Do you dare make a mistake


I have made a mistake,

Many people think that they can use your mistakes against you.

I have experienced it often both at work but certainly private.

In a significant period of my life, I had a circle where my fellows spent a lot of time trying to find things about each other that did not fit into the picture as they considered they had created.

I found myself standing criticized for almost everything that I did.

The worst thing was the more I tried to adapt myself well be what happened.
One day I found out it was not enough, turned my back and found a whole new circle of friends.
What about you ? have you been with people who were saying you were inadequate, and never did anything good enough.

Unfortunately, you can come to believe in it too much and see everything you do as wrong.
Most of us know it probably also our job where some of our colleagues or bosses user errors to promote themselves at your expense.

In these times of crisis, competition for various jobs become much larger, so that the individual more.

There have been studies that have shown that people find themselves in more to keep their jobs

It is certainly a situation that can make most of us sad; you can be depressed.

A depression can be difficult to get right off.

But it is a step much further than I got.

I have since found out that it is healthy to make mistakes but certainly also to have been wrong. It is the only way to learn.

Whatever you want to be good at, it requires work, and while working on have to learn, you learn only true by making 0 it wrong first.

When I had my transport company, I saw myself making all the mistakes,  learning new tasks.

Every time I got a new employee, he made them too. I could have chosen to be angry scolding and find a new one. But then it’s just will start over again.

I learned how much it takes to have employees and how expensive it is to run a business with employees.And also, in particular, if it is either a product or service that you offer.

I have always had the desire to build my own business, but have also learned how difficult it is to drive. I closed my transportation company a few years ago,  in the expensive operation.

It takes your life to run a business.

I have in recent years been looking for income where I do not have to have the staff or an expensive operation in my life.

I started looking for a business I could manage at home from the couch on my computer.

I have managed to get around and tried to find shortcuts, for example, start a network marketing business.

It sounds magnificent and many of the products are indeed also quite excellent.

But I, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Maybe you’re the same place as me, let’s share some input. It may be we can help each other to create something of value.

So I have both been on the course and the online webinar, tried to recruit my friends and family. No one ever bothers or believe in the project.
I also bought expensive marketing exercise which has not taught me anything.

But I have along the way learned a little bit every time I have tried to build something up.

My conclusion is that it is important to continue regardless of what others around you are saying.

  • I have come to the conclusion that it is important never to give up.
  • Finding the right place to learn, there is no shortcut.
  • It requires training no matter what we are going to deal.

Luckily I have good enough by chance found the best place where I can learn what is needed to build a business from the bottom of my bed.

I would mighty like to learn a little about what you think about the topic then you have time to throw a little commentary below would be super good

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

7 thoughts on “Do you dare make a mistake

  1. Hello Steen, I enjoyed reading your blog, on the subject of in my words “not being perfect”. This is real good information about building confidence. Some time, I have problems in this area. But, I am trying to improve here at WA. I would appreciate your comments on my sites also. Take care.

    1. Thanks nobody is perfect and we should be i don’t think there is a shortcut the only way to learn is by doing it,so just keep on working and i think when we reach a point it become good enoth

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