Affiliate vs Mlm” What Is Best” ?


Screenshot_2014-02-16-10-57-12(1)Both affiliate programs and network marketing programs are based on you can build you a business from home.

The idea is to build a network of people who are looking for the same thing as you.

They will create an income and be independent of the labor market.
It’s probably also why you’ve arrived here in this article.
I will not go into what kind of business is best, but I will briefly mention that there are a lot of both the affiliate but also network marketing programs are intended only to pull money out of your pockets.

Screenshot_2014-02-16-11-33-07(1)Don’t join and believe you can build it big overnight.

With both types of business it is important to build confidence and belief that you are Expert in the field you are building your network around.
You get a sales page with your unique ID, so if people click on your page they’re going  direct  to you sales cycle.
The problem with the hand to all who are doing affiliate or network marketing business is the exact same page but with a different ID.

Google does not like that kind of pages as they don’t contain unique content, they are all more or less the same.
It also means that you link directly to the page via either a blog or youtube video you risk your blog does not rank so height.  Or  that your video is taken down, so you have wasted your time making it.

Yes there is only the social media where you can post your link as everyone else working on the same business does, I have even tried a few different links in the various social media and believe me.
I’d like to think it’s annoying with all the different business deal that people throw on in social media.

Frankly bother you click on them, especially when you see that no consistency between the person and the history that is associated with the link.?

As I see it, it is important to build trust in you as a person and it can be only if you are experten. Someone who knows the product.

Remember people do not care what you earn.

The most important is what they can earn and what they need to do to get the most out of the business. These are some different approaches you can take to build confidence in yourself and your business.
In both forms, it is important to create a network of like-minded people who have similar needs so that you can cover with the option that you offer.

real business not mlmwhat is an affiliate program and how does it work

An affiliate program is one you usually can pull free from the net, and then start promoting it with a view to a sale, there are several different portals where you can find both the niche that interests you, but also find out which product which gives you the opportunity to generate a sale.
I have written about some of the products to download, for example clickbank.
These are things that relate to this blog.

There are many others just as good and maybe better network where you can find products which deals with the topic that interests you.
Here are just a sale and you can only make money per sale.

It’s not necessary to build a network and get them to do the same as you.

But you still has to build confidence in yourself as an expert off the product.

Lead affiliate program and how to get them

A very traditional way, as you’ve probably heard a bit about is to build a list.

As you can then market your products to. Here the user to assemble people’s email addresses together so you can build a relationship with them through your newsletters or or give an abridged version of a book so that you can then sell the book.

You can also provide a software. It is important that you are able to provide both the list value but also maintain it with good information.
You can also build a blog like this and then make articles addressing your products or information.

And of course there are videos where you can educate people.

A very powerful thing is to keep the webinar for people. This can really can help generate a sale

Screenshot_2014-02-16-11-21-11(1)what is a network marketing program and how does it work?

Here is a company that has a product that they want marketed through direct contact between people.

This is where I think you may have from time to time to work with a product that does not really interest you. But since it is more a question of building a network, it can also give you an opportunity to start working with new products.

It is your role here will be negotiating is to both sell a given product but certainly also teach others to sell it, but supremely teach them to extend their network of dealers.

I mean here that it is very important that you find a company with a great compensation plan, as it supremely going to determine how much you need to build your network to get the income that you seek.

Here you will also earn money when others who have signed up to the business has built himself a team.

This means that you can earn a lot of money by just meeting the one person who can build it big.

leads network marketing” how to find them”

The fairly traditional way to have consequences for your business is to ask friends and family if they want to do the same as you.
Or invite to a home presentation where you show the product and reveals a video that is made by the company.
Once you’ve got other with the idea, be sure to participate in the training as it is very important that they too can build a network.

For the better it is for them the better is it for you.
You can also use the method I mentioned about affiliate.

As I personally see as the most professional approach to your business.

Do you have any personal experience with either network marketing or affiliate, I would really like to know what you think so drop me a comment and let’s discuss the topic

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