Can You Train As An Entrepreneur

Screenshot_2014-02-07-17-01-07(1)I know that in most communities, we go to school to get an education so we later can choose a higher education.

But very few of the courses that teach you up to become an entrepreneur.
As I see it, we train ourselves to economic security.
Get a job that relates to our education.

We learn unfortunately not what we should do if we do not have what it takes to have a good life with the job we’ve got.

I have always been looking for alternative solutions in my life, and seen the job I have as a necessary evil in order that I may pay my expenses.

I think most of us dream of being our own boss and be the building up the business.

The idea of ​​being your own boss and feel free labor for most of us something that can help drive us forward to achieve some good results.

Screenshot_2014-01-29-19-19-10(1)But you being your own boss is going to teach you much about yourself.
Both what you can and want to do, but also what you cannot and do not want to.

I have often, when I had my own business caught myself not also to give myself free when I needed to relax.

It is to be successful in your business, in many cases give you a burden you do not even prepare for.

It happened to me almost from one day to the next.
It made me very quickly had to learn to network and find employees get done the work that you can not reach one man.

Here I also found out that I had almost the same way as an employee, I felt very dependent on my employees completed their function so that the company could not pay its bills.

Start Being An Entrepreneur

Once you have made a decision about creating your own business, I see it as very necessary that you start thinking like a business owner.

It is important to learn to use what you have learned, and then build on it.
It is also my motive to build a business where I do not have any employees, I do not have to provide a physical service to my customers.

I built this page to be able to help other entrepreneurs started to build their website so they can use their resources in a more appropriate way, and so they hopefully are not going to pay as much money as I have paid.

Entrepreneur Training Program

Most entrepreneurs are enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do.
Then you will build up a business, it is important that it really is something you want.
Since it is something you are going to work for free with a very long time.

So it is important that you see your project as your life’s work, otherwise it has no real chance to become something you can live on in the long term.

There is probably not something that can give you full instructions on how to build yourself up as an entrepreneur. The knowledge that you need, you need to download multiple sources.

But I can help you get started with is to create your website and teach you how to generate enough traffic to your page so that you are able to generate the sales that makes your business will survive in the long term.

Entrepreneurship Education Training.

Although it is hard to get an education that can give you all the tools.
Are there any places online where you can acquire enough extra skills so that you can manage.
Especially if it is an online business you want to build.

Be Home Entrepreneur

Most businesses are started from home.
After all, where we have our base and feel safe.

I think even the best and most creative when I’m in familiar surroundings.
But I’m building on a business that I can work with wherever I am HeNe

Work From Home Entrepreneur Ideas

Many times, it is important to have an idea if you want to be an entrepreneur.
It is generally not created over a day, but can come to you on a whim.

I believe that in many cases that you build it into something you can in advance, either something you have thought of to build on, about a hobby that you have.

It may also be that you have an education you would like to start an independent business around.

Creative Home Business Ideas

As I see it, it is a combination of what you already know and what you are going to learn to help build the foundation for your business.

I have personally chosen to create this website because of the company that I built some years back.

I closed when I actually was burned out and did not have more to add to the industry as I was, and still is a part of.

The reason I train myself to build websites is that many times I got it done by others, both too bad and too expensive money.

A website can be started completely free and there are endless possibilities for what it can be about.

But one thing is for sure, a website is your window to the world and the Internet is the place where almost all people looking for information.

Either we are looking for information, a product that we intend to purchase, a service that we have to do.

There are very few businesses that do not use a website and do not need one.

Online Entrepreneur Opportunity

There is a huge selection of business that you can run from your computer.

Do not, do not believe it’s easier than it is to boost production.

I have previously on this blog described some things that are definitely not worth your time or money on.

It is definitely something that I am going to continue with.

As most of the deals that we encounter either on social media or other Affiliate networks are not either your time or money’s worth.

Since I am a very curious and have a purpose to help make sure that you do not get ripped off just because you want to have your own business




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Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

12 thoughts on “Can You Train As An Entrepreneur

  1. Yes Steen, the web is where everyone finds information they are looking for these days. You have an amazing article here and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    1. Thank Virgie yes the internet is a highway of information and we are definitely a small contribution each to the context we ourselves contribute.
      But one thing that I have been happy is to share my ideas with others here on the web

  2. Setting up a business is a HUGE step and probably a scary task for many people. Most people will ask themselves (to name a few): Can I really make money? Do I need to invest a huge sum of money initially? Will my efforts go wasted?

