What’s Five Dollar Funnel?

One More ScamIt’s funny that I once met a matrix, in a comment thread in social media this one time it Google + where a new online looking for inspiration for an online business.

What is the most nearby one sending him an offer that only costs $ 5? But let me describe what I have experienced Five Dollar Funnel is.

My Five Dollars Funnel Review

Name: Five Dollar Funnel
Website: http://fivedollarfunnel.com/
Price: 5 $ 20 $ 99 $ 297 $ a month
Owners: Tom Cellie and Bill Ebert
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Five Dollar Funnel, Product Overview

FDF Produkt For in the first place to start with FDF (Five Dollar Funnel) then you must have a sponsor. I have not so I have written this article based on the official sales page that does not provide as much information as you have not started the business.

Therefore, I have been looking in youtube and found some videos that describe the business.
So much of my opinions based on FDF official descriptions of their program.

I have also been looking for some articles on the two owners Tom and Bill.
I found not so much about

Tom. But Bill is one of the creators of a training program that I have described earlier namely Unlimited Profit.

I also found out that he was a few years ago co-founded one of the largest arrays that have been online ever for Zeek Rewards.

It was closed by the authorities, leaving a lot of Affiliate with a more substantial or smaller losses.
I know someone who still has several hundred dollars receivable there.

When but let’s dig a little deeper into the business contains four arrays.
The first two it to $ 5 and the $ 20 is a 5×7, and the last 2 are so a 5×8.
According to the official video, it means that if you fill your first line out with 5 paying $ 5 each

imageQuite smart you did not upgrade before your $ 5 matrices profitable.
They also claim that you simply must make a Netspend account where you get $ 20 just to create an account.
You can then pay the first months

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

There is no secret that it is a matrix
They are at least honest about that it is not a system you can get rich quickly.
If you like to buy an unattainable dream, then this is for you.
As I can figure it out, it’s an ok proportion you get if you get your team to work for others under you some to start with the matrix.
When you get into your back office, so there are some things you need to check off. Quite simply one step at a time setup.

The Bad:

It is a matrix where the money is the big focus.
I think you will find it very difficult to recruit all the people who should give you a good steady income.
This kind of money pyramids has a certain shelf life. So at some point it will get stuck, and you will likely without an income for the work you have done.
You can not get an affiliate link before you bought the product.

Who is Five Dollars Funnel For?

imagePeople who see themselves as a network marketer will often use the almost free start up cost to develop the team as they usually already have.

Are you a new online then I think you will find it very difficult to recruit others into the system.

You ask enough where I know that.
I do this for the simple reason that you do not have a real product.
If you use the ad copy that you get as a tool, then you will very clearly stand out as one of those who spam their network.

I have been there myself well enough with a business model that was very expensive.

Five Dollars Funnel Tools & Training

imageLet’s start with the training that you meet in the members area. It as video and PDF training.

Much of it on that you have to learn to sell FDF.
That is like that with Unlimited Profit get some videos that will shape your mindset.

The kind of training is in itself nothing wrong with that.

I have had the great pleasure of working with myself and my way of thinking. But to call it a product is perhaps too strong a word.

The selection of books and videos you for free can even download from the net.
Youtube has a vast collection and many of the new books you can buy cheaply on Amazon.

Then there is, of course, the sales page that with your affiliate link, and it is where you have a standard video and a form where you collect your followers information.

It is the page that will help you to get others into the matrix.
Then their hangout with the manager. Have a great sponsor, he or she may also set one up.

So you also have a series of ad copy.
It is them who I would describe as direct spam.

They to the training that is about social media. You learn just to send spam into your social media.

As with all affiliate sales pages so you can not buy traffic in search engines Google cleaned out a few years ago.

Driving you the wrong campaigns at Bing then your account will be rafter there.
So you have to find alternative traffic sources such as social media

Five Dollars Funnel Support

There is a support mail you can write to, but if you get a response from one of the two owners are probably a little doubtful.
You simply have to rely on your sponsor can help you. That is at least what is being planned in the intro video.
True, you have the opportunity to send an email but it still goes through your sponsor.

