Is it nice to be the boss

Have you ever thought!! If only I was my own boss, then I am free and there are no one who tell me what to do.

You have the right to decide what you want to spend your time, but you just have to remember that if you do not do anything you do not make any money.

You also do not have to give blamed for all the mistakes you make, you must take the consequences you self.

For everything that happens each time you waist silly money, you must take the consequences and pay whit you time.

I believe that it is not just something you can immediately it some skills that you need to spend time and thoughts to practice. Many see it as a goal and a dream to have his own business and it is also good to have ambitions to own you own business.

But most forget just that if you want to be successful and get it built large you should also work more than twice as much as someone who just receives his pay check each month.

I have at times especially when it went really well felt like I was suffocating in my own success, it can be really difficult when things are going well to take a break.
Many entrepreneurs have the extra gear that makes them feel they need to work twice as much as everyone else.

It is true that you are self-employed have ample opportunity to have many more income opportunities, but you may even create them and you may even maintain your income or you’ll lose them just again.

I have often felt that I was the worst boss I ever had, my schedule was at times so full that I never really got myself in the comford zone, and got the breaks I needed.

There must also be thought of that is accountable both for your clients but also very much to the people you ent bearings in or as you employ.
Your employees must be cared for and motivated to provide for you and your customers and the times when there were busy and you can not even muster enough time to even do the job, you will largely feel that they are the ones that determine the pace.

At that point you have less freedom than a wage earner.
I have felt that I have had the best team of employees as I could get.
In any given period, I was really proud of the results that I got achieved.
The problem here is that it too can get out of hand and you have as a manager tends to push it a little extra.

You have to learn how to control this boss

One of my points is that it takes time to learn how to be the boss, so it is either too lenient but certainly not too hard on the people who work for you.
Ok you have a good team now, make sure that there is enough work for them, or they just find another place to earn their pay.

Is that too much work to do, they are worn out and  usually becomes sick.
Remember everything that happens is your responsibility and that it is you that must take all the consequences of what happens in your business.

My conclusion is that the easiest thing you can do if you’re an entrepreneur is to just be yourself only create jobs for one man and take care to learn to take time off.

Learn to be refurbished to work only within the period of time that you have planned .

But since most of us who would like to own and build a business do it because we love it and not because we need it.

Of course, we all get into a situation where we have to think about a new way just to survive but I just think that it is a limited period in which we are forced out of our comfortable zone to survive.

I have met many, especially in the social media that has some curative product to sell or selling, I am afraid that many of them have no thought about,  what if the client gets sick of it or are dissatisfied with it.

The fact that it is their responsibility.

But usually is an online deal is not about a particular product. but to build a team and get others to sell the product.

But no matter what kind of business you own is everything that happens your responsibility, so you quick success and sold a lot,

it is your responsibility to maintain your success and maintain a good relationship with your clients.

Is it going so well, it is also your responsibility to get it to work. It is also your responsibility to ensure that decisions about keeping track of the economy in your business, give up all accounts to the authorities of the country where you have company.

Do you want to build one for international trade should also familiarize yourself with the different national rules for the product to work with.

It can be really expensive iff you dont have control whit all aspects of your business.

One of the most important things is that you master all the functions of your business.

As you can quickly get caught if you need a third party to do things for you and you do not even know how it’s done.

If it is a necessary feature you comes quickly in the pocket of the third party.

And it’s not you who decides everything more.

You can hire people for administrative but you’ll quickly find out how expensive it is to have the manager of a company. Unfortunately this is not something you earn money.

But it is necessary to get done. So the more of the things you do not earn money.

But that is necessary in order to operate that you can do all the work by your selfe.
Of course when you get big enough, it is a necessary evil that you may have to hire other to do the work for you.
There are also many who do not realize how lonely it can be to own a business, as it you get along with your employees and competitors, money is either the wages you pay or the business relationship you have with your competitors.

You can find one whose understanding of the things you go and boxer with on a daily basis with your competitors as they most likely have the same things to take care of.

I will not keep anyone from starting to build his own business.

I will just try to illustrate that it is a much bigger responsibility than it is to be employed, this is not someone to look after you, no watch that tells you that the day is over and you can sit down and relax .

I have often experienced myself push forward on the most stupid times, for example on a skiing holiday I’ve been on top of the mountain and made the big business before I started to run down.

I found out it gave me the most glance to always have my appointment book and my mobile with me. But it never gave me real peace in myself.

The really nice thing is that you can create almost anything you want to and you can make money from multiple locations at once, you can not do as an employee, here it is another to have the opportunity to get more income by Buying your time.

I will always be looking for a new project and why I felt obliged to have a job I like and work on my own parallel.

But have you tried to have a business and want to share your experience. Or would you like to know more about what I have experienced so drop a comment below.

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

2 thoughts on “Is it nice to be the boss

  1. Hi Steen,

    Enjoyed reading your post here.

    For the last few years I have run my own online marketing business here in the UK and have successfully helped a number of clients succeed online.

    However, there were also many problem clients too.

    Since then though I have embraced Network Marketing and the keys to why I have succeeded here is that I have a BIG why, a reason why and firm goals I want to achieve, Secondly I want to help as many others as I can start their own businesses throughout 2014 and beyond for ultimate success.

    Follow your passion and focus on just one business at a time.

    1. Thanks Sean glad you take time to read the post, yes there will become problem both whit costummer and the team you create the good about you product is that its not a fysical product but a online and you can get help whit the use off it. But it take disciplin to be on you own and it take work to get the reigth habits

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