What is $ 500 CPA every Day

One more ScamI have been in my spam emails. I found a product that several had sent to me. It’s called the $ 500 CPA every Day

My $ 500 CPA every Day Review

Name: $ 500 CPA every Day
Website: http://500cpaeveryday.com/special/h3.html
Price: $ 9 course there are some additional sales as there always is with products created by Janni G
Owners: Glynn and Janni G
Overall google Rank: 0 out of 10

$ 500 CPA every Day Product Overview

Old PLRA secret traffic source requires neither website or special skills online. Glynn has the recipe, and he gives you great discounts if you are well marked and buy today.
When yes there was the same on sale since yesterday.
Let’s recap what CPA is, it means (Cost Per Action), so in principle, it is a relatively safe way to promote a product, but you can do it without a website, I will probably see as being very unrealistic.
Glynn has set a course to the 12 videos in which he reviews the secret traffic resource he has found. In the course, he lets you look over his shoulder.
But do not give you an insight into what his private traffic resource is. I later found out that he is a partner with an old acquaintance of me as Janni G.
He is an expert in Facebook ads so here we have yet another new version of an old product that I tested a long time ago when I still was not smart enough to keep me from the shiny buttons. Like putting the affiliate link up on a fan site for then boosting it with advertising.
Very simple is not it?

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Intro video last only a few minutes.
    Easy to determine whether there is a real good product or not

The Bad:

  • There is no real information associated intro video.
    There is nothing new here; this is the same series as they have modified slightly
    The weak support means that you’ll be left alone with Facebook.

Who is $ 500 CPA every Day For?

As I said, the program is set up as a training video series. So it is intended for people who promote affiliate link to make money category.
I’ve never seen before Glynn, but he has found the ultimate way to generate almost free traffic is a little hard to understand.
The only way I know of is in the social media.
But to call it a safe and stable traffic source will be a bit of an exaggeration.
Here you need a website or a lot of consequences for impeding traffic.
Here you can not just switch between a lot of different products if you want to maintain your credibility.
Then we youtube which is also a social medium.
Here you can also create some paid campaigns. But to call it a shared resource is perhaps too strong a word.
You can not just drive traffic to your offers in the search engines either Google or Bing allows you to send affiliate link out directly.
So we are back in solo ads and Traffic Exchange that can be done cheaply indeed almost free but here you have to spend a lot of time to get your link clicked the I am sorry to say that it is tough to find potential customers here.
Ok, this training series is about Facebook ads for me it’s like I said anything I’ve seen before.
You can easily find a crowd of fans by searching for them in the search box.
But you have to gain their trust, whether it is something you can learn in 12 lessons, which also contains the technical part.
I am skeptical, but how do you see it?

$ 500 CPA every Day Tools & Training

actorsHere is promised a video series of 12 videos you also get 14 extra bonus which contains books, more videos, software for both YouTube and Facebook.
The Sounds like a decent pile of tools and information.
But there are so many of this kind of PRL products which ultimately just spend your time on things that you do not need to install or study.
You can even pull a lot of them down so you can promote them.
I described in one of my first articles where and how you can get them free of charge. It is a membership site that I have been a member of for several years.
Preserved it can be a good base for some good information.
But you can not implement all the tools at once.
It will take a very long time, and you also need to decide which way you want to go to get traffic to your links.

$ 500 CPA every Day Support

Now I know Janni G from the past where I have been so stupid to buy one of his products, actually an old version of this series.
What it usually happens to his system is that you get help at the start. Yes the first week, you can get in touch with his support team regarding technical issues.
But then you never left entirely to yourself until he pulls down the application and create a new which reminds a lot about it, he just removed.

$ 500 CPA every Day Price

The price is lowered down to $ 7 from over 100 $ shows me that it is a more or less useless product. But belief me, you will meet a wall of additional sales for the secret.

My Final Opinion of $ 500 CPA every Day

The guruApparently there are still good deals in this kind of programs.
It is very rare that I go to my spam folder to find something to describe, but after a short review, I have realized that this is the new hot product on the market.
True, it is the same old story with Facebook ads.
I tried to implement it some time ago but also found out that you have to make a new fan every time you need to test new CPA offers.
Although I have many implications on Facebook so I was not bothered any sales.
People will simply have more from you than just a fan page for a relevant product.
You just can not create a shortcut to riches in this way.
Now think you will see some significant fluctuations from Glynn and his ClikSure account.
But unfortunately, it is easy to tamper with that kind of data.
A less trained webmaster will very easily be able to change the numbers by only entering the source code and make a copy, and then right.
That’s usually the way you get your audience to believe that you have an enormous profit on the product itself.
That is the main reason I never want to write about or show what I earn. It has no value simply to you.
If you want to learn about how to make money online, then you need to change your thinking radically and start to see it as a real business where to have to get to put it together, so you get the authority and establish contact with your audience.
It takes the time to learn, you can easily find all the tools you need online, without having to pay for it.
But I need a large group of people that I can share with and learn from, to create authority.
Especially when we’re talking about this particular niche that deals with money.
I have the items have been looking at a lot of different ways to generate an income online.
You can successfully choose a subject that suits your temperament.
Read what I recommend.
Yes, it’s completely free to sample.
Let be using the dumb money.
Click here to see how.
You need not fear additional sales because there is nothing.

$ 500 CPA every Day at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 88 out of 100


Click to begin a Real online jerney
Click to begin a Real online jerney

Janni G has been out with several of this kind of programs; my problem is that he has not reached a sustainable training platform yet. He lives apparently fine on these so-called shortcuts.
My question to you is doing you think that he has found another magic formula that you can follow to pull then $ 500 on the account daily.
Or do you think he’s out to get you to fall into the trap and make you pay a high price for additional sales?
The deal with paid advertising can quickly become a costly affair if you ask me. You have to be valuable before you start paying for your seat. There is no human being who just want to buy from someone who does not radiate the value itself. It is true that you get money every time there is a feeder gives his e-mail to the company you advertise. But if you must make right on it, so you almost have all of those who see and click to sign up for product newsletter. The times I’ve tested this tactic as it has cost me more than I have earned.
All kinds of business require you to be persistent and that you are willing to build in the long term.
What I like about working online is that you can build on it every day without having to invest a fortune. .

But it requires that you are willing to work far in advance and that you will make you a base from which you build yourself up to create the value for you and your followers.
One critical thing here is that you refrain from buying links, the more time you are wasting here, the more time you spend at the other end.
If you are ready, look what I recommend.
Yes, check it out it’s completely free to try.
Are you before jumped on than this kind of products? Or do you have any additional questions then throw them down in the comment box? I would love to hear your story.
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