Is cbpassiveincome a program that works?

Is cbpassiveincome a scam program or a program that works?

The name Patric Chan is one I thought I had heard before, I think he  had develop a web application named free website builder.Ok I found another of his programs which I will now take a closer look at here.

Name: cbpassiveincome
Price: There are 3 products in a license to start with $ 47 once there is a lump sum of 97 $ for a premium package. And not LEAST but lately a subscription for $ 47 a month.
Owners: Patric Chan
Overall google Rank 3 out of 10

cbpassiveincome, Product Overview

It is a program designed for beginners.

It should help you with some shortcuts so you can start working with affiliate products.

You get some pages you can work with put other affiliate programer on the pages that you get with the system.

Once you have set up the system begins to market for you automatically. This means that you do not have to put up newsletter, that happens quite automatically when you made your entire setup

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • It is good to use if you are new and want to learn about internet marketing
  • It does not take much before you set it all up
  • The pages you created in advance so you should really just set it up and start generating traffic

The Bad:

  •  Unfortunately, you do not own even your sides so that you have them only as long as you are a member of the system
  • The pages that you need to promote is the same as everyone else so it’s not a unique business you have


Who is cbpassiveincome For?

It is a product designed for people who are just starting to build their online business. It can be sold if you have a large network to sell to.

cbpassiveincome Tools & Training

There is a great video series that helps you to start your business, and here I would say it is a good long series, with an instruction that is easy to follow

cbpassiveincome Support

There is a support forum and a F & Q with the most common problems, but as I see it, it is not very active, you must be a member to get the more developed using

cbpassiveincome Price

The $ 47 one-time amount is actually in order to get the training that is inside the medium. But the problem is that you need to upgrade to $ 97 once you have paid the first $ 47 then you need to become a member for $ 47 a month which I personally think is too much compared to what you get for your money.

In addition to the sales page says only that it costs $ 47 to use the system.

The membership and the extra $ 97 is only something you find out when you have paid once $ 47.

The good thing here is to you then have 60 days return for everything you’ve used if you are not satisfied

My Final Opinion of cbpassiveincome

I thought at first it might be a very good product and training videos are really good and easy to get started with.
But you do not build your own pages and it’s all done for you.

Makes me thought that it is very frivolous in the long term. I trot unfortunately not to be so easy just to build a business, then so does the money by itself. You do not own  your pages and, as with other similar programs.

You are going to do more than is promised on the sales page

Name: cbpassiveincome


Owners: Patric Chan
Price: There are 3 products in a license to start with $ 47 once there is a lump sum of 97 $ for a premium package. And not LEAST but lately a subscription for $ 47 a month.
Overall google Rank: 3 out of 10


The best part is that you have 60 day return policy if you are not satisfied, and it tells me that it is not just a scam program, but I would probably think me once extra, because when it looks too good to be true then it is usually too.

There is no magic button that can make you a millionaire. However, you can work towards building a real online business, but it requires that you are serious and want to work and build upon every day, if you’ve read this review I am quite sure that you also want to know more and I will personally help you get started.

So I give you 2 domains and the training you need for free, you just wanted it because my time is too short iff you are not serious

Do you know the product or just want to know a little more then drop a comment below I will do what I can to you get an answer you can use

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