I love my job

Are you employed with a dream of building your own business.

Most of us who go to work every day, dreaming about having some more security to pay our bills and have a little more to ourselves.

Many of us spend more than we earn as periodically are things in our lives that cost extra. It is important that we, like the self-employed are good to help but spend all our wages.

Many also work as a clerk which of course provides a fixed monthly wages, but in many cases the overtime that you did not get paid. We also avoid making decisions about the major problem to be solved in the company. There are others, you just do what you be told to do

We take an education which could ultimately provide a pay rise but usually it takes a few years to get there.

But the good thing is that we are guaranteed an income each month, rather than an entrepreneur who must constantly work towards the next week’s income.

You are also guaranteed a payout when you holidays. You also do not so much up for grabs if your company closes or simply go bankrupt, you get compensation for your loss and have to find another job.

You also have a lot of humanrights, and your union if you are a member of, is there if you need legal advice.

But a major problem for many, unfortunately they have attached their lives up to the job they have.

Once you have had the same job for many years, it can be very difficult to have to change jobs.

One thing that I think is really great is to have colleagues.

It gives you a comparison as you never have a chance to get among entrepreneurs. When you talk to other entrepreneurs, it is usually in the business rather than to cuddle and talk about personal matters.

As an employee, you do not think about time off for when the day is over, you do not work anymore or think ahead to tomorrow, here there are others who submit the plan.

Another good thing is that you if you work on hourly payment for the time you spend.

A entrepreneurs spend much more time whit out earn any money.

I use this period as an employee to build on my interest in creating an online store. I have the opportunity to use the time as I transport me back and forth to work on myself and this blog.

It will pretty much say that I have energy for both driving truck. And in my spare time to build my business.

Do you have a job you’re happy like I’m dreaming you also to create an income beside the mighty I will like to know what and how to do, drop me a comment below so we can create a good dialogue on the topic

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