Use Screenshot Video To Drive Traffic To My Blog


I started making videos where I want to support what I write about.
I know that many use videos where they filmed themselves, I also used to go before the idea.

imageBut since everyone wants to be unique in social media and make videos of themselves telling of the story.

Personally, I am just tired of all the videos with people from my social networks who would personally will tell how good it is, with the business they are engaged in, or to create a little mindset for those who bother to spend the extra minutes and hear what you have to say.

But no matter how you make your videos, I think that it might be a good addition to your contekst on your blog.

It can in many cases also give your readers a good understanding of what you are writing about.

But one thing I would caution against if you want to show people your business.
Do not do to make your videos more than 3-4 minutes unless you want to do teaching.

Do You Make Video On Your Computer.

I do but as I said, not with my head in the center.
I would rather show what I’m doing on the screen

Take Screenshot Video

Create a script and find a video tool on the web.
There are both software and online programs where you can make video where you show us what is happening on your screen.
It is important to find a tool that suits your temperament, but it should also be easy to learn how to operate it.
Obviously the more you pay for it the more opportunities you also get to make your videos more professional cooks.
But it does of course also that whichever way you choose to work with video, you learn how to use the tools that the program you are using has.

Different Way To Make Screenshot Video On My Computer

As described, there are many opportunities to find just the tool that fits your price range but also for what you want to use your videos to.
Do you want to make them as part of a promotion for a product you have made yourself.
Or will you make a training series, it might be a good idea to grab an expensive and better program than the free programs you can download from the web.
They usually have a much better editing program and a better resolution, so your videos get the quality you need.

imageMake Video For Social Media

Ok youtube is a social media, so when you charge your videos that are already in a social media. The good thing about making video for youtube, you can in the description link direktly to the context of your website.

Where Can I Post Video Online

I find relevant groups provide a small description of what it is about.
Sender then from the groups. I do not use this tactic on Facebook so much more when they are not being shared exactly the same way there is more that you could do it just for a couple of years back.
But on the other hand Google+ is the best place in my opinion.
Briefly, it is what I mean by social video marketing.

Create video marketing is an easy and fun way to get traffic to a blog.
If you are using the right keywords in your title and deskription of the video.
But it obviously requires that the video is relevant and that you use phrases with low contest.
But it is actually the easy part of it if you use a keyword Tool.

See what I have described here.

Can You Make Money Posting Videos On Youtube

I would say I have seen some business proposals where you have companies can put their video account up.
Use Screenshot Video To Drive Traffic To My Blog

But first I want to say that it applies more to become good at video before you at all start thinking of earnings. You need to get some people to watch your videos first.

Ways Make Good Videos

There are 3 ways which are the easiest to begin with

  • You can start with yourself stand out in front of the camera.
  • Tell your story and let people see that you are a real person
  • Then there is the screenshot you as you share what you’re doing also displays it on the screen
  • The last one I will describe is the screenshot where you use PowerPoint as your source video.

Turn PowerPoint Into Video

The good thing about making your videos using PowerPoint is that you even before you start shooting your video has a script to work from.
There’s no point in making powerpoint without slideshow.

Here you can also easily add music over the video without destroying the understanding of what the video is about.

And another good thing is that if you choose to use voice over video instead.
So it is clearly a great advantage that you have already made a large part of the text here.

make powerpoint video
Clearly here you learn the most, both about yourself as a director but also very much like the engineer behind the video, it’s actually fun and easy when you first got started.

You can often use inspiration from what you’ve already written about.

Are you doing screenshot video or would like to learn more about how you can use video to generate traffic to your blog please email below I will be happy to help you get started

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

2 thoughts on “Use Screenshot Video To Drive Traffic To My Blog

  1. Awesome post! I agree that making video is really fun and sharing your video on social media is really exciting. Putting your video on your own blog is really a sense of achievement for me. Whenever I have something to write on my blog, I would think of a way to include a video in there to make my readers understand my concept easily. Google Plus, now that you have mention Steen, in my opinion is the best best to share your video. I get many traffic from there.

    Awesome post!!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Thank you Jack yes it to make small videos which are linked to the article that you’ve just written can often help your readers to get more out of context, beyond that is really something that can help if you want to show something technical on your screen, it helps many many understand fully what you are trying to explain in your article.
      And a Powerpoint with your voice, I believe, indeed, that it fits well into all social media and are clearly helps to give your friends a good experience of you there too

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