Have you heard of Traffic Travis

If not, use a couple of minutes here.

I met it a few years ago when I read a post in warrior forum.

It was a long time before I started to build my blog. I attended some of their online webinar, which was very cool, although it is always  towards a sale

Name: Traffic Travis
Website: http://www.traffictravis.com
Price: there is a free version to get started. The upgrade version costs $ 97 a year
Affilorama Group costs $ 67 a month
Owners: Mark Ling
Google Rank: 6 out of 10

Traffic Travis Product Overview

Traffic Travis is an online tool; you can enjoy when you had your blog build.

It is a software that you download

There is a keywords tool and a backlinks tool.

Means that your backlink will so you can see if you want to use them.

Keyword tool helps you both with long-term primary campaigns, and the campaigns you pay as.

The tool also helps you to SEO optimize your page and always keeps an eye on how your various pages on your domain is an index on Google.

I know to be the same and that also requires that you work with your pages.

It’s a Clickbank product, which is easy to work with, as an affiliate you’re able to earn commission from a giveaway, you will earn when you signups upgrade.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • There is a 60 days satisfied or your money back
  • It has been around a long time and have not found any complaints yet
  • There is a free version that allows you to learn the tool to know before you decide to buy it
  • You save a lot of time

The Bad:

  • You need to spend a lot to get it to work
  • You definitely can not make money with it the first day
  • It is important that you have some Internet skills before you are thinking of using the software
  • Since it is an affiliate program, there may be someone who promises more than it can hold

Who is Traffic Travis For?

It is a tool that everyone who either trade with the affiliate or have a different kind of site that they would like to have highlighted on the Internet.

It can be used a small SEO company to build their clients’ business and context-up. It can also help us to build blog and websites for our sake.

There is a  keyword tool.
There is also an affiliate training community, but not as large and active as you find with My nr 1 rated Training 

Traffic Travis Tools & Training

It is a software which you can use to build your campaigns.

Both the paid but also the long-term. Keyword Tool. But also, the tool that you can build backlinks.

There’s intro video with modules for each part of the software.

There is also a once in a webinar that gives you information and helps you to get the right spirit to work alone and at home.

Traffic Travis Support

If you only download software is an F & Q blog which takes care of the most common questions you need to buy the professional version to get answers from support

Traffic Travis Price

The free software can be used to practice

It does so also that market towards you and there will be an e-mail now and then but not every day, so it is too.

The professional version costs $ 97 a year, which you can find almost all the keywords that you need. Then there is also a membership to an affiliate training network; it costs $ 67 a month

My Final Opinion of Traffic Travis

I think it’s an excellent keyword tool and a good backlinks building, but you should also be careful that you on building pages with the right keywords.

It should of course preferably be something that people bother to read.

It has been online for many years, and if you ask some of the professionals it seems as if they are pleased with the

Name: Traffic Travis

Website: http://www.traffictravis.com
Owners: Mark Ling
Price: there is a free version to get started. The upgrade version costs $ 97 a year
Affilorama Group costs $ 67 a month
Google Rank: 6 out of 10


clearly a software I recommend that you download, but not to start with keyword tool is pretty good, but it can not build your business alone.

One thing I like is that there are 60 days with the full return.
If this has piqued your interest, I suggest that you start with the free version.

When you begin to learn how to use it will think that you can upgrade to the professional software.

What I do not think is good enough is Affilorama Group.

What I think is too expensive for the network and training you get out of it.
But I have to turn a magnificent place to develop your and you business. Read my review here.

I love to know what you think or if you have anything to add that I have not been here. So shoot me a comment below

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5 thoughts on “Have you heard of Traffic Travis

  1. Thank you for this review I have never heard of this company before, but I am glad I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate as it seems no one can really compare with their training platform; best of luck

    1. Its a software who should save you some time when you do you keyword research, it should also help you follow you traffic and you Ranking. Yes WA is the best think that happens to my online life also. So we have to work hard. Then im shurre think will start happens by it selfe.

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