    With the help of technology and the advancement of the internet, these question should have already been answered, just that people overlook the facts.

    Can I really make money? – Yes, many people are making full time money online, it only depend on your own efforts
    Do I need to invest a huge sum of money? – No. Setting up an online business is as easy as ABC and do not require much initial investment. There should not be an excuse not to start an online business.
    Will my efforts go wasted? – It will, only if you quit.

    Thanks for sharing this useful article Steen!

    Keep up the good work!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Thank you Jack.
      Yes it put an internet business up is often a psychological investment rather than a physical one.
      It requires that one is persistence in willing to learn and implanting it as you learn.
      Good as you’re saying is that you invest in themselves and have a very minimal operating on since most tools to be used online and for free.
      But when you only invest your time, you must also expect that it will take much longer before you have a chance to live from it.

  3. Great post. Share your views on entrepreneurship and online money making. There are too many programs nowadays not worth our time or effort.
    Keep up the great work:)


    1. Thanks for the comment Tony.
      I’ve tried quite a few years to have a transport company with a large number of cars on the street every day. Believe me it was quite expensive to have, I work itself somewhere between 12 to 16 hours a day 7 days a week.
      I must admit that it is probably the point in my life where I have learned most about myself.
      But one thing I learned was that success does not have to be good for a particularly when it comes to a very short time.
      The good thing about an online business is that it chooses the speed you need basically not find any to do some of the work you have done when you are not under the same Press as you are when you have a large daily budget.
      The only thing you simply must resist is to believe it is something you can build in a day, there is much to be learned and it takes time and much effort to build its websites strong and large enough

  4. Job is certainly an evil in disguise. Not to mention it compliments your passion but stabs you from the back time and again. Just when you thought you got it impressively right, your boss turned around and gave you the cold shoulder. It’s very suppressive. We are slave to our paychecks. There’s no room for ambition. The only way we can break away from this depressing cell is to learn to be an entrepreneur. With good training like the one in Wealthy Affiliate, anyone can do it.

    1. Thanks Cathy for the comment.
      Yes it can very often feels pretty silly to help another to earn the big money, but for me it’s now very nice to have a boss to look after me give me free so I would not need to think of my work before I meet again the following day. We have to have some sort of income to pay the bills.
      That being said, I have always thought that it is foolish to hang up life on only one intægtskilde. As an entrepreneur that is, when you start making money, you will get your payments from multiple sources.
      What I really like about working with this blog is that I can do it how I want.
      I do not have a lot of money up for grabs and I’d like to think it gets better every article

    2. Love what Cathy said! “a Job is certainly an evil in disguise. Not to mention it compliments your passion but stabs you from the back time and again.” This happened to me and I told myself that this would NEVER happen again. I made the decision to go head first with internet marketing. Steen you make a great point about learning to build sites. My problem now is getting all the stuff I want to get done in a day 🙂

      1. Thank you Daniel
        Yes you are right that having a job means you are in the pocket of your employer and he is the one you earn all the money.
        Unfortunately, however, must we also pay our bills and put food on the table.
        But being an entrepreneur also requires from time to time that you take a job while building your project up.
        Being an online entrepreneur is something that takes time to build up.
        It requires that you are willing to do the work it takes to you in time can generate a living with it.
        it also requires that you have a place where you can learn both some of the technical but also to build his site up as I see as the most important thing to have both in order to get traffic from organic search but also from social media.

  5. Absolutely, Steen! Since I started my online business, I have learned a lot and my experiences have been teaching me how to be successful. It’s not been easy, but it is worth it.


    1. Thanks Ade.
      I now believe that when we choose to start an entrepreneurial project whether it is online or in a small business out to the street a service or one of the many endless possibilities for creating your own career.
      We must both be prepared that it may take a very long time before we get success.
      It may also be from one day to another.
      If this happens then you have to learn to think quickly and make decisions immediately.
      What I see is good by building an online business up is that you have a totally different kind of control over his business, learning process is considerably longer here and the investment is basically just your time and patience

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