Five Dollars Funnel Price

First, you can not use PayPal.
I see the most secure form of payment at all.
Both to receive money but also pay.

But that’s my opinion, and I’m sure many rightly think otherwise because it is not a cheap online solution but a safe solution.

I have not found out so much about Netspend nor why they will give you $ 20 to create an account with them.

Then FDF also associated bitcoin that are a form of online money.
This currency Neither does I know.

But I know that to where and how you spend your money here.

That you can not promote an online printing services for free without having to create some additional accounts with your payment card is an alarm bell to call very strongly with me.

I’ve tried to figure some of it and come to you to make somewhere between 20-30% commission on a sale.

It is quite an ok, but you are very dependent on your team can generate sales for you otherwise you’re going to work very hard for the tiny money.

My Final Opinion of Five Dollars Funnel

I have yet to meet a money pyramid, which does not have an expiration date.
At some point, the FDF was also running out, so there will simply be no money for the program users.

You also need just to think about the people behind many of this money pyramids are the same individuals.
They know that it’s a marketing stunt that appeal to your dreams, yes I would say that it almost has the same effect on humans as porn has.
There we will also return to reality at some point.

Click to begin a Real online jerney
Click to begin a Real online jerney

The people here are clear evidence of this mechanism in us as human beings, and that’s why they continue to create new money pyramids as they can get new people to start.

I have heard before that you only must create a 4-5 sales, and so clear the next your lines rest, so you get your commission from multiple sources and in multiple layers.

Here your total hold only is over 3000 people.
Then, according to the video earn about $ 150,000 a month.
To be honest, you should be happy if you manage to build a team that is more than three members.

For this kind of programs says the reality that you will not even be able to recruit 1.2% of your entourage and your social networks.

I would argue that you should be extremely fortunate if you need to find the person who can build it for you.
My advice is that you should think about what your business should contain.

It is to build up a business where you only have the money in focus can be very unstable.

It may well be that FDF says that you can get earnings from several research places, but ultimately they are all from the same website.

It even are a website that you do not own or control. It may quite simply be shut down at any time.

Ok, you ask enough what is your alternative, Steen?

But believe me, there are many alternatives but they are all based on that you build yourself up as an authority online. That you have a base as you speak.

What I want to show you here is how you can build an online business up without any hype or the promise of a lot of money.

So if you are ready to look for a quick profit on the net, and you are prepared to start a real online education.
So you can read more here about how to get started.

Yes, it is entirely free.
You get a week of full membership without having to get rid of your credit card information.

No, you should not build a team, and there is also no complicated payment plan.
Did I tell you that also included two websites and 20 lessons on how to get started to set them up?

I can understand if you do not believe me, you think enough about what it is that he does not say.
But read what I’ve written about it here you have nothing to lose. Or you can just find a sponsor and start FDF.

Five Dollars Funnel at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100


As you can read here so, I can not under any circumstances recommend that you begin to build your client line on a money matrix.

You both pay for an unstable system that under no circumstance will give you your money back if you regret that you are booted.

If you start to promote in social media in the same way that I have met business, so you come later to fight to get your credibility back. Especially Facebook only allows an account of a person.

I usually ask them to send me the link how are they going to get traffic to their business. Often the answer is social media or paid traffic.

Social media will not do as I have described here.
To be honest, you find something else if you want to try paid traffic.

The search engines do not accept this layer thin sales websites more. It has been several years since Google excommunicated make money online ads.

So the only thing you can do is to use traffic Exchange or solo ads.
It may seem but watch your budget it can be very easy to exceed your earnings.

My clear position is that you are wasting your precious time to start on this kind of programs. They get it sound easy.
But believe me, you will soon find out that the reality is quite different.

If you want to work online, it is important that you set up that you have to work far ahead before you start seeing results.

It is possible but not in this way.
See how I build my business online.

If you have experience with FDF or a similar business, I would love to discuss it below.

Or do you want to know more about how I work online so just ask me downstairs?
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