Don’t’ have job” What if I lose it”

what about plan bI know that many people feel very dependent on their work, our whole society is built on our commitment to work every day.

I also think it gives most of us a sense of helping to make our communities stronger.

We are also helping to keep going on welfare as most of us live in.

When we go to school as a child, we learn fairly early on that we need to educate ourselves so we can get a good job when we become adults. It sounds like a good plan for most of us.

We spend enough on average 10-15 years to get the training.
After which we are going to use our education to build our adult lives around. However, a problem with many courses, as I see it does not account for whether there really is a job to get after graduation.

Most employers will usually not have finished the studies.

That being educated gives the not automatically a job afterwards, when people in training course usually also cheap labor.

I think many like myself end up somewhere completely different and get to work on something completely different than they basically have been trained as.

Screenshot_2014-02-07-17-06-39(1)What can I be?

There is certainly created a book that contains all the things you can train yourself and it is certainly several thousand pages.
It is basically the doctrine which we build our entire society around. We are educated get a job and pay our taxes and society running around like a good business.

Here in Denmark makes it that we can get sick and go to the hospital without extra cost.

We may also lose our work and get a contribution either through our union or through state which gives a contribution that we can pay the rent and get something to eat every day.

But we are also, unfortunately, if you get in the situation held hostage and are not allowed to build on his life here, you have here a very hard time to start building his own business, as it allows the opportunity to be able to generate an income.

You are here kept in a job search circus where as I see it is almost impossible to get a real job which also gives you a good view and create content in your everyday life.

My thought is that you have a job then you are tied to only one income and it is the one you have children, it you are allowed to borrow money for a house. Borrowing for a car so you can get back and forth from work. As you more or less spend a third of your adult life.

What happens if you get laid off, as many have been the last 4-5 years where we have been allowed to borrow excessive amounts of our lifestyle.
I firmly believe that many families had difficulty getting it to stick together.

whrite you own bookBut is there anyone who has written the book. What can I be then.

Yes career book what I can become very thick with loads of options for what we can become.

But as times change, it is the basically very sensitive to devote all its efforts on only one source of income.
I see myself as a bit of an entrepreneur, both because I have an interest in gaining market share which can generate more than just an income.

But in the highest degree, to myself to be the building my life up.

But as I see it, it is very little in our education which describes the building of his own life up as an entrepreneur.

But rather than just to live on one income you actually have the ability to generate money from many more places.

I see it having a job as a stepping stone that I need so I can eventually become financially free from the rest of society.

I’ve been there before with a number of employees and in that situation, I was not free, I had a major operation and should get a lot of work to get it to stick together.

My advice is to turn off the TV and start building your dream. It usually takes somewhere between 3 and 7 years but believe me it will pay you back 10 time if you get successful.

Do you dream while to start up for yourself, I would love to know what you think and what your plans are so drop a comment below and let’s network on it.

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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

2 thoughts on “Don’t’ have job” What if I lose it”

  1. Hi Steen,

    I agree it’s important to have a job while you are building your dream of financial freedom. True, it can take more than a few years and I think most people don’t have the patience to wait that long so they quit and they try something else. In the meantime they continue working for 40 or more years at a job that doesn’t give them the true freedom that they desire.


    1. Thank you Roland yes that is what holds many people back. the time it takes and the energy needed to build a future with more than just an income. and it is as I see it expects from the rest of society and to some extent our family that we build on our education without thought to whatever we are, we still have only a source of income.

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