What are Mass Bot Profits? A new traffic source or?

Messenger can be used to build a list. Yes, Mass Bot Profits is a software that can go directly in and use messenger in a whole new way.

Mass Bot Profits Review

Name: Mass Bot Profits
Website: http://massbotprofits.com/go
Price: 197 $
Owners: Patric Chan
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Mass Bot Profits, Product Overview

Mass Bot Profits ReviewFacebook owns messenger, and you can learn how to combine your good converting link into a new form of list building.

Yes, you can use messenger instead of an autoresponder.
It is a software that allows you to drag messenger down to all websites.

Yes, you can use it on pages that you do not own. It sounds a bit brittle, and that’s the way it is.

Do not worry Patric will not let you alone with this tool.
No, he makes sure you learn how to use it in the right way.

Can you imagine being able to contact people who visit a website?

Yes, let’s say a page that converts well.
It could be an affiliate link that is unique to you.

You get one to click on it and boom will pop you up in his messenger. On the page itself.

Yes, you open a chat box on this page where the reader is and communicates directly with him.

Ok, what do you get for the money?
Yes, there are three whole modules.
First, there is the training. Which into three parts

Profit method
How you communicate directly with your followers after the first message

Funnel method
How to follow up on the first letters. Is crucial if you want people to buy from your link.

How to put it all together. There is publishes new initiatives in their messenger.

Module two
Here we talk about the software itself.
The tool that makes the messenger itself an autoresponder.

It helps you with keywords that are included in your reader’s interest and search.
That is, it helps you find the strings you can play with every person.

Broadcast section.

Where you can send out to the audience that has the specific words hanging on their profile.
You can make it happen automatically here.

Yes, you send out to a very narrow audience.
At the same time, you can send images that fit into your campaign along with the automatic message.

By doing so, you save a lot of clicks and lingers around the pictures

Then there is the auto response part.
As a direct-use messenger as the tool that automates your campaigns.

It works in precisely the same way as any other autoresponder.

Module Three

Its Contains your bonuses.
An hour with Patric and the software that lets you start chatting in almost any browser window.
Yes, you can chat on other people’s pages.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • You get in close contact with your upcoming clients.
  • That you can do set and go campaigns in the messenger is brand new to me.
  • Messenger is an unexplored area where I see a potential.
  • You can chat on all websites. If you have placed your cookie, you can track and talk live with the reader.

The Bad:

  • You should be very careful about the use of this tool.
  • It can very quickly appear to be spam.
  • I think if there are too many who use this tactic that Facebook will change a little in their rules.

Who is Mass Bot Profits For?

FreindsI have often heard that the money is on the list.
The list is a way to generate traffic.

Similarly, this software is designed to provide traffic to your links.
Yes, it’s not a product that you can use if you are new online.

Why did not it?
Yes, I think most of us will have a hard time keeping a line of people asking us why we have contacted them.

Yes, if you want to promote directly in the messenger, you must either be unlikely to be either sure or sure about what you are looking.

You must also consider that you are going to work with a very personal marketing strategy.

It is even if you can do a large part of the slave work automatically.
Then it becomes your commitment that will be the driving force of the strategy.

As it is a very personal strategy, it can probably also give backward.
Personally, I have nothing against chat programs.

In addition to being very fast a time trial.
However, the chat comes after you have sent your offer and press the correct buttons.
Then you are also significantly closer to a potential buyer.

So, you’re a straightforward type, so this strategy might be the one you should go for as the primary traffic strategy.

You can also just do as I do get it on Clickbank and promote it.

Most of Patric Chans products provide an excellent commission to you if you are willing to write about them to sell.

Mass Bot Profits Tools & Training

There are of course the three training sessions.
Wherever you get to know the software, you also learn how to use the tactics that are necessary when you need to move so close to your followers.

You must remember all people are different.
Should you have them through a sales funnel.

Then you also need to be aware that they come through at the different pace. Some will not go through at all.
But that’s something you learn in the training modules.

Mass Bot Profits Support

At this provider, there is my experience that you can always get help.
I know he has a help team on some of the other programs he has sold online.

Of course, there is also that on this.
However, many of the questions you have before, so in many cases, you can find answers in the member areas.

Mass Bot Profits Price

Price Mass Bot ProfitsWhen we talk about products from this provider, you can also be sure that he will try to sell more items to you once you have purchased the first of him.

But this is a relatively expensive software.
And it should work for the purpose.
It does it too.

I have nothing to complain about so far.
But do not just buy loose once you hit the member area.

My Final Opinion of Mass Bot Profits

TrafficAs said, it is not the first product from the provider.
But that’s the first thing I’ve met that has as specific tactics as the program.
I’m not saying it’s a complicated tool.

But it requires little skill to use.
Yes, psychological and technical skills are required to enjoy it.

Once you’ve gotten directly into a chat box, you need to be able to improvise and write the right words.

It’s almost the same as having a sales seance offline.

Yes, you are very close to communicating directly almost like a sales clerk in a business you go in to buy something.

That it is so direct a form of marketing also makes it seem very aggressive.

At least I know that I am always on duty when someone is addressing me directly in chat.

Unlike the traditional way of bidding a bunch of followers where you set up an autoresponder with a newsletter.

Or a campaign where you only have an email as a link to your followers.
Here it’s brilliant you get a clear signal when online, and can then go straight after communicating with them.

Ok, what are we doing here?

An auxiliary tool can give you unique access to your followers.
That can even give you followers. On other people’s websites.

It can give you a different communication with people who have not met or heard about you before.

That’s also why you’re recommended to use products like conventions.
If your site does not, find a product or page that does.
I see a software and some training that cannot stand alone.
Nor can I say that it can make a big difference.

Use it as your primary traffic strategy.
Then it may work for you.

Facebook SayI also do not doubt that you get a website template that you can use.

What I do not like is that you should exceed a limit and move on and communicate directly with the clients.

You need much more than this. Yes, you need to learn to communicate and build your brand before you have the chance to succeed in promoting your messenger.

If I say, I can give you a taste.
On what is going to be successful online.

Yes, you get access to me and a community of hundreds of thousands of daily active members.

No, that’s not something you get rich.

But it’s the information you need if you want to build a real online business.
Yes, you heard it’s free to test.

You will get two websites and ten lessons in how to boot.

Yes, everything online is based on the fact that you own a website from which you can build yourself up.
Get a bunch of followers who have the same interest as you have.

I have been a member for a couple of years, read more about what it’s all about.

Once you’ve built it up, you can use this software as a tool for traffic.

Mass Bot Profits at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 60 out of 100


First and foremost, it’s not a tool that can stand alone.
You are not going to make money with this alone.

For the reason that it is a tool that can help you generate traffic to your link.

Ok, you learn to find links and products that are more valuable than yours can be.
But if you just do what you learn here.

Then I want to guarantee that there are others who do the same.

I think this tactic is dd along the way and you will see many people using it in a year’s time.
If Facebook allows it.

In fact, it’s all about it.
That you can use messenger over websites that you do not own is unique. It requires cheek and courage to use it.

It is a balance between what is allowed and what goes very fast and becomes spam.

Do you use messenger to promote your link?
Or do you think it might be a good idea to automate it?

Write to me below.

Just remember to share with your social networks.
Just touch one of the social buttons

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