it.

Azon Profit Builder Support

They promise you can get your money back if you can not make it work. So, of course, you can contact a form of the provider.

You can also write directly to George if there are any issues not shown in the demos

If there are any problems or if you do not get the entire software downloaded to your computer.

Azon Profit Builder Price

I often think it’s hard to judge a price of a WordPress software.

However, there are two Pro themes and hosting for less than $ 30.
But what will then be more sales then?

My Final Opinion of Azon Profit Builder

Do you need this toolI do not think the price will increase.
Although it’s a tool that claims to be a lot, I do not see it as something I need in my collection.

Personally, I do not think the two themes seem particularly inviting to me.
There are lots of free themes that can make it much better.

I’m also hard to see how to make money on a page.
It all looks very fast as it in a pear wrap.

I also know from myself if I have to buy a product, and I would like to know a little about it.

Will keep it if I click on Amazon via the page.

But the site itself is also not easy to find.
What word should I search to find it?

Yes, it is sporadic that I meet auto-created pages in the organic search. If I feel the need to buy, then I go for it.

Initially, I’m just looking for information about the product.

If I then find a website that has video and a lot of experience with the purchase I want to make.
Then I’m also inclined to click affiliate links.

Okay, suppose you want to make facebook campaigns.
Then you will find a buyer willing target group.

Here you can limit the group and get some clicks.

But from here, you should generate a sale on a page that will quickly seem like a big red store.

I have not met anyone who gave me a good reason to believe this technique works.

Keep I you can efficiently use the themes to create some great galleries.
You may have your product description behind the pictures.

That way you can create the proper organic traffic for your pages.
Which also, in the end, will generate sales.

But you are no matter how you turn it; you have to create confidence before you can generate a sale.
Learn to create authority within your favorite niche.
Then you also have to learn how to do.

I have learned and worked with the technicians for a while.
They work for me, and they may also work for you.

But it requires you to stop taking shortcuts.
It requires you to be willing to see it as a long-term plan.

A plan where you know by yourself that you are starting to build a real business.

Are you prepared to do one big job for yourself?

Read here where I have been to find some years.

And no, you should not pay for it until you are sure that’s what you want to deal.

You will receive the above two websites that are yours forever.
When there are also the ten lessons that belong to the two websites.

Azon Profit Builder at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 65  out of 100


No harmThis software is quite harmless.

It does not give the grand profit promised.
We just do not like that as people.

Look at yourself.

Then I will ask you if you want to buy from a page where there are only a lot of pictures and videos.
No such individual description of what to buy.

Good enough, you are still on Amazon.
But you think you want to click the money link if you do not get a good reason to do that.

Nowell, you will not do it as I do not want either.

Where I can see something I can use, that’s the easy way I can create frontpage galleries.

It could give my pages significantly more user-friendliness to my readers.

I think it’s good to be able to create the internal link directly to the images that I would like to use on my cover page.

How about you can find a feature for this software in your daily work online.

Or do you have the same way I have it, it’s not worth spending my precious time on.

Give me your attitude downstairs in the comments box

PS just remember to push one of the social buttons while you’re here

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