What Is Video Maker FX

Video Tool Videomaker FX Review

Name: Video Maker FX
Website: http://www.videomakerfx.com/
Price: $ 67 one time
Owners: Peter Roszak
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

imageVideomaker FX Product Overview

Do you like to make videos, then you have a toy with a lot of different options you can for example very easily make your own animated videos, here are a few different figure which is made for you to use.

Or you can make the sometimes a little boring powerpoint presentation, much more vibrant.
But there is a huge variety of different settings you can play around with

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • It is a fun toy that is easy to navigate
  • It’s easy to follow the instruktion and you can work with it while you learn
  • You have many options to create videos that are unique

The Bad:

  • It is a software I personally am not so happy to download too much of it because I know how little it takes to destroy a computer.
  • If it is successful, you will meet a lot of videos that are made just like your
  • And of course, you are written up on a list and you can be sure that they will try to sell a lot of other products for you.

Who is Videomaker FX For?

It is for people who like and make videos on the net, a relatively easy way both to create graphics but and implanting its logos.

It may also be that you will advertise a product and here you have a fun and easy way to make the videos.

I’d like to think that it’s really fun to make the video special screencast.
I am quite sure that it will be fun to play with in the future.

Videomaker FX Tools & Training

There will hear a little intro video with by each of the different tools, and once you’ve got a function to know it’s actually very easy to learn How the other features work.

Videomaker FX Support

You can actually write directly to Peter Roszak, even before you purchased the product. But otherwise, into the forum on the web and find answers to your questions

Videomaker FX Price

I would say there are many both free and cheaper products that you can use just requires that you spend a little more time learning to use the tools.

But overall I thought the price is reasonable for a product that has so many different tools.

And that I think is really easy to navigate around this Tool.

imageMy Final Opinion of Videomaker FX

I would not say that it is too expensive.
But unfortunately this is probably only the beginning that you will really feel that you have a unique way to make your video.
Many of the things I have seen before with other programs have a free trial.
I use another program too and it has so far filled my needs
Unfortunately, further sales closed this time around, but let’s see if there are an improved version on the market again.

Videomaker FX at a Glance …

Name: Video Maker FX
Website: http://www.videomakerfx.com/
Owners: Peter Roszak
Price: $ 67 one time
Overall Scam Rank: 30 out of 100


I can not, find something that tells me that it’s not a fun product to play with.
But I am afraid that in the long run so it’s not as innovative as it expresses.
I’m not so happy about ading new software on my computer when It more than once have been done more harm than good at my computer .
imageAs I said, you can find tools where you can achieve almost the same.
Both free and some you pay for, like this.

But have you tried it or use another video program. Will I mighty like to know what you think hernedenfor, you will know more please write to me I will be happy to help you get a good experience.

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5 thoughts on “What Is Video Maker FX

  1. This is very useful info. I have been looking into creating animated videos lately, and came across VideoMakerFX. It seems to be reasonably priced, but I thought it lacked a lot of features that PowToon and VideoScribe have after looking at their promo video. I eventually went for VideoScribe and think that it’s great!

    1. What I thought it’s funny that there are now more a this kind of video tools for a fairly reasonable price, I’m beginning to make small videos with this. but that’s going to take some time before I find out how to put the sound in the movie so that it fits together. But I am glad indeed to see your results

    2. Thanks, Rob. My VideoScribe trial is coming to an end I need to decide whether to buy VideoMakerFX for the $67 once-off fee, or pay the monthly subscriptions to continue with VideoScribe. From what you say, VideoScribe is well worth it in comparison. This is exactly what I needed to hear.

  2. Hi,
    great publish.
    I like to could learn brand new things from a blog. The next step should be to learn how to produce video computer animation, I found several in youtube.com and are fantastic.
    I can’t say for sure if you can give me any hint

    1. It’s actually not as hard as it looks out there are several on the market that you can use right now I do not use videomakerFX. but easysteppro which is slightly cheaper to acquire.
      Remember you can always edit with youtube and get a good sound on your videos the way too.
      Good luck with it and if you have any questions, I mighty happy to help you find an answer

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