Traffic Exchange Review”Is It A Way To Get Visitors”

Easyhits4u Review

When I Googled the word it was this side who was at the top off the page. Before i start create my blog. I tried to generate traffic with These kind off program.Screenshot_2014-03-08-21-43-54(1)

I met this method for a couple of years ago when I tried to get free traffic to some of the network marketing programs I tried to make a team with.

I later found out that it’s not quite worked as intended for me.

Name: Easyhits4u
Price: 0 -??? $
Owners: unknown
Google Rank: 4 out of 10

Screenshot_2014-03-08-21-43-54(3)Easyhits4u Product Overview

It is the traffic exchange that rank highest on Google.

That’s the reason why I wants to tell a little about it.

As the word describes it is important to exchange traffic to its website or sqeezepage as it is also called.

To exchange simply link with others by surfing the other links on the page. This means that when you start surfing comes a lot of pages up.

Whit a short interval of these pages there are 2 options either 1/2 minute or a whole before it goes to the next page

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  •  It does not cost anything to get traffic to its link
  • It’s easy to use and they have so you can make free splash pages it means that you make a simple page that is designed to collect email addresses.
  • There are some futures which makes it very fun to move around the page

The Bad:

  • There is too much upsell you do not really have the guarantee that you get something out of
  • Since everyone is there to generate traffic you’re going to use a lot of energy to get someone to write it on your list
  •  is a part called a team that combines the various businesses and guarantee you that you will get signups if you surf and use your credit that you earn by surfing on their splash page
  • It is very time consuming without the right for you to make it count in the long term

Who is Easyhits4u For?


It is for people who want to create consequences for the MLM business they have bought into. You can also use it as a business in itself.

Easyhits4u Tools & Training

It’s not really that hard to work with is a button that clearly explains what you can do and on this side, there are guidelines for everything you do and what you can buy.

Easyhits4u Support

There is a R & Q and a blog with the most common questions, but as I said mostly self-explanatory.

Easyhits4u Price

As I said, it’s free and you can actually well get a little bit of traffic out of it as a free member.

But no matter where you move on since there are benefits you can buy and it can quickly become expensive if you’re not careful what you spend your money there.


My Final Opinion of Easyhits4u

There is no doubt that it is the largest traffic exchange on the net.

The fact that you can use PayPal tells me that it is partly a relatively legal business. But having said that, I highly doubt it at all is worth your time surfing websites to get traffic to his own.

My point is everyone doing the same thing to get traffic.

But on the other hand, I’d rather have a lot of good context in which to find in the search engines rather than a single moment some times an hour depending on what I have paid or how long I have surfed.

Name: Easyhits4u
Owners: Unknown
Price: 0 -? $
Google Rank: 4 out of 10


I would not say that it is decidedly spam but since I believe that a strong relationship with its customers comes when we create value for each other.

We need to have a good product for the long term to establish a good relationship of trust with our customers.

I am unfortunately not one of this this way.It you’re working with here is just more volatile and perhaps a little too easily to you really can build a really sensible and long-term sustainable business

Anyway do you know about using these kind off program or whant to know more then i will be glad to answer any questions down here

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2 thoughts on “Traffic Exchange Review”Is It A Way To Get Visitors”

  1. I feel that these types of programs are a lot of people selling and promoting and not buyers. I am glad you posted about this so people can learn more about them.

    1. Yes its a point where im not going back to all users are targeted but they are also try to promote a program in there i was sign up whit a system and i multi surf ten different page as the same time 2 hours ewery day to get the hit i need to be in the team and my first signups came after 4 month after i was stoppet. Now i rather spend my time on real content off my own

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